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  • Biological Stock (600201): P3 Lab Consolidates Competitive Advantage, Meets Turning Point in 2020

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    Biological Stock (600201): P3 Lab Consolidates Competitive Advantage, Meets Turning Point in 2020

    Event On February 3, 2020, the company announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Jinyu Baoling Animal Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory received relevant approvals from the Ministry of Agriculture and agreed to its military-related experimental activities of highly pathogenic animal pathogenic microorganisms, including research on foot-and-mouth disease vaccineAnd efficacy evaluation tests (virus isolation and culture, identification, and animal infection experiments), conducting activities such as virus isolation and culture, identification, animal infection, and efficacy evaluation tests involved in African swine fever vaccine research.

    On January 21, 2020, the company issued a 2019 performance forecast.

    In 2019, the company realized net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies2.

    10 to 2.

    50 ‰, reducing 66 annually.

    86% -72.


    The company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in Q4 2019 was -0.

    38 to 0.

    02 million, a decrease of 97 per year.

    88% -152.


    Our analysis and judgments have significantly reduced the number of pigs in stock. The company’s sales scale The company’s main business is the research and development, production and sales of veterinary biological products. The product categories cover pig, poultry, anti-step series animal vaccines, and pig vaccines.Products and market-based businesses account for a relatively high proportion.

    Reported numbers, due to the impact of the African swine fever epidemic, domestic pig production has declined significantly.

    According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, from January to September 2019, the number of capable sow stocks has continued to decrease, and by the end of September, the number of capable sow stocks has decreased by 38.

    9%, since October the number of sows can reach the bottom and rebound.

    The hog inventory continued to decline from January to October, and the end of October the hog inventory exceeded the decrease by 41.

    4%, the number of pigs in November also stopped 南京夜网 falling and rebounded month-on-month.

    In the early stage, the expansion of downstream pig breeding industry production capacity affected the company’s sales of pig vaccines, and the company’s net profit attributable to mothers in 2019 was 2.

    10 to 2.

    50 ‰, reducing 66 annually.

    86% -72.


    The bottom of hog production capacity has resumed, and the competitive landscape has improved. In terms of performance of the leader, the hog inventory is expected to improve. According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, in December 2019, the national sow production capacity will increase by 2 compared to the previous month.

    2%, 3 months of chain growth has been achieved.

    The recovery of production capacity of large-scale farms has accelerated. In December, the number of live pigs and 杭州桑拿网 breeding sows in pig farms with an annual production volume of more than 5,000 pigs in the country increased from the previous month.

    7% and 3.

    4%, both increased for 4 consecutive months.

    In terms of hog prices, the average national hog price in January 2020 will be in the range of 34-36 yuan / kg. In 2020, we expect the hog price is expected to be around 28-30 yuan / kg, and about 18-20 yuan / kg is still obvious in 2019increase.

    The profitability of pig farming is better than in the historical year.

    The downstream production capacity is restored and the profit growth is increased, and the demand for high-quality vaccines will increase significantly, especially the large-scale farm capacity recovery is fast. For biological shares covering nearly 10,000 large-scale farms, vaccine sales will resume rapid growth.

    At the same time, the further decline in demand for swine vaccines in 2019 will also have a shuffle effect on the industry. Small and medium-sized enterprises with difficult business operations will be eliminated, and the market share and profitability of leading companies will continue to increase.

    The company’s research and development, leading technology in multiple dimensions, and rich categories, are optimistic about the long-term growth of biological shares. The research and development and technological advantages are leading the industry. The technology is at the forefront of the industry. The use of high-quality products in the foot-and-mouth disease market seedlings market share continues to remain the first;After the influenza vaccine field, the company’s core product structure has been further increased. In the future, the titer of products such as avian influenza vaccine will be optimized through existing mature technologies. At the same time, market-oriented sales channels will be strengthened. The market share of poultry seedlings is expected to advance steadily.Vaccine has become an important large single product; through the establishment of a joint venture with Kyoritsu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., pet vaccines have also entered the incubation period.

    The company still has a lot of room for improvement in the future and is optimistic about the company’s long-term growth.

    Recently, the Jinyu Baoling Animal Safety Third-Class Laboratory’s military highly pathogenic animal pathogenic microorganism experimental activities have been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, and the company has become the first domestic animal vaccine that can simultaneously carry out research and development related to foot-and-mouth disease vaccine and agricultural swine fever vaccine.enterprise.

    We believe that the obtaining of this approval will promote the company’s research and development capabilities, technological innovation and development, and the cooperation between industry, university and research, and will further promote the company’s core competitiveness and industry influence.

    Investment suggestion: We expect the company’s revenue to be 12 in 2019-2020.

    28, 15.23 ppm, an increase of -35 in ten years.

    53% and 24.

    55%; net profit attributable to mother is 2.

    32, 5.

    0.6 billion, an increase of -69.

    23%, 118.

    10%; corresponding PE is 101.

    3x and 46.

    4x, maintain “Buy” rating.

    Risk warning: industry competition intensifies; the swine fever epidemic affects the industry inventory to continue to deteriorate.

  • Depth-Company-TCL Group (000100): Focus on semiconductor display positioning technology industry group

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    Depth * Company * TCL Group (000100): Focus on the semiconductor display positioning technology industry group

    The company takes the technology industry group as its target and intends to focus on the semiconductor display and materials sectors through the sale of smart terminal business. The future growth space is large, and it will be covered for the first time.

    Key points to support rating Asset integration, positioning technology industry groups.

    The company is positioned as a technology industry group.In 2018, it announced its intention to sell the smart terminal business, focusing on the semiconductor display and materials business. At present, the major asset reorganization plan has been approved by the shareholders’ meeting.

    If the assets of the reorganized specimens are excluded, the company’s main financial indicators in 2018 will be improved to varying degrees: the asset-liability ratio is 68.

    4% dropped to 64.

    1%, net sales margin by 3.

    59% increased to 7.

    35%; personnel by 8.

    980,000 people 3.

    160,000 people, per capita net profit from 3.

    From 860,000 yuan to 9.

    960,000 yuan.

    From materials to modules, focus on semiconductor displays.

    After the asset reorganization is completed, the company’s semiconductor display and materials business will mainly include Huaxing Optoelectronics, Huaxian Optoelectronics, Guangdong Juhua, and Huarui Optoelectronics.

    Among them, R & D, production and sales of Huaxing Optoelectronics ‘main military semiconductor display panels, R & D, production and sales of Huaxian Optoelectronics’ main military small and medium-sized TFT-LCD / OLED display modules, Guangdong Juhua ‘s main military printing and flexible display key common technologiesResearch, Hua Rui Optoelectronics is mainly engaged in the development of new OLED key materials with independent IP.

    Large size TV panel is leading the field, and the advantages of small and medium size products continue 天津夜网 to increase.

    In the field of large size, in 2018, the subsidiary Huaxing Optoelectronics ranked fifth in the world in terms of placement of large-size LCD panels, and ranked second in the world in the replacement of 32-inch and 55-inch UD products; two.

    The 5th generation line t1 and t2 projects continue to maintain full production and sales. The 11th generation TFT-LCD and AMOLED new display device production lines are expected to reach full production by the end of 2019. The 11th generation ultra high-definition new display device production line has been in November 2018.Promotion and construction, mainly production and sales of 65-inch, 70-inch, 75-inch 8K ultra-high-definition display and AMOLED display and other products.

    In the small and medium size field, the 6th-generation LTPS-AMOLED flexible production line is expected to achieve mass production in 2019.

    Estimated expected company 2019?
    The EPS in 2021 is 0.

    30, 0.

    32, 0.

    35 yuan, the current expected corresponding PE is 11X, 11 X, 10X.

    Considering the company’s positioning as a technology industry group, it has a large space for growth and covers for the first time, giving it an “overweight” rating.

    The main risks faced by the rating are that the progress of asset restructuring is less than expected; the price of LCD panels continues to fall; the production line is less than expected.

  • 璞 泰来 (603659) Company Review: Look at the profitability of 璞 泰来 业务 ‘s business from the reply of convertible bonds

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    璞 泰来 (603659) Company Review: Look at the profitability of 璞 泰来 业务 ‘s business from the reply of convertible bonds

    Fund-raising projects: The single-line investment for carbonization transition is about 1/2 of half a year, and the single-line investment for replacement processing is about 12% of the base film.

    The single Gwh investment in the carbonization process at both ends is about 850 million / Gwh, without graphitization. The repetitive unit investment of carbonization is 20 million yuan / Gwh, which exceeds the single carbonization process.

    The unit investment amount for coating film processing is only 11.5 million yuan / Gwh, which accounts for about 12% of the base film absorption.

      The reorganized heavy asset operation inserted is equivalent to the unit asset investment invested, the length is terminated and replaced with a light asset operation, the base film + replaced single-line expenditure is about 1 ppm / Gwh, and the expanded single-line expenditure is 950-1200 million yuanGwh, there is not 杭州夜网论坛 much difference between the two.

    The permanent single-line expenditure including carbonized acetic acid is less than 30 million yuan / Gwh, and the expenditure is less than 10 million yuan / Gwh, and the assets occupation of the two is relatively small.

      Extreme business: Q1 gross profit margin was dragged down by cost-side growth. It is expected that graphitization will improve after mass production. Gross profit margin and cost conversion: The gross profit margin of Q1 in 19 was only 21.

    86%, a decrease of 12% in the previous 18 years. The significant decrease was due to a 13% increase in the cost side and a 4% decrease in the sales side. The raw materials and outsourcing in the first quarter of 19 were 2 respectively.

    1 million / ton with 2.

    5 million / ton, with an annual increase of 16% and 10%. At present, the revitalization of 4 inserted needle cokes has been put into production, and 5 has gradually increased the abundance of graphitization capacity. It has been mass-produced. It is expected that the re-gross margin will improve.

      Implantation restructuring and processing business: The company’s replacement membranes account for about 50% of the installed capacity in the Ningde era. In Q1 2019, it has replaced 100 million square meters, and it is expected that it will reach 400 million square meters in 2019.

    In 2016-2018, the sales volume of Metailai’s replacement membranes were 62.96 million square meters, 95.53 million square meters and 209.2 million square meters, respectively. The corresponding power battery was 3.

    1Gwh, 4.

    8Gwh, 10.

    5Gwh, since 璞 泰来 ‘s replacement film is mainly supplied to the Ningde era, it can be roughly converted into 璞 tailai’s share of the replacement film in the Ningde era is about 50%. It is the largest replacement film processing supplier in the Ningde era. The annual output film capacity is300 million square meters. It is estimated that the production capacity will reach 400-500 million square meters in 2019, which translates to about 400 million square meters.

      Membrane-incorporated revenue is expected to reach US $ 500 million, an increase of 57
    % and a net profit of US $ 100 million.

    In Q1 19, 100 million square meters of replacement membranes have been implanted, and the expansion of production capacity is expected to reach 4-5 billion square meters. Considering the gradual increase of market share in the downstream Ningde era, the company’s production capacity will remain high, and the expected expansion is expected to reach 400 million square meters. 19The annual Q1 unit price is 1.

    39 yuan / flat, expected at 1.

    25 yuan / flat, so 19 years of replacement membrane income of about 500 million US dollars, an increase of 57%.

    The gross profit margin of coated film in Q1 19 was 51.

    17%, the expected maximum net margin is expected to exceed 20%, is expected to contribute about 100 million US dollars in net profit.

      Order information: The lead time of the negative electrode is 1.

    5 months as of 2019.

    31. Polyamide is 5,000 tons on hand; doping is 1.

    6.5 billion flat, breaking the current monthly expansion of 0.

    500 million flats, usually according to the production schedule, rolling orders, covering the delivery cycle of the lithium battery equipment is based on sales order, there is no risk of inventory backlog, until Q1 2019, the amount of orders in hand is 8.

    73 ppm, lithium battery equipment Q1 gross margin is 28.

    99%, order coverage in hand 93% Construction in progress information: Inner Mongolia Xingfeng Phase I 5.

    5 Initial graphitization capacity was put into production in April, and supporting projects are still under construction, and it is expected to start production in 2020; Liyang Ziyan 2 is expected to start production in December 2019. The first production line of Liyang Yuequan has completed trial production, July 31The second production line is in the installation and commissioning stage, and it is expected to start production in December 2019.

      The company is a leader in artificial graphite anodes. It focuses on high-end routes and has a deep technical moat. While actively expanding production and supplementing production capacity, it plans to reduce graphitization and reduce costs, and enhance profitability. We expect the company’s operating income from 2019 to 2021 to be 50.

    6.4 billion, 65.

    6.3 billion, 83.

    110,000 yuan, an increase of 52 in ten years.

    93%, 29.

    62%, 26.

    63%, the estimated net profit attributable to mothers is 7, respectively.

    4.6 billion, 10.

    5.9 billion, 13.
    170,000 yuan, an increase of 25%, 42%, 24% in ten years, corresponding to a PE of 30.
    97X, 21.

    81X, 17.

    53X, bullish on the company’s development and maintain a “Buy” rating.

      Risk warning: Graphite production capacity climbs less than expected; raw material prices fluctuate sharply;

  • Funeng shares (600483) quarterly comment: Q3 results increased by 47 in half a year.51% of new projects will further improve the company’s performance

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    Funeng shares (600483) quarterly comment: Q3 results increased by 47 in half a year.51% of new projects will further improve the company’s performance
    The event company released the 2019 third quarter report, with operating income of 74 in the first three quarters.07 million, an increase of 13 every year.66%; net profit attributable to mother 9.82 ppm, an increase of 33 per year.23%; net 深圳桑拿网 profit of non-attributed mothers 8.64 ppm, an increase of 18 per year.35%; basic return 0.63 yuan / share, an increase of 31 each year.25%.Among them, Q3 company’s operating income is 29.62 ppm, an increase of 10 per year.51%; net profit attributable to mother 4.880,000 yuan, an increase of 47 per year.51%, the growth rate is further improved than Q1, Q2 (Q1, Q2 is close to 0.3%, 44.61%). Since the beginning of this year, the company’s gross sales margin has gradually increased, with Q1, Q2 and Q3 being 14 respectively.73%, 19.68%, 23.06%.In addition to the increase in gross profit in Q3, the company’s asset disposal income was zero.98 yuan. Comment Q3 Dingyanshan wind farm put into operation, the company’s wind power generation increased by 49% every September 2019, Dingyanshan wind farm put into operation, the project construction scale is 4.80,000 kilowatts, the main construction content is 24 2MW-class wind turbines; after the project is put into operation, the average annual on-grid power of the wind farm is about 151.3 million kilowatt hours, and the average annual power generation sales income is about 7,888.780,000 yuan (excluding tax). After Dingyanshan Wind Farm was put into operation, the company’s wind power installed capacity further increased, coupled with changes in wind conditions, Q3 Funeng New Energy’s wind power generation4.At 5.1 billion, there is an increase of 49% every year.After the Dingyanshan project was put into operation, the onshore wind power project held by the company holding the remaining Putian Panzhai project was not fully put into operation. The conversion of the company’s holding under construction also includes the offshore wind power projects in Shicheng and F. After the new project is put into operation, the company’s performanceIt is expected to improve further. The increase in thermal power generation and the decline in thermal coal prices have led to a growth in gross profit margin. Among the coal-fired units currently in operation, the company’s Q3 power generation has the largest installed capacity.2.1 billion kilowatt-hours, a year-on-year decrease of 1%, but the growth rate of power generation in Q1 is still considerable due to the substantial increase in the generation of Q1.6%.China Resources Liuzhi Power Plant’s power generation increased three times in the first three quarters.7% in the third quarter increased by 39% quarterly.In addition, since 2019, the market price of thermal coal has continued to decline steadily, driving the company’s gross profit margin to improve. It is planned to increase the purchase of 10% equity of Ningde Nuclear Power, which will increase the company’s investment income. The company announced that it will issue an additional purchase of 10% equity of Ningde Nuclear Power held by Funeng Group at a price increase of 7.59 yuan / share.Ningde Nuclear Power’s 2018 net profit was 2.2 billion yuan, and 2019Q1 net profit4.5.6 billion.This acquisition will increase the company’s investment income. Profit forecast: Q3’s power generation and performance exceeded expectations, driving the first three quarters of 合肥夜网 results to improve. We expect the company’s Q4 results to continue to grow, so we raise our profit forecast for the company and return net profit to 11 from 2019 to 2020.66, 14.39 trillion increased to 12.96, 15.530,000 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk reminder: the slow progress of project commissioning, the reduction of electricity prices, the decline of the macro economy, the risk that restructuring may be suspended, suspended or cancelled

  • Pepper leaves are also a good calcium supplement

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    Pepper leaves are also a good calcium supplement

    We all know that drinking milk is the top choice for calcium supplementation, but since the “poisoned milk powder” incident, many people talk about milk color change.

    In addition to calcium supplements and other medicines, Korean plants have recently started to supplement the calcium supplementation of natural plants, and the use of pepper leaves and perilla leaves to make calcium is the latest choice.

      In South Korea, it is a habit to eat barbecued meat. It is necessary to use fresh vegetable leaves to wrap the cooked fresh meat to help greasy and add vitamins.

    Nowadays, basically every rotisserie is equipped with perilla leaves and pepper leaves. Many Korean families also bring their own two kinds of vegetable leaves to eat at home.

      Why are the perilla leaves and pepper leaves sought after by Koreans?

    Many people think that only some fiber and vitamins are added to vegetables, which has nothing to do with bone health.

    In fact, these two vegetables even contain a large amount of trace elements required by the human body, which reduces the loss of calcium and itself contains a large amount of calcium.

      Studies have shown that the calcium content of pepper leaves is 233 mg (per 100 g), the calcium content of perilla leaves is 325 mg, and the calcium content of “high calcium milk” is only 118 mg, so it seemsThe calcium slag contained in each of the pepper leaves and the perilla leaves is much higher than the “high calcium milk”.

    In addition, green leafy vegetables are mostly medium sources of calcium, such as celery, canola, carrots, radish, sesame, coriander, snow red, black fungus, mushrooms, etc., are calcium vegetables that can not be ignored.

      In addition, when eating these calcium-reinforcing plants, it is best to eat freshly to reduce calcium consumption, and to add more water when cooking, the time should be short, and the cut vegetables should not be too broken.

    Many Korean rotisseries in the country can now eat basil leaves, and large supermarkets are also available.

    Tips: There are several ways to eat pepper leaves or basil leaves: cold salad: simmer with boiling water, then add in cold water, add ginger, salt, MSG, vinegar, no need to add pepper; soup:150 grams of fresh pepper leaves and 2 eggs.

    First use the cooking oil to fry the egg, add the appropriate amount of water, boil and then add the pepper leaves to cook, and finally add salt to taste; Pancake: mix the batter with pepper leaves (slightly chopped), add some salt, use fineFried crisps can be eaten directly.

    In addition, the pepper leaves can also be fried, fried pork and so on.

    If you put the pepper leaves in the chicken soup, pork liver soup, fish soup.

    It tastes delicious and smooth, but it doesn’t add flavor.

  • Moisturizing and whitening essential for autumn skin care

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    Moisturizing and whitening essential for autumn skin care

    Guide: Skin is the most important factor for radiance. I recommend a weekly skin plan for autumn skin care.

    No matter what style you dress up, you can do whatever you want.

    Autumn skin care starts with proper face washing, pay attention to deep cleansing, and then pay attention to moisturizing and whitening. In addition to various types of whitening masks, essence is also a good choice for autumn skin care, which can meet the nutritional needs of the skin.

      Deep cleansing: You must choose an acidic cleansing cream to properly wash dry skin care, so that it is closer to the skin’s original acid and alkali environment, and will not cause more serious dryness and roughness.

    After washing your face, you need a hot tub of hot water to allow the rising steam to float evenly across every inch of the skin, and then cover the body with a hot towel for about 10-15 minutes. This can make the skin pores smooth. This method is especially suitableOily skin.

      Soothing decompression: apply ice milk to your eyes. If you have dark circles, you can pour ice milk onto gauze and gently apply it to your eyes for about 10 minutes. Apply it every hour to eliminate eye bags and relieve eye fatigue.This can also reduce eye wrinkles, and cold salt water and drunk tea can also play the same role.

      Deep moisturizing: Moisturizing the egg yolk milk mask is the theme of skin care. As long as the skin is too hydrated, almost all skin problems can be solved.

    Autumn skin care can choose a natural mask.

    Use an egg yolk, add a piece of honey and stir well. After washing the face with warm water, apply it on the face for about ten minutes. After the mask is completely dry, wash it with warm water, and then use lotion, moisturizer, and skin to feel it.Will be soft and tender.

      Whitening: In addition to all kinds of whitening masks, the essence is also a good choice for skin care. After cleaning the face with a mild facial cleanser, massage the essence evenly with fingertips until absorbed.

      Moisturizing mask: Moisturizing oil is the best condition of the skin in the morning. If you take good care of your skin early in the morning, the skin will naturally become more healthy and shiny.

    Therefore, you can make an olive oil mask for skin care: heat the olive oil to about 37 degrees, add an appropriate amount of honey, and then dip the gauze in the oil to cover the skin and remove it after 20 minutes.

    Those with very dry skin on their hands are particularly effective.

      Emergency measures One day you may have entertainment, drinking coffee, alcohol, strong tea, etc., the crowd will be excited to varying degrees, causing insufficient sleep, which will seriously affect the quality of skin care.

    You should bring a handkerchief with you. When you go to the bathroom, use a wet handkerchief on your neck, cheeks, and eyes for a short time, which can effectively eliminate tiredness and revitalize your spirit.

      Message from the editor: If you can follow the above skin care methods in autumn, then your skin will definitely change in this fall!

  • Why do women have strange psychology in love

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    Why do women have strange psychology in love

    In the life of men and women in love, many people will have the feeling that there are always some strange psychological appearances, and even some strange behaviors in love are always elusive, especially those who are inDo you know that there are always strange psychology in women in relationship?

    So for women, is the psychology in these relationships good or bad?

    Let’s take a look at the analysis of psychologists to let us know more about women’s hearts!


    Women like to use false intentions to transfer sincere women. When in love, they often want their boyfriend to say: “Dear”, “I am lonely without you with me”, “I can never leave you” and other sweet words.

    However, men rarely know this.

      Because of this, girls will consciously be friendly and affectionate with other men in front of their boyfriends in an attempt to stir up the boyfriend’s jealousy in order to test her boyfriend’s sincerity, but in reality they often backfire.

    Because most men believe that this “empathy” for women and take the initiative to quit love, which leads to the end of the beautiful relationship between the two sides.


    Women are often uncontrollable and jealous. Women are very sensitive to people and things around them, especially in love. She constantly compares herself with others, always worrying that her value will not be recognized by the other party., So there is terrible jealousy, sometimes sometimes you ca n’t get relief.

    Being jealous is harmful. It harms others and affects your physical health.


    Women often have weird sadistic psychology. Women in love have a sense of sadism. For example, when dating a lover, they will deliberately be late or deliberately refuse to make an appointment, which will make the long-awaited lover anxious and irritable, Doubt, worry, and even pain tormented to get the joy of her boyfriend paying for her pain.

      In love, this slight occasional “sad treatment” is also an undeniable “preparation”, just like hot pepper sauce, the right amount of hot sauce can make the appetizers, but often, excessive sadism is a perverted psychologyIs absolutely undesirable.


    Women like to say irony, and often use “not” to indicate “yes”. Women’s methods of expressing their desires during love are generally more subtle, euphemistic, and sometimes reverse.

    When she says “no”, she is always “good and willing”.

    For example, when asking his girlfriend to watch a movie, his boyfriend is going to buy a ticket. The girlfriend said no, the boyfriend would not go, and wait for his girlfriend to buy, then this movie must not be seen.

      Therefore, in the love life of girls, what we need to know is how to control their lives. Women are direct to their emotions. Once a woman closes her emotional life, they will become sensitive. If you want to make youLove life can not afford to wave, then we must pay attention to these love behaviors of women!

  • Athlete’s foot must not be scratched and wary of severe complications

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    Athlete’s foot must not be scratched and wary of severe complications

    Athlete’s foot is an infectious foot skin disease caused by fungi.

    In the early stage of its onset, pathogenic bacteria (such as mold, Trichophyton rubrum, etc.) usually invade the skin between the toes of the patient, causing blisters, peeling or whitening, and wetness in the local skin.Patients often scratch the affected area manually.

      This scratching often damages the skin of the affected area, causing local skin cracking, purulence, pain, erosion, and subsequently spreading pathogenic bacteria to the soles of the feet, insteps, and even other parts of the body, causing ringworm, tinea pedis, and onychomycosis.
    , Body ringworm, jock itch and other diseases.

      Because tinea pedis is common and most patients with tinea pedis do not experience serious complications, people often dismiss tinea pedis.

    But these tinea pedis patients may not know. If tinea pedis is not treated in time, it will cause some acute sudden death, pain to the body, and even threaten life.

    So, what kind of acute inflammation can athlete’s foot cause?

      1. Acute lymphangitis When the skin of the patient’s athlete’s foot has overlapped, eroded, blistered or purulent symptoms, it is easy to secondary bacterial infection, causing acute lymphangitis.

    Acute lymphangitis is an acute inflammation caused by pathogenic bacteria invading the lymphatic vessels from damaged skin.

    The disease is more common in the calf structure.

    At the beginning of the onset, red, swollen, hot, and painful symptoms may appear at the lesion of athlete’s foot.

    The subcutaneous lymphatic vessels can be divided into deep and superficial layers.

    Subcutaneous superficial acute lymphadenitis is also called red line rash. When the disease occurs, red lines can appear on the surface of the patient’s local area. The lines have mild tenderness. When the lines expand, they will develop from the bottom to the groin, causing rapidInguinal lymph nodes are swollen and tender.

    The thicker red line indicates that the condition is serious. If it is not treated in time, it may cause the affected lymph nodes to become purulent and ulcerated.

    If deep subcutaneous acute lymphangitis is relieved, there will be no red lines on the surface of the local area, and there may only be strip-shaped tender areas.

    In addition, patients with acute lymphangitis often have symptoms of chills, fever, loss of appetite, and general weakness.

      2. Acute cellulitis This disease generally occurs in the lesions of athlete’s foot.

    Because the skin at the lesion is relatively loose, antibiotics can easily spread around and cause acute diffuse purulent complications, sometimes even spreading under the fascia or even deep muscle tissue.

    The affected area of the patient generally has obvious redness, swelling, heat, and pain, and the skin lesion is dark red, and the boundary with the surrounding tissue is unclear.

    When the local area is shallow and the local tissue is relatively loose, the swelling in the local area will be more obvious but the pain will be lighter; when the local area is deep and the local tissue is dense, the swelling in the local area is not obvious and the pain is very serious.

    These patients are often accompanied by chills, fever, and fatigue.

    If the patient is treated quickly, the disease can quickly worsen, leading to localized purulence or local hemorrhagic necrosis, and can even cause sepsis and endanger the patient’s life.

      3.Erysipelas When the patient with tinea pedis is infected with type B hemolytic streptococcus, this pathogen can easily invade the medium or small lymphatic vessels through the skin of the tinea pedis, causing acute skin and reticular lymphatics.Incitement, that is, erysipelas.

    The incidence of this disease is relatively rapid. At the beginning, it often occurs on the feet of patients with tinea complication of the feet. Redness, swelling, burning and painful rash appear on the calf, and then the rash begins to harden, forming hot patches.The surrounding area spread into large scarlet patches.

    These plaques are clearly demarcated from normal skin, fade, and are tender.

    Some patients may have blisters or bullae with serous or purulent discharge at the rash.

    In addition, patients with this disease are often accompanied by symptoms such as high fever, chills, headaches, joint aches, and general malaise.

    If the disease is not completely treated, it often recurs. If the disease is prolonged, it may cause lymphatic stasis of the skin and stasis of lymph fluid, resulting in thickening and thickening of the skin and even secondary elephantiasis.

      Although the above-mentioned acute skin arthritis can also occur on their own, those patients who have athlete’s foot and timely treatment are often more likely to develop these diseases.

    Therefore, the treatment of athlete’s foot must be actively treated.

    Especially when complications caused by athlete’s foot are not to be taken lightly.

    Of course, athlete’s foot is often difficult to cure, so active prevention is the key.

    People should pay special attention to the hygiene of their feet, change shoes and socks frequently, insist on washing their feet every day, and keep local dry and ventilated, especially in summer. Do not wear heavy shoes and socks.

    If you suffer from athlete’s foot, you must not scratch it with your hands. You should change the appropriate medicine under the guidance of a doctor, such as daconin ointment, clotrimazole cream, and foot ring powder.

    When patients with athlete’s foot have the above symptoms, they must go to the hospital immediately to avoid serious consequences.

  • Although Qigong is good, some people are not suitable.

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    Although Qigong is good, some people are not suitable.

    Although qigong is a good method of physical exercise, there are often a few people in practice who have deviations during the practice.

    In addition to improper practice methods, it is also related to the psychological quality and personality defects of the practitioners before practicing.

    In other words, some people are not suitable for practicing qigong.


    People with defective personal qualities: excessive care about their health, sensitive and suspicious, unsociable, easy to be excited, usually introverted, cautious, or sticking to their own opinions, people who love the horns are easy to accept hints and self-suggestion.It is easy for people to practice deviations.


    For those who practice three or four, they must carefully compare and choose the appropriate exercises.

    Once you are sure, you must practice hard. You can’t practice multiple exercises at the same time. You can’t practice one today and practice one tomorrow.

    Several exercises affect each other, or exchange for it, making it unpredictable.

    Not only will it affect the effect of the exercise, but it will also cause chaos and deviation.


    People with mental disorders: those who have appeared, or who still have consciousness disorders from time to time, are not suitable for middle-aged and elderly people in depression or dementia.

    After the practice is completed, the mental disorder in the body is easily stimulated, and an excitatory foci is formed in the cerebral cortex, causing the practitioner to have mental abnormalities.


    People with potential psychotic factors: those who have had mental illness among immediate family members, or practitioners who have suffered from this type of schizophrenia, rickets, manic depression, or have a suggestive personality”The high, generally not suitable for practicing Qigong.

    People with such mental qualities are most likely to induce mental disorders when practicing.

    Even if the illness has recovered, the practice is likely to be biased again.


    Long-term psychological over-repression: In the static state of practicing, due to the release of internal inhibition, prone to emotional agitation, individual patients are also prone to cognitive, emotional, volitional behavior disorders, leading to mental disorders.


    Usually affected by superstition is too deep: usually too superstitious, or too deeply influenced by cults, or excessive obsessed with qigong.

    Such people are easy to mysteriously qigong, easy to accept speech, and suggestive of behavior. They often use a so-called “qigong master” as a god, and they are regarded as idols that cannot be suspected.

    Such a person is not only easy to induce mental disorders in the practice, but also has deviations, and often has an obsessive effect on the adverse consequences, and it is difficult to deviate from the deviation.

  • The old man has no reason to lose weight and suffer from hyperthyroidism

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    The old man has no reason to lose weight and suffer from hyperthyroidism

    As the saying goes, “It is difficult to buy old and thin”, but the 67-year-old mother-in-law has lost 14 kilograms in the past six months, but she has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in the hospital.

      From May 25th to 31st, it is the first “International Thyroid Week” launched by the International Thyroid Alliance worldwide.

    Statistics show that more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from thyroid disease, but about half of them are unaware of their condition.

    Among adolescents, awareness of thyroid health is reduced, thyroid disease awareness is increased by 10%, treatment complications are 6%, and correct treatment rates are only about 3%.

      Xu Yuhui, director of the Department of Endocrinology at Xinqiao Hospital, said that thyroid diseases include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, etc., which are more common in women.

    Early and milder patients with hyperthyroidism, symptoms resemble cardiovascular disease and gastrointestinal disease, and the symptoms are more concealed, easy to miss diagnosis and misdiagnosis; hypothyroidism is often mistaken for pregnancy, menopause or depression,If not treated promptly, it can lead to atherosclerosis, heart disease and even coma.

      Xu Yuhui reminded that the elderly have no obvious cause of weight loss, accompanied by cardiovascular symptoms such as shortness of breath, or increased stool frequency, leading to thickening or lumps, should go to the hospital for thyroid function tests.