• Thin people’s health knowledge

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    Thin people’s health knowledge

    The so-called “skinny person” refers to a person with a thin body whose weight is less than 20% of normal body weight.

    The normal weight is calculated as: weight (thousands) =[height (cm) – 110]× 0.


    (Note: ±10% is normal) Chinese people who say that “yin deficiency” and “blood deficiency” in the body of thin people are characterized by the physical constitution of the most basic substances – fine, blood, and fluid.The supplement of essence, blood and body fluid will affect the normal life activities of the human body.

    Therefore, we must attach great importance to the harmfulness of body thinning.

    Even for the elderly, it is not “a lot of money to buy old and thin.”

    Whether it is fat or thin, the mortality rate is much higher than that of people who are not fat or thin.

    Those who are the lightest and the thinnest are the shortest.

    The physical characteristics of lean people: often dry mouth and throat, hot heart, hands and feet, red color in the afternoon, less sleep, dry stool, yellow urine, not resistant to spring and summer, more like cold drinks, less pulse, less red tongue and less moss.

      If you want to gain weight, you should pay attention to the health knowledge: First, the basic principle of diet conditioning is to be both nutritious and easy to digest.

    The reason why we should eat more nutritious foods is because body thinning itself is caused by malnutrition.

    The nutrient-rich here refers to the ability to replenish, replenish blood, and increase the body fluid, such as sesame, honey, dairy, sugar cane, fish, tofu, etc.

    Conditions permitrs can eat bird’s nest, white fungus, sea cucumber, mussels, turtle meat, clam meat, old drakes and so on.

    But for onions, ginger, garlic, clams, clams, peppers and other spicy and dry products should be eaten less, so as not to add fuel to the fire.

      Second, the spirit of the thin man due to yin deficiency, so temperament, often upset and irritated, this is what people often say “skinny people and more fire.”

    Therefore, people must strengthen self-cultivation and consciously develop a calm, calm habit; in life and work, there are fewer non-principal issues to compete with others to reduce anger; to participate in recreational activities that compete with each other.
      Third, the spleen and stomach spleen and stomach is the foundation of the day after tomorrow.

    The growth and development of the human body, and all nutrients that sustain life, must be supplied by the spleen and stomach.

    If the spleen and stomach are weak, the body’s growth and development, the metabolism will be seriously affected.

    Therefore, spleen and stomach, is the body must be recognized.

    If the abdominal distension after meals, the stool is thin, indicating that the absorption function is not good, the responsibility is to the spleen.

    You can eat some qi medicine, such as Buzhong Yiqi Pills, and pay attention to not eating cold or greasy food.

    If you can’t eat, you are responsible for the stomach.

    Pay attention to the stomach, you can eat some Xiangsha Liujunzi pills and the like.

    If you can neither eat nor digest, you must make up the spleen and stomach.

      Fourth, the environment adjusts thin people because of yin deficiency constitution, while yin deficiency yang is biased, so often often sputum, manifested as hand and foot heart heat, oropharyngeal dry, often fear of heat and cool, winter cold easy, summer heat is uncomfortable.

    Therefore, in the hot summer, you should pay attention to the summer, it is best to travel to the beach and the mountains.

    In autumn, the climate is dry, and “dryness hurts the yin”, so lean people should pay more attention to nourishing yin in autumn.

    The living environment should be quiet, and it is best to live in a house facing south.

      Fifth, improve sleep quality Because of sleep, the body’s basal metabolic rate is reduced, and the body’s synthesis is increased.

    People who often can’t be jealous at night are often thin people.

    Therefore, the body leaner should sleep well.

  • Five taboos for the elderly fitness

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    Five taboos for the elderly fitness

    How to become a “healthy old person” is not a disease-ridden and strong life, but a healthy and clear enjoyment of life. This is the wish of all the elderly and the direction of achieving healthy aging efforts.

    How can the elderly be healthy?

    What can be done to become a “healthy old man”?

      At the press conference of the 5th Senior Fitness Games in Jiangxi Province, the Jiangxi Senior Citizens Association announced the top ten standards for healthy old age proposed by the Chinese Medical Association Geriatrics Association: First, there is no obvious deformity of the trunk, no obvious humpback and other defects.Body shape, bone and joint activities are basically normal; second, no hemiplegia, senile dementia and other neurological diseases, neurological examination is basically normal; third, the heart is basically normal, no hypertension, coronary heart disease and other organic heart disease;No chronic pulmonary insufficiency; Fifth, no liver and kidney disease, endocrine and metabolic diseases, malignant tumors and serious organic diseases affecting life functions; sixth, there is a certain audio-visual ability; seventh, no mental disorder, good personality, emotionalStable; Eight is able to properly treat family and social interpersonal relationships; Nine is able to adapt to the environment and has certain social communication skills; Ten has certain learning and memory skills.

      Experts weigh, the elderly with the above criteria often show energetic, reflexive, proper weight, shiny hair, muscles, eyes, hearing, and good sleep quality.

      To participate in or close to the above ten criteria for health, it is an important and effective way for the elderly to participate in physical fitness.

    Experts from the Jiangxi Senior Citizen Association recommended that the elderly work hard in three aspects.

    First of all, every two days to carry out a fitness activity, each activity for more than half an hour, each person learns to exceed the above fitness methods, configure a fitness equipment.

    Do an outdoor hiking tour every year.

      Second, form the awareness of seizing the opportunity movement anytime and anywhere.

    According to the individual circumstances, the elderly can carry out physical activities such as exercise, relaxation, soft gymnastics, aerobics, etc., such as walking, dancing, climbing stairs, swimming, pedal bicycles, sitting aerobics, and even daily routines.Shopping, cleaning, garden maintenance, etc. are all good for health.

      Finally, while insisting on physical fitness activities, we must use the constant exercise spirit and good fitness effect to influence the young and middle-aged people who drive their own interactive fitness exercises to form a fitness method that helps each other and explore and communicate.

      The elderly fitness exercise should pay attention to the physiological characteristics of the five taboos, and determine the choice of sports and exercise intensity in the fitness exercise.

    Old-age sports experts suggest that the elderly should pay attention to the five taboos in exercise, so as not to affect the health.

      The editor-in-chief of “Kangle Life” magazine, the former secretary of the Jiangxi Senior Citizens Sports Association, Hu Litong, told reporters that the long-term increase in age, the reduction of heart and lung function, and the movement of organs and hearing, vision, touch, balance organs and other functions will gradually decline, asThe reaction is slow, the sensitivity is low, and the coordination is poor.

    Old people participate in fitness activities to do “five bogeys”.

      One avoids suffocating movement.

    Older people have emphysema, and when they use force, they will have pneumothorax due to rupture of the alveoli.

    Hernia also increases the burden on the heart, causing chest tightness and palpitations.

    When suffocating, the pressure in the chest is increased, and the amount of blood returned to the heart to reduce the blood supply to the brain, which is prone to dizziness and even fainting.

    After suffocating, the amount of blood returned to the heart suddenly increased, blood pressure increased, prone to cerebrovascular accidents.

    Therefore, such as weightlifting, tug-of-war, hard qigong, pull-ups, climbing ropes and other sports that require suffocation, the elderly should not participate.

      The two taboos are strong and strong.

    The elderly participate in certain project sports every year, focusing on participation, fitness, and not being too active. Don’t want to compete with others.

    Otherwise, the physical strength cannot be withstood, and accidents may occur due to easy collision, falling, and excitement.

      Three bogey is eager to seek success.

    The elderly have poor adaptability to physical exertion. Therefore, there should be an intervention time adaptation stage during exercise. It must be gradual and gradual.

    If you are quick to make a profit, you will not be able to get up to speed, but it will endanger your health.

      Four bogey swings.

    Older people have poor coordination, weak balance, weak leg strength, slow walking, and slow movement of limbs.

    Therefore, like skating, swinging and various rotating actions should be taboo, otherwise it is prone to danger.

      Five bogey is overly excited.

    In sports, especially when participating in sports games, the elderly must correctly understand the purpose and significance of fitness, correctly treat the outcomes and achievements, and correctly handle the relationship between health, friendship and competition.

    Can not be overly excited by the momentary victory or defeat, otherwise it is easy to cause high blood pressure, high blood pressure and other attacks.

  • Is there some kind of contraindication for menopausal women’s sleep?

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    Is there some kind of contraindication for menopausal women’s sleep?

    Full and reasonable sleep is very important for the health of menopausal people.

    The so-called reasonable sleep means that in addition to the proper sleep time, there should be some attention to the preparations, postures and habits of sleep, and there are ten taboos in combination.

      After avoiding sleep, the eating rhythm of some parts of the body begins to slow down and enters the rest state.

    If you eat before going to sleep, the organs such as perfusion, liver and spleen will be busy again, which will increase their burden and make other organs not fully rested.

    The functional area of the cerebral cortex executive digestive (digestive food) system is also excited, and often produces nightmares after falling asleep.

      If you eat too late to eat dinner and feel obese before going to bed, you can eat less snacks or fruits (such as bananas, apples, etc.), but after eating, you must rest for at least half an hour before going to bed.

      Second, avoid using your brain before going to bed. If you have the habit of working and studying at night, you should do something more difficult to do, then do something more relaxed, brake your brain, and fall asleep easily.

    Otherwise, if the brain is in an excited state, even if lying in bed, it is difficult to fall asleep, and for a long time, it is easy to form insomnia.

      Three bogey before the bedtime excitement of emotions and sorrows, are easy to cause the nerve center’s excitement or confusion makes it difficult for people to fall asleep or even cause insomnia, so avoid avoiding big anger or worry and anger before going to bed, to make the mood steady.

    If you are unable to sleep because of nervousness or emotional excitement, please take a supine position, put your hands under the navel, lick your tongue, relax your body, and when you are in the mouth, continue to swallow the body fluid. After a few minutes, you will fall asleep.

      Four bogey before going to bed to talk as the saying goes: food does not speak, feel no words.

    Because people are prone to make their brains excited and active in their speech, which affects sleep.

    Therefore, the elderly should not speak too much before going to bed.

      Five bogey to sleep and sleep, to the right side of the body is the best, so that the body bones, muscles are in a natural state of relaxation, easy to fall asleep, but also easy to eliminate fatigue.

    Supine squatting makes the whole body bones and muscles in a state of tension, which is not conducive to eliminating fatigue, and is easy to cause nightmares due to the impact of the hand on the chest and affecting the sleep, thereby affecting the quality of sleep.

      Six bogey and sleep, Sun Sizhen said: The night is often closed, this is the best way to maintain vitality.

    Sleeping and sleeping, it is easy to suffer from viruses and bacteria in the air, not only makes the disease from the mouth, but also easily causes the lungs and stomach to be stimulated by cold air and dust, causing disease.

      Seven bogey and sleep, the elderly are afraid of cold, especially after the arrival of winter, always like to sleep and sleep.

    In this way, a large amount of carbon dioxide exhaled by oneself will be inhaled, and the lack of necessary oxygen will be extremely detrimental to health.

      When you sleep and sleep, don’t let the wind coming in through the doors and windows blow to the upper limbs.

    Because when people are asleep, the body’s ability to adapt to the external environment is reduced. If you sleep in the wind, it will take a long time, cold air will invade from the capillaries on the human skin, and light people will cause colds.
      When the sleeping person sleeps, the eyes are closed, but they can still feel the light. If you sleep on the light, the light will disturb the natural balance of the human body, causing the body temperature, heartbeat, and blood pressure to become uncoordinated.It makes people feel uneasy and sleepy. Even if they fall asleep, they are easy to wake up.

      Ten bogey caused by sleeping on the stove, the human body is excessive, and it is easy to cause diseases such as sores.

    When you get up and down at night, it is easy to catch cold and cause a cold.

    It is worth mentioning that if you use a honeycomb coal stove for heating, you should pay attention to ventilation to avoid gas poisoning.

  • Give all the thick legs MM the stovepipe trick

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    Give all the thick legs MM the stovepipe trick

    The OLs are sitting in a row, the legs are easy to grow, and the weight loss in the legs becomes very important.

    What are the stovepipe tricks in OL stovepipe?

    Do the stovepipe exercise!

    Here are a few recommended OL stovepipe tricks for MM who need leg weight loss.

    Learn to learn stovepipe exercise together!


    hzh {display: none; }  每天坐在办公室里,因为很少走动的关系以至于我们的身体都有局部的肥胖。This kind of obesity has always been very troublesome for us, it also affects our beauty, makes people feel overwhelmed, and can’t show their appearance well by wearing clothes.

    The same piece of clothing, the slim figure and the extra person wearing it are completely two effects.

    From now on, the thick-legged mm who sit in the office every day must act quickly.

    Don’t be killed by the contempt of others. We have to do a stovepipe MM this summer. It must not be the MM that has been sitting in the office and getting obese.

    For our leg weight loss has always been a big problem for everyone, so now we have set up a set of OL stovepipe tricks for the office thick leg MM with less activity.

      1, you can go to work two stops a day, walk a section of the road, so that the PP activities sitting in the chair.

    (Because the coaxial is sitting on the chair, the pp will get bigger and bigger.

      2, go to the bathroom during work, it is best to go to the adjacent place, climb the stairs in two steps, so that you can move, let the legs stretch.

      3, when sitting in the seat, you can also start sports, now the office is mostly the kind of desk, you can engage in underground activities.

      4, the left leg is naturally vertical, lift the right leg to keep parallel with the ground, the right foot straight, the upper hook repeatedly turn the toe 10 times; change the other leg.

    Repeat this twice, tired feet resting on the ground.

    This method can be done while working.

    You can also keep your chest-sitting, sitting-legged, thin-legged legs while still correcting your sitting posture.

      5, an hour before going to bed at night, lying in bed, pedaling, and stepping on 200.

    You can step by step, add it bit by bit, don’t figure it out quickly, if you don’t get a strain on your thigh muscles.

      6, step on the bicycle to relax, raise the leg to the body at a 90-degree angle for one minute.

    Then get out of bed and do a stretching exercise.

      Go back to the bed and put your feet on the wooden board and stand upside down for a while. Of course, it is also possible to achieve a 90-degree angle between the legs and the body.

    This will last for 20 minutes, which is also good for sleep.

      7, holding the door frame with both hands, relax the whole body, then lift a leg, at a 45 degree angle to the ground.

    That is the height of kicking when everyone is walking.

    Then bend the calf until it can’t bend, and force it forward until it can’t be rubbed.

    It is necessary to use force to reduce whether it is impossible to use this method if there is any injury or illness, because this method has higher requirements for violations, which will cause great pressure.

      Turning back and forth, force 50 times and change the other leg to 甩50.

    So overlapping, each leg is up to 150, which is repeated 3 times.

    This method personally believes that the excess meat on the back is not subtracted from the thigh, because the excess meat on the thigh and the excess meat on the back are trembled when the leg is kicked.

    After both legs are finished, you will feel the heat in the thighs, and it is very itchy. This is the result of the thigh’s aunt burning. It must be felt to stop the sputum. According to the physical condition, it can be increased orReduce the number of kicks.

      8. After you have finished your legs, relax your body, but don’t sit down first.

    Walk in the house for about a minute, about 5 minutes.

    Then sit on the bed, straighten your legs, don’t hang your legs, and put them all on the bed.

    Then tap the meat on the thighs with your hands and knock on each leg for 3-5 minutes.  Ps: This is my own method of reducing the thighs. I tried it last night and did a lot of work. It feels very good. After doing this, there is an unfortunate burning in the thigh, and it is very comfortable.It can activate blood and accelerate the movement of thighs.

    After getting up this morning, I felt that the two thighs were sour.

    It’s a bit like muscle pain after running.

    It can be proved that the leg is a thigh movement, so I decided to write it out and share it with everyone.

    I hope that the majority of friends can be thin and thin.

      Beautiful legs, 1 foot, knees bent, lie on the ground, back to the sky, action like a paparazzi, hands support the upper body, lift the right foot, keep 7-8 seconds, keep the spine and head straight.

    Practice the left and right feet alternately, each doing 15 times.

      2, sitting on a chair with a chair back, the waist should be straight, roll the towel into a strip, then use your right foot to step, hold the towel with both hands, and pull it toward your body until you feel tight and maintain your posture.7-8 seconds.

    Do the same for the right foot and do 15 times for each set of actions.

      3, also sitting on a chair with a chair back, the waist should be straight, back against the back of the chair, put the pillow between the legs, force the pillow firmly, hold the posture for 7-8 seconds, then relax, this action does 15Times.
      There is also the way to lick the thighs is not tired, especially for girls, some tired weight loss exercise I can not hold, this method is easy to use and not tired, and easy to insist, why not.

    Act, work hard for a thin woman!

    Come on

  • Anti-aging food has some kind of peanut sesame paste

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    Anti-aging food has some kind of peanut sesame paste

    Click to buy everyone wants to be radiant every day, eating some food can help us to beauty, although it has to combine their own living habits, time and other factors.

    Below, we will share the food that can nourish the body, regulate endocrine, and nourish the blood.

      1, peanut sesame paste peanuts and black sesame seeds is the preferred food for 30-year-old women anti-aging, which is mainly attributed to the vitamin E in the body, while preventing the effect of brown pigment on the skin, to avoid the formation of spots and butterfly spots.

    Sesame contains a strong anti-aging substance, sesame phenol, which is an important nourishing food for preventing female aging. The B vitamins are also very rich, which can promote the body’s metabolism, and also facilitate the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone.efficacy.

      To make peanut sesame paste, you need to prepare peanuts, black sesame and salad oil.

    First, fry the peanut kernels, fry the black sesame seeds, then put them together in a blender, stir them thoroughly into a powder, and store them in a sealed glass jar.

    When you want to eat, use a clean spoon to fill the bowl and add boiling water.

    If you like to eat sweet, add some honey.

      Homemade peanut sesame paste is more natural and healthier than the ones bought outside, and is best served as a breakfast or as an afternoon meal.

      2, papaya red dates lotus seed honey is a well-known whitening food, its vitamin A content is extremely rich.

    Chinese medicine believes that papaya is sweet, flat, can eliminate stomach, beauty and nourishing, and has a good therapeutic effect on people with indigestion or constipation.

    In the beauty diet, papaya can be used with milk, and it can also be used to make stuffing or porridge.

    Jujube is a traditional food that regulates endocrine and nourish blood. If red dates are served with lotus seeds, it increases the effect of regulating the body and nourishing the body.

      Dry autumn and winter season, make a hot papaya red jujube lotus honey, not only warm and warm, but also help the skin resist the dry climate.

    Prepare papaya, red dates, lotus seeds, honey, rock sugar.

    First, add red dates and lotus seeds to the right amount of rock sugar and cook for later use.

    Then cut the papaya and remove the seeds, put the red dates, lotus seeds and honey into the papaya, and steam them after serving.

      4, tofu tofu is a very good source of protein.

    At the same time, legumes contain a chemical called isoflavones that reduces the free radical estrogen activity.

    If you are worried about cancer, you can often eat legumes.

      5, broccoli broccoli against vitamin C and carotene, cross-flowered vegetables have been confirmed by scientists as the best anti-aging and anti-cancer food.

      6, cabbage cabbage is also a cross-flowered vegetables, vitamin C content is very rich, while incorporating fiber, promote gastrointestinal motility, the digestive system to maintain youthful vitality, and help detoxification.

      Wash the cabbage and cut into pieces.

    Red pepper is cut into pieces.

    The cabbage is boiled in boiling water.

    Put some salad oil in the pot, add the appropriate amount of salt, monosodium glutamate, and cardamom. Put in the cabbage and stir fry, set the pan and serve with the red pepper.

      I hope that everyone will have the right food and life, and if necessary, add the above foods to make your body healthy and radiant.

    Of course, in addition to food conditioning, the inner adjustment is also essential.

    I wish everyone a happy life.

  • Sweet traps in the bakery secret

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    Sweet traps in the bakery secret

    Many old people like the unique fluffy taste of soft bread.

    What secrets can be hidden behind such fluffy?

      Capture 1: Fluffy bread improvers Many bakeries have this kind of fluffy bun sold.

    A head usually has a small bowl size and the price is only 1-1.

    Between 5 yuan.

    But if you squeeze this bread hard, you will find that the dough is actually less than 1/3 of the bread volume!

    Miao Jiaqi, a senior engineer in bread making with 50 years of experience, pointed out that this is all the “credit” of bread improvers.

      “Traditional bread making methods do not require the use of bread improvers. Generally sweet bread is only high-gluten flour, eggs, sugar, paste, yeast.

    Miao Jiaqi said that the bread improver can make the bread softer and more elastic, and effectively delay the drying time of the bread. More importantly, the volume is larger than the traditional method and the selling is better.

      ”The same big dough, the traditional way of making bread will expand.

    5 to 2 times, and the bread with the modifier is expanded by 2 to 3 times. If the modifier is added in a large amount, the expansion ratio may be.

    In this way, at least the use of flour is less, and the way to reduce costs, of course, some people like to use.

    “The use of bread improvers is actually some open secret, because it can cover up the defects of raw materials, but also mask the skill of the master.

    Fan Zhihong, an associate professor at the College of Food Science, China Agricultural University, told reporters that bread improvers are a general term for a range of additives, including emulsifiers, tougheners, and mildew inhibitors.

      The use of modifiers within the scope of national regulations is not hazardous.

    However, recent quality inspections have found that some businesses add banned potassium bromate to the bread improver. Although it can cause whitening, strong gluten and increase elasticity, it may cause cancer.

      How do you tell if an excessive amount of modifier is added to the bread?

    Miao Jiaqi said, don’t try to be too soft, so it is best not to buy such bread.

    It is normal for the bread to be less than 2 times the size of the dough. If it is exceeded, it should be vigilant.

      Capture 2: Whole wheat bread is dyed with whole-grain bread to supplement dietary fiber. B-vitamins are more abundant, protein is more abundant, and there is also the effect of slimming and slimming. The health trend is getting more and more popular, and the whole wheat bread is more popular.Welcome.

      The price of whole wheat bread is often about twice as expensive as ordinary white bread.

    The average brand in the supermarket, the same weight of white bread is less than 4 dollars, and the whole wheat bread is more than 6 pieces.

    The price difference in the bakery is about 6 yuan for a bag of plain bread, and about 10 yuan for whole wheat.

    Aunt Liu has diabetes, and the doctor told her to eat more whole grains, so even if it is expensive, Liu Aunt only buys whole wheat every time.

      “Not only the whole wheat bread is expensive, but the whole wheat flour is also more expensive than ordinary flour,”
    Miao Jiaqi said. “But whole wheat bread is not made with whole wheat flour, even whole wheat flour with some wheat flour.

    Foreign whole wheat breads have a uniform standard, and most of them use commercially available pre-mixed powder of uniform specifications.

    But there is no standard yet, so 40% of the whole wheat flour is called whole wheat bread, and only 5% of whole wheat flour is called whole wheat bread.

    “But if the whole wheat flour is too little, it will not show the “whole wheat” look.

    Therefore, there is a black or brown pigment such as caramel color added to the bread in the bakery to get away with it.

      Fan Zhihong said that caramel is a commonly used pigment and has little harm to the human body.

    However, this dyed “pseudo-wine bread” has low nutritional value and no corresponding health effects, especially the progressive blood sugar rate is much higher than the real whole wheat bread.

    If a person with diabetes eats for a long time, it will cause great harm to health.

      How can I choose the real whole wheat bread?

    Miao Jiaqi said, first of all, whole wheat bread is relatively rough.

    Pay attention to the observation when buying, whether the organization is too delicate, whether there is a lot of natural bran in the bread.

    In essence, whole wheat bread should be naturally brown and not so uniform in brown.

    If the bread is too dark, it may be fake if it is close to black.
    Once again, the whole wheat bread is more flexible and the taste is not so fluffy.
    Finally, it can be completely discerned with a rough taste.

      Trap 3: Crispy pineapple bag, croissant bag, all with margarine sweet and soft, crispy pineapple bag is a favorite of many people.

    This is all thanks to the large amount of paste in the bread.

    In fact, not only pineapple bags, Danish croissants and other similar crispy and fragrant breads require a lot of paste, almost all of which require butter.

    According to Miao Jiaqi’s disclosure, margarine is basically used now.

    Not only are those cheap bakeries, but so are many well-known chain stores.

    “Pure natural oils are generally imported, which requires more than 10,000 tons, and artificial flour is only about 6,000.

    “Artificial oils contain a large amount of trans fatty acids, which are more harmful than saturated fats such as lard and butter.”

    Fan Zhihong said that a large number of studies have pointed out that trans-obesity will increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and it is more likely to make people fat.

      Natural and artificial oils have different aromas, and the former is softer.

    However, if a small amount of artificial flour is added to the dough, it cannot be eaten at all.

    Therefore, you can only distinguish whether or not you have trans fatty acids from the label.

    Do not buy the words “ghee, shortening, vegetable shortening, plant mash, artificial paste, margarine, non-dairy creamer, creamer”.

      Capture four: fruit bread multi-use essence, pigment-toned orange bread color golden, sweet orange fragrance makes it very popular.

    Miss Li thinks that fruit bread is both natural and nutritious, so it is healthier.

    In the bakery, the reporter saw that the fruity bread was very popular.

    Yellow banana flavor, pink strawberry flavor, green cantaloupe flavor. everything.

      “The fruit bread made with fruit juice is almost zero,” Miao Jiaqi said.

    The “fruit flavor” of many fruit breads is made up of flavors, sugars and sour agents, and then dressed up with pigments, it is a “fruit look”.

    Will the bread with flesh be better?

    “According to national standards, the pulp content of pulp bread should account for 50% – 60%, but not in many places.

    “The addition of fruit is less, the natural aroma and taste are not enough, so the essence and pigment will also be added to the pulp bread to achieve the desired effect.

      Fan Zhihong said that in fact people can use common sense to distinguish.

    “After baking at a high temperature, can the color of the juice be so bright and beautiful?

    “So, don’t buy bread that is too bright and full of color.”

    The natural fruit scent is fresh and natural, and the taste is relatively light. If the scent is particularly rich, it will definitely add flavor.

      Capture 5: The ham bag is filled with inferior ham and ham. In the bakery, the savory bread represented by various ham and meat loose bags holds up half of the bread.

    Mr. Zhou, who calls himself a “carnivorous family”, told reporters that his daily breakfast is a ham bag or a fluffy bag, because “love to eat salty, and meat has noodles, feel better nutrition.”

      But the ham bag is also stupid.

    Miao Jiaqi said that the price difference between different hams is very large.

    In order to reduce costs, many small shops will choose cheap ham to make bread.

    “Good shop with pure meat ham, the cheaper ham is starch plus some meat to melt the essence and pigment.” This kind of cheap ham is mostly produced by unknown manufacturers, quality and safety are difficult to guarantee.

      Trap 6: In addition to flour and flour in sweet bread, the most used raw material for making bread is white sugar.

    Of course, “smart” stores will also come up with ideas.

    Miao Jiaqi said that in order to reduce costs, many bakeries use sweeteners to partially replace white sugar.

      ”In general, 20% sugar should be added to sweet bread, many people only use 10% sugar, and the rest are replaced with a small amount of sweetener.”

    Miao Jiaqi told reporters that “white sugar is the nourishment of yeast, and at the same time it can increase the color of bread.

    The sugar is added less, the yeast is not fermented enough, the color is insufficient, and only bread improvers and pigments can be added instead.

      The most widely used sweeteners today are saccharin and a sweetener that is less expensive than it.
    Their sweetness is several times higher than white sugar, and the price is much cheaper.
    There is also the safety of sweeteners, Fan Zhihong said, there are too many studies that excessive saccharin can cause cancer, but it is still inconclusive.

    However, it cannot be denied that long-term consumption of this synthetic chemical is not good for human health.

      The taste of sweeteners is different from that of white sugar.

    Miao Jiaqi said that the sweetness of the sweetener stayed in the mouth for a period of time, and the aftertaste was bitter.

      Trap 7: What is the most profitable bakery in the bakery?

    That’s right, it’s an expensive cream cake.

    The reporter saw in the bakery, the ordinary 6-inch birthday cake, the price ranged from 60 yuan to more than 100 yuan.

    However, the material used to make the cream cake is very cheap.

    Miao Jiaqi said that the most expensive raw material in the birthday cake is cream, but only 16 yuan and 1 kilogram.

    And this one can do five or six such birthday cakes.

      Doesn’t it mean that “10 pounds of milk can produce 1 pound of cream”?

    How is the cost of a cream cake so low?

    It turns out that most of the bakery nowadays is not made of natural milk cream, but the vegetable butter is replaced by “fat cream”.

      Fan Zhihong said that this kind of “fat cream” is the most deceptive. Many bakeries with this kind of cream still use the signboard to say that they are “pure plants and exclude cholesterol.”

    “Actually, the trans fatty acids in this margarine are harmful to the human body than the benchmark oxide!

  • The old man has no reason to lose weight and suffer from hyperthyroidism

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    The old man has no reason to lose weight and suffer from hyperthyroidism

    As the saying goes, “It is difficult to buy old and thin”, but the 67-year-old mother-in-law has lost 14 kilograms in the past six months, but she has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in the hospital.

      From May 25th to 31st, it is the first “International Thyroid Week” launched by the International Thyroid Alliance worldwide.

    Statistics show that more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from thyroid disease, but about half of them are unaware of their condition.

    Among adolescents, awareness of thyroid health is reduced, thyroid disease awareness is increased by 10%, treatment complications are 6%, and correct treatment rates are only about 3%.

      Xu Yuhui, director of the Department of Endocrinology at Xinqiao Hospital, said that thyroid diseases include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, etc., which are more common in women.

    Early and milder patients with hyperthyroidism, symptoms resemble cardiovascular disease and gastrointestinal disease, and the symptoms are more concealed, easy to miss diagnosis and misdiagnosis; hypothyroidism is often mistaken for pregnancy, menopause or depression,If not treated promptly, it can lead to atherosclerosis, heart disease and even coma.

      Xu Yuhui reminded that the elderly have no obvious cause of weight loss, accompanied by cardiovascular symptoms such as shortness of breath, or increased stool frequency, leading to thickening or lumps, should go to the hospital for thyroid function tests.

  • The effect of moxibustion on different acupoints

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    The effect of moxibustion on different acupoints

    As a traditional Chinese health care method, Ai Wei is very safe and effective in modern times.
    The traditional moxibustion method is complicated in operation, difficult to grasp, and it is easy to burn local skin.
    Therefore, we must master the moxibustion method, the effect of moxibustion acupuncture points is a lot, the following small series will introduce the health effects of different points of moxibustion, let’s take a look.
      Here to recommend a simple and practical health care moxibustion – portable moxibustion.
    Buy a carry-on moxibustion box and moxa sticks on the market.
    How to use: Open the lid, cut an inch of moxa into the wire inside the lid, then ignite one end of the moxa stick, cover the moxibustion box with the body, put it into the pocket of the moxibustion box, and fix it at the health care point where the moxibustion is to be moxibustion.Let the Ai strip burn naturally in the portable moxibustion box, and the warm gas emitted can be distributed to the moxibustion health care point through the small hole on the surface of the moxibustion box. The sitting, lying and walking are not affected.You can then remove the carry-on moxibustion box.
      青少年时期常灸肺俞、风门二穴  人的成长从幼儿、少年到青年这一时期,阳气旺盛,活泼好动,常在户外活动,肺脏娇嫩易感受风寒外邪而生感冒、发烧、咳嗽Exogenous diseases such as bronchitis.
    Young people who have just moved from school to society, do not adapt to the new environment, stay away from their parents, have poor self-care ability, pay less attention to the increase and decrease of clothes, and if the weather suddenly changes, it is easy to catch cold, fever, headache and other diseases, which will affectTo normal work.
      At this time, moxibustion of Feishu points, fengmen and other points can supplement the lungs and qi, and dispel the cold and evil, and achieve the purpose of preventing and treating exogenous diseases.
    Feishu and Fengmen two points are located in the upper back, and Feishu points are opened next to the third thoracic spinous process.
    5 inches, is the back of the lungs, the point of the lungs infused to the back of the lungs, often moxibustion lung Yu, has the effect of supplementing the lungs.
    The feng shui is the gateway to the wind and evil spirits. It is located next to the spinous process of the second thoracic spine.
    At 5 inches, the moxibustion feng shui has the effect of dispelling wind and cold and exogenous evils, which can prevent the occurrence of exogenous diseases such as colds.
      壮年时期常灸中脘、足三里、神阙  人当壮年,社会交往较多,亲朋好友在一起相聚,难免请客赴宴吃大餐,朋友高兴相聚,开怀畅饮,不知不觉就会吃多喝More, and damage the spleen and stomach; or due to work and other reasons, can not eat on time, or overeating, or overeating and cold, resulting in damage to the spleen and stomach.
    There will be diseases such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and other spleen and stomach dysfunction.
      Li Dongyu, one of the four members of the Jinyuan, pointed out in the “Spleen and Stomach Theory”: “Intra-injury spleen and stomach, all diseases are especially healthy.
    “The Qing Dynasty royal doctor Huang Yuanyu also said in “The Four Sacred Hearts”: “The spleen and stomach, the mother of the four dirty, the mother’s gas is defeated, the four sons are dying, the pulse is really dirty, then the person is dead, so fourThe dirty veins must be based on stomach.
    “The foot Taiyin spleen is the main rise, the foot Yangming stomach is descending, the right to lift, at the turn of yin and yang, is for the gas.
    The stomach is prosperous, the spleen is ruined, and the qi is prosperous and the stomach is lowered and the spleen rises and the spleen rises and the water is decomposed, and the essence is nourished.
    In the case of gas failure, the sputum is lifted and lowered, the kidney is cold and the disease is sick, the heart fire is inflammatory and the disease is sick, the liver is left and the blood is sick, and the lungs are stagnation and qi.
    The disease is horrified and unsettled, the sperm is relegated and not secret, the blood disease is condensed and not flowing, and the qi is congested.
    The four-dimensional disease is due to the gas.
    “Therefore, the moxibustion in the middle of the moxibustion, Zusanli, Shenque can make up the Qi, Jianpi stomach, Shengpi Yang and lower the stomach Yin, so that the function of the spleen and stomach return to normal.
      步入老年常灸关元、肾俞、命门  当人步入老年以后,阳气渐衰,肾气不足,命门火衰,常会出现耳聋、眼花、小便频数、无力,夜尿增多,下肢Cold and other symptoms of aging.
      The elderly often moxibustion Guanyuan, Shenshu, and life gates, can cultivate vitality and delay aging.
      Guanyuan Point is located in the front midline of the human body, 3 inches below the umbilicus, belonging to the vein, is the recruitment point of the small intestine, where the small intestine gas gathers.
    Guan Yuan is commonly known as Dantian, and has always been valued by Taoist health and alchemy.
      ”Difficult to pass” said: “The qi under the kidney is the gas of the five internal organs, the root of the twelve meridians.
    “Medical moxibustion can be used to supplement the five internal organs and the roots of the twelve meridians.
    Shenshu and Mingmen two points are located at the waist, and Shenshu is opened next to the second lumbar spinous process.
    5 inches, belonging to the sun bladder, is the back of the kidney, is the part of the kidney that is infused into the body surface.
    The life gate is located in the midline of the human body. Under the second lumbar spinous process, it belongs to the Du Meridian, and the Du Meridian governs the yang of the human body. It has the function of replenishing kidney and yang and strengthening the fire.

  • Eyes and small remedies

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    Eyes and small remedies

    Dry eyes, how to relieve fatigue?

    Many netizens’ eye-opening remedies, how do experts think?

      Partial one: hot towel for 10 minutes expert reminder: hot compress can promote eye blood circulation, help the recovery of meibomian gland function, prevent dry eye caused by meibomian gland dysfunction.

      Part II: Eye Drops Experts Remind: Whether the eye drops can moisturize the eye, it depends on two points, one is the syrup ingredient, and the other is the frequency of the drop syrup.

    Eye drops of certain ingredients are not suitable for healthy eyes. If there is eye disease, symptomatic treatment is more necessary.

    A suitable eye drop is too diligent and may hurt your eyes.

      Remedies three: often drink green tea, oolong tea or Tieguanyin experts remind: tea is rich in carotene, can be converted into vitamin A in the human body, vitamin A has health care for people who often come into contact with computers, not only can reduce the harm of computer radiation on the human bodyIt can also prevent dry eye syndrome.

      Remedy four: yawn, with sour plum experts remind: use yawning tears and moisturizing eyes is certainly feasible, but not want to play can hit.

    Some people have reported that it is a good way to stimulate the tears in the mouth.

      Part Five: Eye Health Exercise Expert Reminder: It can promote eye blood circulation and relieve eye fatigue.

      Remedy 6: Apply eye cream experts to remind: not all eye creams can moisturize, some inferior or special ingredients eye cream may irritate the eyes.

    Pay attention to the ingredients of eye cream and eye drops.

      Remedy seven: warm water rinse eye expert reminder: pay attention to ensure that the water is clean, otherwise not enough clean water can cause eye disease.

  • Liver cancer prevention diet considerations

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    Liver cancer prevention diet considerations

    What is better for pancreatic cancer?

    How should pancreatic cancer progress in the body to help the body recover?

    As a malignant tumor that threatens human health, diet is also a problem we should pay attention to. So, what is better for fracture cancer?

    Precautions for pancreatic cancer diet 1 can be supplemented with non-greasy, full-liquid foods such as rice soup, fruit water, vegetable juice, etc.

    This can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, and after the gastrointestinal tract is gradually adapted, the diet can be improved under the guidance of a doctor according to the condition, with a low-fat, semi-liquid, low-fat common diet.

    Second, patients with diabetes cancer can recover easily digestible foods after surgery, such as taro, cake, egg, lean meat, cucumber, tomato, spinach, and soy products.

    Stir these vegetables, use the tissue to pulverize them, and pulverize them into suitable granules. It should not be too thick or too fine to avoid complications in the pouch tube.

    Third, if the small intestine pouching is performed, the homogenate can be added through the pouch tube. Pay attention to the food that is easy to digest and absorb, such as taro, cake, egg, lean meat, chicken (boneless), fish (to stab), cucumber, tomato, rape, spinach, soy products, etc., after frying these dishes, and then crushing with a tissue mincer, the appropriate particles to be crushed should be determined according to the diameter of the nasogastric tube, in short, should not be thick, preventThe shackles of the ostomy tube.

    Fourth, in order to provide more nutrition, you can also give a basic diet, starting from a low concentration, gradually overdue to a concentration of 20%, so that the elemental diet 1 ml of liquid, up to 1 kcal dose, according to the patient’s needsGive 500 ml to 2000 ml per day.

    Fifth, the meal should have regularity, from 3 to 5 meals a day, do not keep eating snacks, this will cause the sediment to secrete a small amount of liquid, adding to the burden of multi-functionality.

    Add to the reasonable mix, pay attention to the proportion of carbohydrates, feces and protein, should be based on small amounts, the amount of feces and protein should be appropriate, to eat digestible protein, such as lean meat, eggs and fish, to use a reasonable cooking methodTo cook, stew, simmer, steam, slip, slip, etc., do not use smash, fry, stir-fry, etc. to prevent excessive secretion of starch.