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  • Rimage (603730) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review-Third Quarterly Report Exceeds Expected Results

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    Rimage (603730) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review-Third Quarterly Report Exceeds Expected Results

    The company achieved revenue in the third quarter of 201913.

    19 trillion, ten years +9.

    7%, +7 from the previous quarter.

    8%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

    71 ppm, +19 a year.

    6%, +15.

    5%, exceeding market expectations.

    Increase the company’s EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to 1.



    25 yuan (was 1).



    16 yuan), maintain “Buy” rating.

    Third-quarter results exceeded expectations, and Mexican plant operations improved significantly.

    In the third quarter of 2019, the company achieved revenue of 13.

    1.9 billion, ten years +9.

    7%, +7 from the previous quarter.

    8%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

    71 ppm, +19 a year.

    6%, +15.

    5%, exceeding market expectations.

    In the third quarter, the company’s net profit attributable to mothers / QoQ achieved rapid growth, mainly benefiting from the significant improvement in the operation of the Motus Mexico plant and achieving profit.

    The company’s third quarter gross profit was 32.

    2%, an increase of 3 from the previous quarter.

    4pcts; each expense ratio totals 11.

    7%, down 2 from the previous month.

    6pcts, significantly improved operating efficiency.

    The acquisition of Motus strengthens the leadership level and promotes global deep integration.

    In 2018, the company became the world’s largest supplier of automotive sun visors by acquiring Motus, the second largest sun visor company in North America.

    The company vigorously promotes the deep integration of the Motus business: 1) Optimizing the global production layout, adopting the local production of Motus Mexico’s factory floor sun visor and local production of the central controller of the ceiling to resist the risk of empire trade disputes; 2) optimizing the procurement channels, taking advantage of scale and reducingCost of outsourced accessories such as light bulbs; 3) Complementary advantages of equipment and molds, increase the automation rate of production lines, 深圳spa会所 increase the self-production rate of molds and equipment, optimize production efficiency and equipment mold costs; 4) achieve cross-penetration of different businesses and customersIt is expected that Motus will penetrate the supply chains of European customers (Benz, Volkswagen, Peugeot, etc.) and North American customers (Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, etc.) to expand its supporting product categories.

    Copying the “Amami” model, the category expansion is worth looking forward to.

    The company’s sun visor business is excellent in operation and management, and has established a mature global supporting and synchronous research and development capability. Its penetration rate in the North American universal supply chain system has increased from about 60% in 2011 to about 70% in 2018.

    Through in-depth support for GM, the company has established a good product reputation in the North American market, accelerating penetration of Ford and Chrysler; and began to enter the European market through the acquisition of Motus.

    At the same time, the company’s products have also expanded from sun visors to head restraints and ceiling central controllers.

    The company is expected to continue to replicate the “Rami” model of sun visor on new products. Among them, the headrest business has been fully supported by North America, and the revenue of the ceiling central controller business has continued to rise.

    Risk factors: Global automobile sales are below expectations; Motus integration is below expectations; new customer expansion is below expectations.

    Investment suggestion: The company benefited from improved management of Mexico’s Motus in the third quarter, and its operating efficiency improved significantly. It raised its 2019/20/21 earnings per share forecast to 1.62/1.


    25 yuan (previous forecast was 1.)



    16 yuan).

    Considering the consolidation of the global leader in the company’s sunshade business, the integration effect on Motus has begun to appear, and strives to continuously expand new customers and new products through its own reputation and Motus channels, and maintain a “buy” rating.

  • Yuyuan shares (600655): rapid growth in operating income and non-net profit

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    Yuyuan shares (600655): rapid growth in operating income and non-net profit
    The company’s 2019Q1-Q3 performance was dazzling, and its main business exceeded expectations. It was upgraded to a “buy” rating of 2019Q1-Q3, and the company’s revenue was 270.820,000 yuan, an increase of 35 in ten years.76%, net profit attributable to mother 12.US $ 3.9 billion, an annual increase of 9.02%, performance exceeded expectations, net profit growth was slower than revenue was mainly disturbed by non-recurring gains and losses (Q1-Q3 2019 non-recurring gains and losses 1).48 ppm, non-recurring gains and losses except real estate consolidation for the same period last year2.9.8 billion).Among them, the 2019Q3 revenue was 74.29 ppm, an increase of 38 in ten years.90%, net profit attributable to mother 2.180,000 yuan, an increase of 7 in ten years.67%.The company’s 2019Q1-Q3 comprehensive gross profit margin was 19.57%, an increase of 2 a year.71pct, mainly due to the increase in the proportion of real estate business and the optimization of the structure of gold jewelry products.Based on the rapid expansion of jewelry fashion business and the acceleration of performance growth, we raised the EPS for 2019-2021 to 0.89, 1.03, 1.20 yuan, upgrade the company to “Buy” rating. Jewellery and fashion business revenue grew rapidly, channel expansion and upgrading accelerated Q1 to Q3 2019, and the company’s jewelry and fashion business achieved 15.73% revenue growth.In addition to the increase in gold prices and comparable growth expected in the same store, the expansion of the company’s stores has contributed significantly to revenue growth. At the end of the third quarter, the number of jewellery and fashion stores in the company reached 2615, an early net increase of 525, continuing the rapid and rapid opening of the store since the early days, which is effective.Driven terminal sales.In addition, the company vigorously promotes brand operations, upgrades its product structure, digs deep into the Five Games culture, and continues to transform its products, following the ancient charm of gold 2.After the 0 and “Time to Run” series, the Wanbao and Mai Lingling designer cooperation models were 杭州夜网 launched, which positively affected the gross profit margin of gold jewelry products. Focusing on the time-honored brand, the fast growth of the cultural catering and food business The company’s culture, catering and food sector insists on focusing on the time-honored brand, innovating on traditional brands, and the related business continues to grow rapidly, of which the revenue of culture and catering increased by 30.86%, food business income grows 48 per year.67%.The report summarizes that in the field of catering, the company has completed the renovation of Songyuelou and Green Wave Gallery, the local food chain Dexing Restaurant opened, and the third chain of Songhelou Su-style soup noodles opened. The future catering business still has room for expansion; in foodIn terms of business, the company newly launched the Old Town God Temple Okra Wine, successfully completed the Ruyi acquisition, and accelerated the layout of the fresh produce field, which is expected to usher in business expansion in the future. Commercial landmark operation performance is outstanding, and industry integration can be expected from Q1 to Q3 2019. The company continues to promote the construction of commercial landmark projects.The first phase of the renovation and upgrade of Yuyuan Mall achieved preliminary results. The mall and popular IPs cooperated to develop immersive experience activities, launched the Yuyuan Cultural Night Market, and drove a significant increase in local passenger flow.In addition, Wuhan Yunshang International Fashion Center opened for operation. Based on the traditional shopping mall model, it has added support and services to the upstream and downstream apparel industry chain. It aims to further promote the new development model of the company’s industrial landmark and enhance the company’s industrial integration capabilities. The company’s business operation is positive and the main business performance is expected to continue to grow rapidly. We expect the company to return to its mother net profit in 2019-2021.39/40.03/46.500 million.We make segment estimates with reference to industry averages and business growth rates. In 2019, real estate business will be given 7-8 times PE, corresponding to a market value of 175-200 ppm; gold and jewelry business will be given 22-23 times PE, corresponding to a market value of 206.58-215.9.7 billion.The company’s overall target market value is 381.58-415.97 trillion, corresponding to the target price of 9.83-10.72 yuan, taking into account the rapid expansion of jewelry fashion business, other businesses are actively improving, 2020-2021 rapid growth in performance, PE overall growth, the company was upgraded to “Buy” rating. Risk Warning: Jewellery business under pressure due to macroeconomic downturn; real estate business cycle shift

  • Dingsheng New Materials (603876) Investment Value Analysis Report: Absolute Leader of Lithium Battery Aluminum Foil

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    Dingsheng New Materials (603876) Investment Value Analysis Report: Absolute Leader of Lithium Battery Aluminum Foil
    Dingsheng New Material is the world’s largest lithium aluminum foil company, with domestic cities accounting for more than 50%.Lithium-ion aluminum foil products have established industry barriers during the 3-5 year verification cycle. The company ‘s capacity growth rate is faster than that of Japan and South Korea ‘s leaders. It is deeply tied to downstream battery giants to ensure rapid expansion of production and sales. It is expected that the company ‘s net profit growth rate will exceed 40% in the next two years.Give the company 32 times PE in 2020, corresponding to a target price of 30.4 yuan, covering for the first time, give “buy” rating. The demand growth rate of lithium battery aluminum foil is stable, and the industry is expected to see both volume and price rise.Lithium-ion aluminum foil is a lithium-ion battery subdivided current collector, accounting for 6% / 1% of the mass / cost of the lithium-ion battery.Each GWh of lithium battery requires 400-600 tons of aluminum foil. After the rapid development of the electric vehicle industry, it is expected that the global battery aluminum foil demand will reach 38% in 2025, and the CAGR in the next five years will be 24%.Global battery foil production capacity in 2019 is 9.2 It is predicted that the production increase plan is difficult to meet the demand growth rate, and the industry supply and demand pattern is expected to improve in the medium and long term. It is expected that the volume and price of battery foil will rise. The world’s largest lithium aluminum foil company, the certification cycle helps the company to lead in the long run.The company began to enter the field of battery foil in 2009, and since 2015 it has continued to rank first in the industry.The company’s existing lithium battery aluminum foil production capacity4.4 nominal, of which light foil / carbon coated foil are 3 respectively.6/0.8 for the first time, the processing fee is 1.Above 5 / 40,000 yuan, the gross profit margin is as high as 25% / 45%.With the 5 second battery aluminum foil recruitment project gradually reaching production, and the battery foil field certification cycle of 3-5 years, deeply binding the cat, BYD’s company will usher in rapid development.The competitive advantages of the leading Japanese and South Korean leaders and the existing overseas expansion plan are expected to help the company gradually transition from import substitution to overseas expansion. It is expected that the revenue / gross profit of the segment will increase by 40% in the next three years. The traditional main air-conditioning foils and packaging foils have developed steadily, with a target growth rate of more than 10%.The company’s existing air-conditioning foil / packaging foil production capacity during the 20/21 period, downstream customers include first-line air-conditioning companies and well-known manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage fields.In 2020, Thailand’s four-phase aluminum foil project is planned to be put into production, which will expand the company’s overseas presence. With the steady growth of the air-conditioning and packaging industry, it is expected that the growth rate of air-conditioning foil in the future will be about 10%, and the growth rate of packaging foil will be nearly 15%. The purest standard of aluminum foil, the three fee control excellence helps the company’s performance to be released steadily.In 2018, the aluminum foil revenue accounted for 82% of the company’s total, which was higher than the 59% of the average revenue of A-share aluminum foil listed companies.In addition the company’s three rates are limited to 4.3%, the industry’s leading level, the three fee control excellence helps 北京夜网 the company’s performance to be released steadily. Risk factors: The growth rate of electric vehicle production and sales is lower than expected, the battery foil industry supply has increased significantly, and the risk of aluminum price fluctuations. Investment suggestion: With the company’s battery foil project put into production, the use of technological barriers and channel advantages, in the context of the rapid growth of the electric vehicle industry, the company’s performance is expected to usher in rapid growth.We forecast the company’s net profit attributable to its parent to be 2 in 2019-2021.89/4.11/5.41 trillion, EPS is 0.67/0.95/1.25 yuan, currently 17.47 yuan, corresponding to 26/18/14 times the PE in 2019/20/21.Give the company 32 times PE in 2020, corresponding to a target price of 30 in the next year.4杭州桑拿 yuan, covering for the first time, giving a “buy” rating.

  • Foreign media: China currently has up to 2 billion obese children with obesity

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    Foreign media: China currently has up to 2 billion obese children with obesity

    Foreign media said that a study by the University 深圳桑拿网 of Valencia in Spain on the impact of overweight and overage on children and adults shows that more than 2 billion people worldwide are wasting health problems related to obesity, accounting for 30% of the global population%.

      The Effie reportedly reported on August 6 that the study, published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine, had surveyed the population of 195 countries for a period of 25 years (1980-2015).

    Data sheet: Obesity is getting worse.

    (Image source: AFP) University of Valencia expert Rafael Tavares-Cezedez told Effie that research shows that the global population suffers from cardiovascular disease, diabetes or various diseases due to obesity.Cancer and lethality are on the rise.

      Studies indicate that approximately 4 million people worldwide died of overweight or obesity in 2015, and nearly 40% of them died in overweight people.

      Tavarez-Cesdos pointed out that the emergence of such data at the global level is shocking.

    We underestimate the health effects of being overweight and obese.

    He said.

      According to the report, more than 2,300 experts from 133 countries participated in the study. The study analyzed the relationship between more than 300 diseases and injuries and obesity.

      Studies show that since 1980, obesity rates in more than 70 countries have doubled. The most shocking finding is that adolescent obesity rates in a few countries such as China, Brazil, and Southeast Asia have increased a series.Incidence of many diseases such as chronic kidney disease.

      The report sees the problem of overweight and obesity as a growing and disturbing global public health crisis.

    In 2015, 2.2 billion people worldwide suffered from overweight or obesity problems, 1 of which.

    08 billion children and more than 600 million adults belong to the overpopulation, ie 5% of children and 12% of adults are obese.

    Although child obesity rates are higher than adults, child obesity rates are increasing faster than adults in many countries.

      It is reported that among the 20 most populous countries in the world, the highest rate of adolescent obesity is the United States, close to 13%, and the lowest is Bangladesh, about 1.

    2%; the highest adult obesity rate is Egypt, about 35%, the lowest is Vietnam, about 1.

    6%; the largest number of obese children are China and India, reaching 15.3 million and 14.4 million, respectively; the largest number of excess adults are the United States and China, reaching 79.4 million and 57.3 million, respectively.

    Original title: Foreign media: 30% of the world’s population has obesity problems

  • Xinhua Insurance (601336) 2019 performance preview comment: Attributable net profit at least + 80% in line with expectations Expected 2020 NBV growth is expected to usher in improvement

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    Xinhua Insurance (601336) 2019 performance preview comment: Attributable net profit at least + 80% in line with expectations Expected 2020 NBV growth is expected to usher in improvement

    Event: Xinhua Insurance issued a pre-announcement of 2019 results, which is expected to return to mother’s net profit in 2019 of 142.

    US $ 600 million, with an annual growth rate of + 80%, net profit attributable to mothers after excluding non-recurring gains and losses 127.

    5 ‰, one year growth rate + 60%, of which Q4 single-quarter net profit was 12.

    6 trillion, compared with 2 in the same period last year.


    Prior to 2019, net profit attributable to mothers increased by + 80% to 143 trillion, and performance was basically in line with expectations.

    The high growth of the company’s performance is mainly due to: 1) Profit contribution from tax preferential policies: Affected by tax preferential policies, new accounting policies apply to the settlement and settlement of income in 2018, and the impact on improving net profit (non-recurring profit and loss) is about 15.

    5.7 billion, driving substantial growth in profits; 2) Investment income continues to grow.

    In our judgment, the company may adjust the comprehensive premium in the debt assessment interest rate and continue to raise the reserve in advance (in the first three quarters, changes in the company’s accounting estimates led to a decrease in profit before tax 19).

    82 trillion, while the 750-day moving average interest rate rose during the same period, which is expected to be caused by the adjustment of the comprehensive premium), which will help ease the pressure on 2020 performance growth.

    We expect that the company’s investment side will perform better, which will also drive the previous internal value-added to maintain a rapid 杭州桑拿网 growth rate.

    At present, the company’s start is better, and it is expected that NBV growth will also improve in 2020.

    Affected by the pneumonia epidemic, agents and residents have reduced their outings. It is expected that the industry’s first quarter premiums and staffing will be curbed in the short term, but we believe that once the epidemic is over, the previously suppressed insurance demand will quickly recover.There has been a major improvement, and it is expected to promote the improvement of residents’ insurance awareness in the long run, which will benefit health insurance sales.

    In addition, the following favorable factors will also support the performance of the company’s decline: 1) The company’s agents will expand against the trend in 2019 (the company expects that the size of manpower will increase to 500,000 by the end of 2019), leading the industry, which will help new sales in 2020Performance; 2) The company clearly will increase the scale of premiums through expense expenditure, and new single premiums may achieve high growth at a low base; 3) It is recognized that it has stabilized, and the scope of demand for 2020 performance growth.

    At present, the company’s red premium performance is better, and the expected value growth will also improve.

    The company clarified the development goals for the second take-off, returned to the bancassurance channel to provide incremental increase in scale value.

    Starting from 2020, the company will increase the requirements for premium scale, market ranking, and coordinated development, and clarify its strategic goals as: the first echelon of stable scale, simultaneous growth in scale value, asset breakthroughs in trillions of platforms, and industrial synergy to play its role. In the future, it will achieve “1+2 + 1 “strategy (life insurance business as the main body, wealth management, health care services as the two wings, and technology empowerment as the driver).

    In the future, the company will change its strategy of compressing the bancassurance channel, which is often used for several years. It will sell partial wealth management products through the bancassurance channel to give full play to the advantages of synergy and drive the growth of premium scale.

    In addition, the company clarified the asset-liability linkage model, while expanding the scale of the liability side, while taking advantage of the investment side, looking for high-quality assets, improving investment efficiency, and maintaining resistance to business development.

    Investment advice: Affected by the epidemic, it is expected that the company’s policy sales in the first quarter of 2020 will be suppressed in the short term, but gradually the company’s NBV is expected to usher in improvement with the increase in the number of agents + relaxation of the cost policy.They are -12% and + 9%, respectively.

    At present, the company is estimated to be at a historical low, corresponding to only 0 in 2020PEV.

    65 times, risk and return are relatively high, maintain “Buy” rating.

    Risk reminders: 1) The spread of pneumonia epidemic exceeds expectations, causing new orders to be sold and manpower growth to be less than expected; 2) Long-term interest rates are falling rapidly; 3) Stock market growth is affecting investment returns.

  • Sleeping little tricks make you not fall in the winter

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    Sleeping little tricks make you not fall in the winter

    The winter weather is cold, and many of the body’s functions are relatively stiff, so it is easy to fall asleep when sleeping at night. One of my friends, Xiao Zhang, has often done this recently. The details are as follows: Xiao Zhang is a technician of a network company.

    In recent days, he always feels stiff and painful in the morning, and can’t move freely. If the action is a little bigger, even the arm will be dull. When he goes to the hospital for examination, it turns out to be a stiff neck.

      Recently, the number of people in the hospital who see the pillows like Xiao Zhang is increasing.

      This is because the winter climate is cold and the temperature is relatively high at night. People often expose their necks and shoulders after sleeping, causing blood pressure to contract in the shoulders, poor blood circulation, muscle blockage and stiff neck.

    Especially in the north, many families have heating, people are not paying attention to the warmth of the neck; in winter, people sleep relatively heavy, turning over and replacing, always maintaining a curved posture is also the cause of the stiff neck; people working at long-term desk, muscle musclesIn a state of tension, it is easy to strain, and if you don’t pay attention, the pillow will be found at the door; in addition, the height of the pillow will not cause the pillow.

      If you have a stiff neck, don’t lie on the bed first, let the muscles recover slowly, or use a towel to apply heat.

    However, if the pain is more than 24 hours or there are symptoms such as hand and foot numbness, it is best to go to the hospital in time, especially those who have repeated episodes, which may be due to regular stiff neck induced by cervical spondylosis.

      When sleeping in winter, in addition to covering the quilt, you can also wrap a towel around your neck, which can effectively prevent the neck and shoulder from being exposed to the wind.

    On the contrary, it is best to move the neck and shoulders frequently. The best way is to insert the hands into the brain and apply the force to the head and hands in the opposite direction. This will exercise the neck and shoulder muscles and reduce the chance of muscle contraction.

    The height of the pillow should be appropriate, and the height of the fist is about the height behind the neck, trying to keep the head, neck and shoulders at the same level.

      In winter, everyone must pay more attention to it, master the above daily exercise methods, so that you are not in the winter.

  • Men’s health away from 8 bad habits

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    Men’s health away from 8 bad habits

    Do you want to make yourself healthy as a man?

    Don’t deal with the following vices, although the double here is not all-encompassing, but it is really beneficial for you to maintain health and prevent self-harm.


    Tension: A 10-year study of 4,000 people in various occupations confirmed that blood pressure mainly comes from emotional tension.

    Experts believe: “When a person lives in stress all day, he is more susceptible to hypertension.

    “There are two main types of stress people experience: environmental and psychological.

    Developing good relationships can eliminate previous anxieties.

    Dealing with stress is wise thinking and biological feedback.

    Smart thinking can reduce tension and many sequelae, such as headaches, insomnia, and high blood pressure.


    Substance Abuse: Substance abuse refers to the improper and unjustified use of chemicals. The result is “suicide” and accidental poisoning.

    Among the statistical reasons for accidental poisoning, children swallowed chemicals the most.

    A bad trend is that many healthy people rely on pills to solve their various problems.


    Overeating: Overeating is the leading cause of obesity and is the cause of many diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.


    Excessive or chronic exercise: Moderate exercise is the consensus recommendation of many doctors.

    Some people don’t start exercising until they are 50 years old. Improper amount will cause some problems.

      Experts suggest that the best exercise is to wear comfortable shoes for a half-hour walk outdoors, then strengthen your muscles, speed up your heartbeat, and make your breathing smooth.

    Of course, without proper exercise, many diseases such as chronic diseases, shortness of breath, obesity, indigestion, headache, low back pain, anxiety, muscle weakness and atrophy will accelerate aging.


    Not paying attention to the sirens of the body: Some people often go to the hospital for a check because of a little discomfort, but some people wait until there is a major problem with the function before going to the hospital.

      You pay proper attention to the changes in stool and urination, incurable sore throat, unusual bleeding or constipation, lumps in any part, indigestion or difficulty swallowing, significant changes in tumors, constant coughing or hoarseness.

    Correctly keep in mind: The more the pain that makes you wonder what to do will hurt you more.


    Arbitrary interruption of treatment: subjective self-diagnosis will lead to two adverse consequences; underestimation and worsening of the condition.

    Someone may never see a disease once in their lifetime, and may be killed by a disease that can be cured.

    Looking at the various symptoms is a healthy play.

    Arbitrary discontinuation of medication often relapses.


    Inhalation of carcinogens: People absorb too many carcinogenic particles, which can cause latent cancer on sensitive lung tissue cells.

    The main example in this regard is polyvinylidene fluoride polymers.


    Excessive diets or vegetarian diets: All popular weight loss diets are potentially dangerous if they are used too long, as most diets and vegetarian diets reduce the amount of nutrients that should be included in the diet.

      Most of these polymers are broken down into fluorinated olefins after combustion, which is a substance that can cause cancer.

    Most plastic and rubber products in our home are used for this kind of thing.

      Carbon monoxide emitted by automobiles and heating products of petroleum ether have similar harms.

    This is why people living in cities have a higher cancer rate than those living in rural areas.

  • See how much money men worldwide make

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    See how much money men worldwide make

    It is said that the richness of a country is closely related to the income of the old men in the country . Then, let’s see how much brothers around the world make.

      In the UK → the average annual income of British men is about 379,860 yuan, and London is about 446,160 yuan.

    But whether you are in London or not, you should be happy to have a job: Although the official unemployed population is 1.65 million, of the working age population, 9.6 million are actually not employed.”Inactive population”.

      In Luxembourg → The best country in the world for men to live and work.

    The average annual income of Luxembourgers is about 716,685 yuan, and wages are linked to the retail price index (RPI).

    Therefore, if prices rise, so will wages and bonuses.

      In Andorra / Monaco → The two duchyes do not need the Ministry of Social Security at all.

    None of the 71,822 population in Andorra and the 32,671 population in Monaco are unemployed, and this is also the case only on Norfolk Island in the Pacific (population: 2114).

      In Bosnia and Herzegovina → Bosnia and Herzegovina is currently the country with the highest unemployment rate in Europe, reaching 45.


    This is mainly due to the serious racial discrimination that occurred in the country after the 1992-1995 civil war.

    First of all, this number is still falling.

    Back in 1994, the unemployment rate once reached a staggering 80%.

      In Zimbabwe → The good news: Official salaries are up 300%.

    The bad news: 80% of the domestic unemployed population and a hyperinflation rate of 3732%.

    A Zimbabwe dollar with a face value of 100,000 was born because 50,000 Zimbabwe dollars could not afford bread at all.

      In Malawi → Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, and locals earn about RMB 10 per day (equivalent to RMB 3375 per year).

    But because a bag of corn costs 105 yuan, many people still choose to go out and rush for gold, like saying to Zimbabwe.

    But this is not a good place.

      In Poland → Faced with the government’s minimum monthly wage of only 2,400 yuan and an unemployment rate as high as 15%, it is not surprising that 264,560 Poles moved to the UK.

    In Poland, a teacher’s monthly income is 3,000 yuan, while in the UK?

    Even small advertisements can earn 9,000 yuan a month.

      In Nauru → Although the world ‘s smallest independent republic has an advantageous geographical location, the male unemployment rate is as high as 90%, which is also the highest in the world.

      In Russia → After experiencing 8 consecutive years of economic growth, Russia’s unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest point in nearly 10 years6.

    6%, while Moscow surpassed Tokyo to become the most expensive city in the world.

    If you are one of Russia’s 33 billionaires, this should be good news; but if you only earn an average annual salary of 19,605 yuan, the news is not so good.

      In the United States → The average salary of American men is about 270,000 yuan per year, but in 2006, Apple CEO Steve.

    Steve Jobs received 4.9 billion yuan worth of stock investment, which also made him the highest paid person in the world that year, and the same year, Bill.

    Gates only accounted for 7,307,100 yuan.

      In China → Although high blood pressure may become the new super-economic power in the world, the wages of brothers are still very low at present: the hourly wage of manufacturing is about 4.

    35 yuan, animal husbandry is about 3 per hour.

    15 yuan, the textile industry is about 3 yuan per hour (equivalent to about 7800 yuan per year).

    In essence, the number of billionaires in China is second only to the United States.

  • Blindly adding complementary food to your baby can also cause stones

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    Blindly adding complementary food to your baby can also cause stones

    Since the melamine milk powder incident, many parents still have doubts about their baby’s replacement.

    Is it possible to get stones after eating milk powder?

    What causes babies with kidney stones?

    How to prevent it?

    Experts say that infants and young children within 6 months are still the best substitute for breast milk. If breast milk is not enough, it should be supplemented with milk powder close to breast milk formula to replace the baby’s rapid development needs.

    Excessive supplementary food will increase the burden of hypertension. However, some experts believe that the formation of urinary stones is related to natural environment, heredity, metabolic abnormalities, nutritional status, and dietary habits. Among them, improper supplementary food is one of the reasons.

    First of all, after 6 months, parents will face the problem of supplementary food supplementation.

    Many supplements on the market today have fortified nutrients, some added calcium, and others added zinc or iron.

    If the relationship between the added amount and the baby’s needs cannot be considered comprehensively, blind use may cause these minerals to be excessive, which will increase the burden of hypertension and increase the risk of kidney disease.

    Experts reminded that parents must have sufficient observational power to take care of their baby’s daily life, especially when abnormalities are found, they must not be taken lightly. If the baby has kidney stones, dysuria usually occurs, and crying very often every time he urinatesSevere, at the same time, the urine is cloudy, and even white precipitates may appear. Enuresis, fever, and even abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting may also occur.

    Once the above situation occurs, parents should take their child to the doctor immediately, through urine tests, renal function, ureter B-ultrasound and other tests, the first time to find and rule out the possibility of kidney stones, the sooner the discovery, the easier the treatment.

    Formula milk powder should not be too thick, and infant stones caused by improper use of formula milk are also common.

    It is understood that the formula on the market currently uses breast milk as a standard to comprehensively transform milk. By adding a variety of ingredients, it is transformed into artificial food that meets the digestion and absorption and nutritional needs of infants.

    But now there is a point of view, it seems that the more things added to the milk powder, the better, for example, taurine, sialic acid, carnitine and other nutrients.

    Experts believe that the scientific attitude should be whether an ingredient needs to be added to the formula, first of all, it must have theoretical support, and secondly, it must have clinical practice, and infants and young children within 6 months can still be the best.

    Experts say that some formulas have a higher nutrient content than breastmilk nutrients, but none of the nutrients in formula milk are used as well as breastmilk nutrients.

    In addition, as the baby’s kidneys mature at the age of two, if the content of protein, calcium and other minerals in the formula is too high, it is likely to overload the child’s kidneys.

    Therefore, a lot of experts believe that if uric acid, calcium salt kidney stones occur in infants, in addition to metabolic problems, you should also pay close attention to whether the content of various nutrients in the formula is reasonable.

    Parents also have some problems when taking formula milk to their infants. For example, a common problem is that they are too concentrated, or feeding milk and rice flour to infants and young children within 4 months, which may also lead to increased osmotic pressure and renal solute load.Causes increased burden on the child’s body and kidneys.

    The baby’s weaning period rises earlier than 4 months. The baby is replaced by pure breast milk, and the process of gradually transitioning to foods other than breast milk to meet all its nutritional needs is weaning. The weaning period is best started from the age of 6 months.Think earlier than 4 months.

    However, surveys have shown that there are approximately 41 in Croatia.

    7% of babies added complementary foods before 4 months of age, and 19% of babies added cereals before 4 months of age.

    “In the full moon, rice noodles, porridge and calcium tablets are added. Mothers are weaned prematurely because of short maternity leave or replaced with rice noodles, fruits instead of vegetables, dairy products, etc. These are the parents’ presence in adding complementary food to their babies.Misunderstanding.

    “Experts say that in the addition of complementary foods, you should choose fresh, natural, without adult condiments, low solute load, and should not ignore breast milk or dairy foods.

  • Netizens share a guide to healthy fattening

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    Netizens share a guide to healthy fattening

    1 conditioning the stomach is the most important, many thin people are big stomach king, but how to eat can not be fat, or skinny, or at most a belly fat, in fact, is not well absorbed, and manyIs the spleen function is not good, it is recommended to buy Jianpi pills to eat, that is a few dollars a bottle, according to the instructions for long-term consumption.

    After the meal, you can eat some enzyme tablets that help digestion. It is very cheap, and you can put a pack of money.

    The advantage of this is that it can help digestion and absorption.

    If not, go to the hospital to check the gastrointestinal function.

      2 diet staple food is mainly pasta, such as buns steamed buns, eat more red meat and protein high food, conditional to eat 4, 5 meals a day, of course, 3 meals, other can eat snacks, snacksWhat.

    Drink whole milk and honey.

    Eat and remember to chew slowly!

      3 sports don’t go to play basketball, play football, aerobics, or aerobics, which will only become more and more lean!

    It is recommended to do more anaerobic exercise, such as dumbbells, barbells, push-ups, etc.

      4 It is recommended to buy a bottle of protein powder (note that it must be whey protein instead of soy protein) to drink after exercise, or to drink before going to bed.

    This will provide the best and most efficient nutrition.

      5 Do not touch or touch alcohol and tobacco, especially less masturbation!

    Sleep is enough.

      Experts adhere to the above methods and can reach the standard weight every month!