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  • Leverage the capital market to allow more companies to obtain equity financing opportunities

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    Leverage the capital market to allow more companies to obtain equity financing opportunities

    Experts said that the capital market is the main channel for direct financing, with optimized resource allocation and low financing costs. Source: Securities Daily reporter Meng Ke Since the beginning of this year, the comprehensive deepening reform of the capital market has been steadily advancing.Proportion of direct financing, and propose specific measures.

    On November 25th, the People’s Bank of China issued the Financial Stability Report (2019), which proposed to optimize the financing structure and financial institution system, market system, and product system to further increase the adaptability and scale of financial supply to the real economy.

      In an interview with the Securities Daily, Chen Li, director of the Sichuan Financial Securities Research Institute, said that although the current trend of optimizing the financing structure has emerged, credit financing with the banking system at the core is still trying to replace it.

    The capital market is the main channel for direct financing. Indirect financing has advantages such as optimized resource allocation, complete information disclosure, and supplementary financing costs. It can effectively avoid the accumulation of risks in the banking system and bring investment income to market investors.It is an important means for financial support to the real economy.

      Chen Li also said that the financing means in the form of measurement indicators, the burden of equity financing costs on the 武汉夜网论坛 profitability of the enterprise is relatively relative; at the same time, thanks to the risk balance of the shareholders’ meeting, the company’s own operating risks can be effectively reduced.

      Suning Financial Institute’s special scientist He Nanye told the Securities Daily reporter that the current financing structure, the equity and debt rights show a 28 structure, bank loans, bond financing and other debt financing account for a high proportion, while equity financing accounts for a relatively low proportion, soThe burden of corporate debt burden is not high.

    Therefore, through the capital market, by increasing IPO, refinancing, mergers and acquisitions, and other business dynamism, companies can obtain more equity financing, which can meet the funds required for development, reduce the company’s asset-liability ratio, reduce financial burden, and optimizeCorporate governance institutions, the introduction of external strategic investors, resource synergies, and accelerated company development.

      Data show that in the first 10 months of this year, a total of 143 companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen completed IPOs, raising a total of US $ 162.4 billion; listed companies refinancing US $ 839.4 billion; the market-wide M & A and restructuring transaction amount1.

    42 trillion yuan; various types of bonds issued by the exchange market6.

    16 trillion yuan, including corporate bonds 2.

    59 trillion, all exceeded the level of last year.

      ”Capital market reforms have been the main driver of the accelerated pace of IPOs this year.

    Chen Li believes that the pace of reform of the capital market has accelerated significantly since this year, and the direction of reform is focused on the basic system.

    In terms of incremental reforms, the Science and Technology Innovation Board has landed quickly and steadily. While giving priority to strategic emerging industries, it also provides an effective substitute for the reform of the basic system of the capital market and promotes the reform from incremental to stock.

    Judging from the current pilot innovation system of the Science and Technology Innovation Board, the IPO registration system can effectively alleviate the situation of the “dam lake” of the IPO, and the strict delisting system can effectively improve the quality of listed companies in the market and promote the advantages and disadvantages.

    Therefore, the quality of listed companies generally improves, and the steady and accelerated pace of IPOs will be the general trend of the future development of the long-term capital market.

      Talking about the later IPO review will be improved from some aspects?

    In the view of He Nanye, the first is to further improve the queuing quality of the proposed IPO company, strengthen financial verification, and make non-compliant problem companies consciously withdraw from the sequencing sequence, reduce future review pressures from the source, and improve audit efficiency.

    The second is to “grasp the big and let go of the small” during specific audits, and strictly audit corporate performance and finances, increase tolerance for other issues that do not affect the essence of corporate development, and increase the number of incremental listed companies.

      Chen Li said that registration production is an international practice, with information disclosure as the center, marketization as the main means, and the rule of law environment as an important substitute, so it has also become a symbol of the maturity of the capital market and even the financial system.

  • Longjing Environmental Protection (600388): Performance meets expectations Multiple developments make substantial progress

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    Longjing Environmental Protection (600388): Performance meets expectations Multiple developments make substantial progress
    The performance is in line with expectations and is optimistic about the company’s future development potential. According to the company’s performance report, the company’s operating income / net profit attributable to mothers / net profit attributable to non-parents will be 110 in 2019.8/8.8/7.0 billion, +17 a year.9% / + 9.5% /-1.0%, revenue, net profit hit a new high, and performance was in line with expectations.We maintain our forecast for 20-21 years and expect net profit attributable to mothers in 19-21.8/10.0/11.200 million (previous value was 8.9/10.0/11.200 million), corresponding to EPS 0.82/0.93/1.05 yuan (previous value was 0.83/0.93/1.05 yuan), given 20-year target P / E14-16x, corresponding to a target price of 13.02-14.88 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating. Revenue and net profit reached a new high, and the performance is in line with expectations. In 2019, the company will realize revenue / net profit attributable to mothers / net non-attribution to profit at 110.8/8.8/7.0 billion, +17 a year.9% / + 9.5% /-1.0%, benefiting from the steady advancement of orders in hand, the company’s performance has gradually improved, and the company’s operating profit margin / net margin in 2019 were 9 respectively.4% / 7.9% every year -0.7 / -0.6pct, we think it may be due to higher expense ratio during the period.In addition, the investment income and government subsidies generated by the company’s sale of its subsidiary Longyanxi handle power plant total 1.8 ‰, one year +93.6%. There are sufficient non-electricity projects in hand, and we are optimistic about the future performance. The “Three-year Action Plan to Win the Blue Sky Defense War” was issued in June 18, and the ultra-low-emissions transformation in the non-electrical sector welcomes the favorable policies.8.The report “Orders exceeded expectations, and non-electric faucets set sail again” issued by 30 proposed that it is assumed that the non-electric industry in the country will meet special emission targets in the next five years, and the demand for non-electric atmospheric treatment will exceed 100 billion.As the leader in the field of atmospheric governance, the company has enhanced its technical strength and achieved coverage from non-electrical fields such as traditional thermal power to emerging coking, carbon, and industrial exhaust gas treatment.The company added 148 contracts in 2019.400 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 14%, the proportion of non-electricity orders on hand continued to increase (57% in 19Q3 and 53% in 19H1), and it is expected to make full use of the non-electricity market volume in the future. Substantial progress in non-gas environmental protection business According to the company’s announcement, the company acquired Dechang Environmental 99 in cash.28% shares (according to the company’s third quarter report, the acquisition has been completed), won the Liushi waste incineration power generation project in Yueqing City (capacity 800 tons / day, put into operation in 2009), Pinghu Ecological Energy PPP project (the first phase of waste incineration capacity1000 tons per day, expected to be put into operation in 2020), formally entered the waste incineration power generation operation field, and further improved the layout of the entire industrial chain of ecological and environmental protection.According to us in 2020.2.According to the calculations in “Push-up in 2020, Double-click on Waste Incineration to Meet Davis” released by 7, the size of the waste incineration operation market in 2019-21 will reach US $ 283.5 / 41.5 billion, with a CAGR of 23% in three years.Trend, we are optimistic about the diversified business layout and continue to promote the company to become 四川耍耍网 bigger and stronger. Continue to be optimistic about the company’s prospects and maintain a “Buy” rating. We believe that the performance in 2019 is in line with expectations. We expect that the demand for non-electricity and atmospheric governance will increase rapidly in the future.8/10.0/11.200 million (previous value was 8.9/10.0/11.200 million), corresponding to EPS 0.82/0.93/1.05 yuan (previous value was 0.83/0.93/1.05 yuan), referring to the 20-year average P / E of comparable companies 15x, given a 20-year target P / E14-16x, corresponding to a target price of 13.02-14.88 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: The project progress exceeds expectations and the gross profit margin decreases.

  • Top Group (601689): High expansion merger industry under pressure to consolidate profit, optimistic about medium and long-term lightweight heavy volume

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    Top Group (601689): High expansion merger industry under pressure to consolidate profit, optimistic about medium and long-term lightweight heavy volume

    Key points of the report Description of the event Top 深圳桑拿网 Group issued an interim report, the company achieved operating income24.

    38 ‰, 20 years ago.

    7%, net profit attributable to parent company is 2.

    11 trillion, down 51 a year.


    Among them, the company achieved operating income in the second quarter11.

    93 ppm, with a ten-year average of 24.

    4%, net profit attributable to parent company is 0.

    97 ppm, with a ten-year average of 59.


    Incident review Affected by the production cuts in the five countries and six countries of the customer, the company’s revenue in the second quarter increased.

    In the first half of the year, the company ‘s major customers, Geely Automobile and SAIC-GM, respectively produced 59.

    8 and 81.

    50,000 units, with a ten-year average of 16.

    5% and 14.

    0%; the output in the second quarter was 25.

    7 and 39.

    100,000 units, with a ten-year average of 31.

    7% and 13.


    The switch from National V to National V caused industry-wide production cuts, and the company’s revenue decline in the second quarter expanded.

    In terms of products, shock absorbers are well-balanced at home and abroad, once every 15 years.

    3%; the chassis system benefits from new customers and models being put into production, which is extended by 15 per year.

    5%; internal and external decorative features and smart brake systems are more affected by Geely, every 34 years old.

    3% and 31.


    The company’s budget remained high, increasing depreciation and increasing revenue, which led to changes in the increase in net profit.

    The company’s gross profit margin for the first half of the year was 26.

    0%, falling by 2 every year.


    The first is that the new base put into operation brings more depreciation, and increases the industry and customer output, resulting in a cumulative decline in the company’s production capacity and eroding some of the gross profit.

    The company turned solid in the second quarter 7.

    30,000 yuan, it is estimated that fixed assets increased by 14 in the same period last year.

    600 million, depreciation and amortization accounted for 4 from the same period last year.

    7% increased to 7.

    1%, up 2.

    34 points.

    Four fees accounted for 15.80%, up 3.

    2pct; of which R & D investment continues to be high, accounting for 6.

    3%, an increase of 1.

    7 points; management fee increased by 1 due to the impact of employee compensation and rising depreciation.

    3 points.

    The company’s net operating cash flow was 5.

    4.8 billion, a significant improvement.

    In the second quarter, accounts receivable and inventory turnover increased significantly from the previous quarter.

    In the second half of the year, the wholesale industry improved and the company’s new orders were released, resulting in improved performance.

    The industry’s switching from country five to country six has been basically completed, and the overall overall inventory is expected to be gradually improved in the third and fourth quarters.

    The release of new orders for the company’s lightweight products will provide new increments. The upgrade of the absorption and emission of electronic vacuum booster pumps is also expected to increase sales. The rebound in revenue will bring improved profit.

    南宁桑拿 Long-term optimistic about the company to build a domestic integrated parts supplier around the chassis system.

    The value of the new energy chassis system bicycles exceeds 6,000 yuan, and the chassis system will become the company’s new growth driver.

    Considering that the industry’s economy is worse than expected, the company’s profit in 2019, 2020 and 2021 will be lowered to 4.

    52 billion, 7.

    31 and 9.

    01 billion, corresponding to PE 24.

    6X, 15.

    2X, 12.

    3 times.

    Risk Warning: 1.

    Industry boom is worse than expected; 2.

    The company’s maximum production capacity rebounded less than expected.

  • China Film (600977): All business lines develop steadily. Leading uniform in the film industry.

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    China Film (600977): All business lines develop steadily. Leading uniform in the film industry.

    Guide to this report: The company’s first half of 2019’s performance is in line with expectations. The production, distribution, screening and equipment businesses have steadily advanced, each with its own highlights. Looking at the overall integration of the company’s film and television industry chain, it is expected to become a promoter and integrator of the domestic film industryAnd leader.

      Investment Highlights: Maintain target price of 16.

    71 yuan, maintaining the overweight level.

    The performance of the company in 2019H1 is in line with expectations. The business of all sectors of the film industry chain continues to solidify its industry position relying on its own advantages to maintain EPS0 in 2019-2021.



    93 yuan, maintaining a target price of 16.

    71 yuan, increase the level.

    Event: The company announced revenue for 2019H148.

    400 million, previously +4.

    81%; realized net profit attributable to mother 6.

    8.2 billion, previously +2.

    25%, to achieve operating net cash flow17.

    6 trillion, ten years +29.


    The performance exceeded expectations, and the overall business was steadily advancing, with bright spots in all segments.

    In the content production business, 2019H1 companies participated / participated in 9 films and achieved box office 57.

    600 million, of which “Wandering Earth” 46.

    6 billion columns of national film history. Second, the production of drama animation and other film production has developed steadily. The film and television projects such as “Hanging the Yangtze River” and “Fengtian Hotel” in 2019H2 have abundant reserves; in the distribution business, they are committed to / participating in the release of 292 domestic films.Box office 80.

    100 million, accounting for 55 domestic box office in H1 2019.

    2%, an increase of 23 per year.

    3%, issued 80 imported films, 85 box office.

    100 million, accounting for 59 at the box office.

    6%, which is the same every year. The top ten box 西安耍耍网 office films such as “Wandering Earth”, “Tang Tan 2” and “Fulian 4” put the company’s transformation / participation in the release, and the ability to acquire ownership resources and the ability to distribute business continued to be verified.The line total covers 1.

    750,000 screens with a market share of 26.

    95%, 7 new cinemas will be opened in 2019H1, and a total of 136 cinemas will be opened at the box office.

    8.2 billion, a market share increase of 0 compared to 2018.

    1pct to 2.

    7%, operating indicators such as attendance continued to lead; revenue from film and television service business6.

    55 billion (+24.

    4%), mainly due to Barco’s consolidation. In 2019H1, the number of giant screen theaters increased by 18 to 342, achieving a box office of 400 million US dollars, and China Film Barco’s digital projectors 杭州桑拿 were gradually installed3.

    360,000 sets, continued to lead the market.

    Catalysts: The main investment in the film and television project has achieved a high box office, and the movie watching market continues to rise

  • Dry in the fall, eat well, white fungus, moisturizing

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    Dry in the fall, eat well, white fungus, moisturizing

    In the fall, people who start to feel tight skin should not be less.

    As the age increases, the degree of dryness of the skin is also severe year by year. In the autumn, the sand is cracked and it is easy to cause dry skin.

    Diet therapy is also useful in the search for a dry moisturizer in addition to a suitable moisturizer.

    Today, the old Chinese medicine doctors recommend for you a dessert that is best for eating in the fall – Tremella Tangerine Soup.

    Tremella honey orange soup ingredients: 20 grams of white fungus, 100 grams of oranges, rock sugar, water amount of practice: 1, the white fungus washed and soaked with water to soften, after the pedicle torn into small pieces for use; 2, after the peeling of honey orange with a knifeRemove the middle seed and use it. (If it is too troublesome, it can be used with canned orange.) 3. Put the water in the pot, put 1000 ml of water and put it into the white fungus. Cook over low heat until the white fungus is completely softened.After the meat is boiled, simmer for 15 minutes on low heat and add the right amount of rock sugar according to your taste.

    First, the white fungus medicine and food dual-use, autumn Ziyin lungs and white fungus is white fungus, snow fungus, white fungus, etc., has always been a top-notch tonic, it is dual-use medicine and food, has the “crown in the mushroom” reputation.

    Chinese medicine believes that Tremella is sweet, light, flat, non-toxic, with strong essence of kidney, Runchang Yiwei, qi and blood, strong heart and body, brain refreshing, beauty skin rejuvenation, longevity effect.

    It can improve liver detoxification ability and protect liver function. It can not only enhance the body’s anti-tumor immunity, but also enhance the tolerance of cancer patients to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

    Tremella is characterized by nourishing and not stagnation, and is a good tonic for patients whose yin deficiency is not warmed by ginseng and other warming.

    Tremella natural natural characteristics of the gum, coupled with its nourishing effect, long-term use can emollient, and has the effect of removing facial chloasma and freckles.

    Tremella is a diet food containing the expected fiber. Its complementary fiber can help peristaltic peristalsis and reduce micro-absorption.

    Therefore, for women, eating the white fungus in the fall can not only moisturize the yin and moisturize, but also whiten and moisturize the skin. It is one of the best choices for health and beauty ingredients.

    Second, the autumn tangerines are freshly listed, pay attention not to eat too much. The tangerine has been loved by people for its brilliant color of yellow orange orange and the sweet and sour taste. It is necessary to know that it is not too much in nutrition!

    Citrus has a qi and stomach, dampness and phlegm, lowering asthma, relieving pain, promoting appetite, sobering and anti-infection.

    Often eat oranges can stomach and digestion, dampness and swelling, is to improve indigestion, spleen and bloating, gas can not be reversed, the top is full, drinking too much good ingredients.

    However, it should be noted that Chinese medicine believes that oranges are warm foods, and the original heat in autumn should pay special attention to controlling the absorption of oranges. Do not eat too much at one time, so as to avoid the symptoms of hot and hot body, one or two times a day.should.

    Many people try to remove the orange on the orange petals when eating oranges. This is not right.

    Orange-red has the function of collaterals and phlegm, and it is a good treatment for patients with chronic diseases such as chronic bronchitis and coronary heart disease, and it also has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on chest rib pain caused by chronic cough.It can clear the heat and relieve the warmth of the orange meat. Eating oranges with oranges can better alleviate the problem of eating oranges.

    In addition, the fresh orange peel is not dried tangerine peel, do not arbitrarily soak with fresh orange peel soaked in water, so as not to be self-defeating.

  • My feeding fun

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    My feeding fun

    Instead of diarrhea after feeding milk, we just breathed a sigh of relief, but the problem came again: Dongdong constipation, crying because of pain in the anus during stool.

    I turned my head around milk and fed a small amount of breast milk. It was just right when I tried it. The problem was solved in this way. It really made me happy.

    Almost two months later, Dongdong no longer liked milk, and gained weight slowly.

    For Dongdong’s growth, we fed him all breast milk.

    Someone suggested that I apply warm umbilical cream to my child’s navel. The effect was remarkable. It was not thinned for three days. On the fourth day, Dongdong pulled out a soft strip of stool. After a few days, we would stick a pieceWarm umbilical cream also saves the pain of washing diapers and scratching buttocks.

      Dongdong more than a month, I took him to the table to eat, and saw us eating, he noticed our mouths, licking his tongue in his mouth, we teased him, dip in vinegar with chopsticksOn his tongue, his sour face was crooked.

    For more than three months, Dongdong should add calcium powder and egg yolk to supplement calcium and iron, but he just didn’t want to accept the complementary food happily, so we had to feed him complementary food when he was sleeping at night to feed, half awake and half asleep, DongdongStuck up all the complementary food in the bottle.

      When I was less than two months old, I came back with a haircut, and Dongdong stared at me, feeding him, and he refused to eat.

    I thought: Maybe my hairstyle changed, Dongdong didn’t recognize me as a mother.

    How to do it?

    I talked to him and spoke out. Dongdong Ken accepted me and drank into my arms and sucked up the milk happily.

    Another time, I used Liushen toilet water when I took a bath. After washing, I wiped the perfume, and the whole body gave out a scent. Dongdong sniffed and sniffed. He didn’t want to eat my milk: “Why is my mother smelling this?

    It ‘s different from before.

    “Dongdong’s enemies couldn’t help but seduce and sucked their nipples.

  • 10 kinds of melon and fruit health food recipe

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    10 kinds of melon and fruit health food recipe

    The arrival of summer brings us hot weather, along with many diseases unique to summer.

    What to do if there are some minor illnesses in summer?

    Today, I will give you some summer diet tips. By eating the right fruits and vegetables, you can even keep in good health, and you can also treat newborns with summer diseases and reduce heat and dampness.

      One of the main fruits of watermelon summer.

    Traditional Chinese medicine uses watermelon peel (also known as watermelon crust), watermelon tincture and watermelon frost (crystals formed by placing mirabilite in watermelon and exuding slurry).

    The taste is sweet and cold.

    Enter the heart, stomach, and bladder meridians.

    Efficacy relieves heat and relieves anxiety, refreshes and quenches thirst, diuretic and antihypertensive.

    It can be used for hot summer, sweaty wounds, upset and thirsty, and short urine.

    It also has a certain effect on stomach fever, toothache and hypertension.

      ① Wet colds in summer: 20 grams of watermelon Cuiyi, 12 grams of ginger, 20 grams of fresh reed roots, 3 green onions, and decoction.

      ② Children’s summer heat: 15 grams of watermelon Cuiyi, 10 grams of honeysuckle, 12 grams of Poria, 10 grams of Pseudostellariae, 6 grams of lentils, half a sheet of fresh lotus leaves, decoction.

      ③ Fever injury: Moderate amount of watermelon juice, frequent drinking and serving.

      ④ Hypertension: 15 grams of watermelon Cuiyi, 10 grams of cassia seeds, Jiantang substitute tea.

      Melons are also called cantaloupe and pear melon. Traditional Chinese medicine often treats the disease with its son and fruit.

    The taste is sweet and cool.

    Into the stomach, large intestine, and bladder.

    Efficacy: clearing the heat of the summer, relieving irritability, urinate, and pass stool.

    It can be used in summer heat upset, thirst, unfavorable urination, and constipation.

      ① dry bowel constipation: 20 grams of fresh melon seeds, mouth.

      ② Chronic appendicitis: Wash and dry the melon seeds, stir-fry the yellow ground powder, 3-5 grams each time, 2 times a day.

      Cucumber Cucumber fruit, leaf vine, root can be used medicinally.

    The taste is sweet and cool.
    Into the small intestine, stomach.

    Efficacy: clearing heat and detoxifying, and improving water.

    It can be used for irritability in the chest, thirst, oliguria, summer heat, etc.

      ①Summer heat and scald: Wash the fresh cucumber and smash the affected area.

      ② Fever in the chest: Peel the fresh cucumber, cut into thin slices, put it in a bowl, add vinegar and sugar, and mix it for a while before serving.

      Its fruits and leaves are harmoniously used in medicine, with a bitter, flat taste.

    Enter the spleen, lungs, and liver meridians.

    Efficacy: Reduce phlegm, relieve cough, and lower the stomach.

    It can be used for cough, phlegm stickiness, difficult to come out, stomach heat, thirst, and vomiting.

      ① Lung fever cough: 12 grams of loquat leaves, 25 grams of fresh reed root, Jiantang drink.

      ② Chronic bronchitis: 100 grams of loquat leaves and 250 grams of brown sugar. Wash the decoction of loquat leaves, mix the first and second decoctions, and add sugar to the cream.

    One spoonful at a time, three times a day.

      ③ Stomach heat and thirst: 15 grams of loquat leaves, 15 grams of Dendrobium, Jiantang drink.

      Sugarcane is sweet and cool.

    Into the lungs and stomach.Efficacy: clearing away heat and refreshing, refreshing, moisturizing.

    It can be used for fever injury, thirst, short urination, constipation and cough due to lung dryness.

      ① Fever injury: sugarcane peeled and squeezed.

    50 grams of Sydney, wash and peel the skin to get the juice, the two juices are combined, add cold water and drink.

      ② Stomach heat and vomiting: half a cup of sugarcane juice, 3-5 drops of ginger juice and evenly, ingested daily.

      ③ Drunk: Take sugarcane juice.

      Banana peel and candied fruits are used as medicine.

    The taste is sweet and cold.
    Into the lungs and stomach.

    Efficacy: clearing away heat and detoxifying, diuretic, laxative, cooling blood and soothing.

    Can be used for swollen heat and constipation.

      ① Swelling: 30 grams of banana peel and 30 grams of fresh dandelion.

      ② Dry stool: eat 1-2 bananas on an empty stomach, and then mix with light saline to help intestinal laxation.

      ③ High blood pressure: 30 grams of banana peel, 5 grams of orange network, frequent serving of tea.

      Pear is sweet and slightly cold.

    Into the lungs and stomach.

    Efficacy Shengjin Runzao, clearing heat and reducing phlegm.

    Can be used for fever, thirst, hot phlegm, cough, constipation and other symptoms.

      ① Fever and thirsty wounds: Wash fresh pears, pit them, smash them for juice, and slowly swallow.

      ②Bronchiolitis (Jinjuanfeizao type): 60 grams of pear, 5 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiong, add a small amount of water, and stew.

    Once a day.

      ③ Lung fever cough with phlegm: 100 grams of fresh pears and 100 grams of fresh white radishes, wash and squeeze the juice, mix the two juices and take it twice a day.

      Peach is sweet, sour and warm.

    Into the liver, large intestine.

    Shengjin, Runchang, Huoxue, Xiaoji, blood pressure.

    Immature dried peaches are called dried peaches, which can be used for antiperspirant and pain; peeled peach core is the traditional Chinese medicine peach kernel, which can promote blood circulation and stasis, and intestinal laxative.

      ① Constipation: Eat 150 grams of fresh peaches once a day.

    Or use 12 grams of peach kernels, fry in water, add honey and mix.

      ② Night sweats and sweating: 10 grams of Bitao dried, decoction, once a night, usually 1-3 times to stop sweating.

      ③ Amenorrhea due to blood stasis: 9 grams of peach kernel, 9 grams of safflower, 18 grams of angelica, decoction drink.

      ④ high blood pressure: eat fresh peach once every morning and evening, 1-2 each time.

      There are more than 40 varieties of kiwi kiwi. Among them, Chinese kiwi and hairy kiwi are preferred.

    Kiwi is sweet, sour and cold.

    Into the spleen and stomach.

    Efficacy clears heat and quenches thirst, eliminates phlegm.

    It can be used for fever sickness, fever, thirst, lactating women, prolapse of the anus, hot and humid jaundice, and drowsiness.

      ① Fever injury: take an appropriate amount of fresh kiwi.

      ② Under wet tropical conditions: 30-60 grams of kiwi root, 15 grams of bark root, add water to fry, take 2 times a day.

      Grape Grape fruits, roots, stems and leaves are used as medicine.

    Sour acid, sweet, cold, into the lungs, kidneys, spleen.Efficacy Shengjinzhike, appetite digestion, nourishing blood and concealing.

    Can be used to treat wounds, thirst, upset, red urine, poor appetite, blood deficiency and palpitations.

      ① Stomach heat injury: eat fresh grapes.

      ② Sprain of joint: Appropriate amount of fresh grape root, wash and smash, apply to affected area.

  • The right way to sterilize your home

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    The right way to sterilize your home

    The market is full of antiseptic products that have penetrated into our daily lives.

    However, the latest research shows that these bactericidal products can actually reduce your immunity and make you more vulnerable to disease.

    The reason is that these germicidal products kill harmful bacteria as well as beneficial bacteria, and many beneficial bacteria are a healthy protective wall.


    hzh{display:none;}  人们一直有一个误区,认为所有的细菌都是对人体有害的,都应利用药物或清洗剂把他们彻底消灭.

    As a result, the excess sterilization products held the banner of high efficiency sterilization in an attempt to open our wallet.

    However, recent research has shown that excessive use of products containing highly effective bactericidal ingredients can be problematic.

      There are four sins in sterilization products. No matter how good or bad life is, not all bacteria are harmful to the human body, and there are many beneficial bacteria. They are a health protection wall, which can counteract harmful microorganisms, limit their reproduction, and protect against human diseases。
      And these germicidal products that promise to our health, while killing harmful bacteria, also kill the beneficial bacteria together, destroying the balance between good and bad bacteria, which is the decline of human immunity and easier to be attacked by diseases; meanwhile,It is about that the body can develop new germs that cannot be killed, which are harmful factors to health.

      Bacteria are actually good or bad.

    Good bacteria: Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus are good for reading the human stomach, and can reduce the incidence of viral diarrhea.

    Bad bacteria: Escherichia coli can cause intestinal diseases, Staphylococcus aureus can cause wound infection with food poisoning, Candida albicans cause gynecological diseases, and skin and skin diseases.

      Second, it emits the main chemical components of dangerous sterilization products. It is volatilized in the room when it is used, and then it is scattered in the air. It also poses potential harm to the health of the family, causing headaches and nausea.

    If the family member is allergic, it may also cause allergies, hypertension and other diseases.

      Third, some germicidal products are used directly on the damaged skin. The surfactants, builders and other chemical additives contained in it can damage the oily protective layer on the skin surface, and the skin causes corrosion and injury, causing serious “housewife hands””.

    It also has different degrees of damage to hair and other organs of the human body.

      Fourth, the price is relatively high compared to soaps and some traditional cleaning methods that don’t cost any money. These antiseptic products may make your wallet “bleed” more.

      How to use sterilization products reasonably Of course, this does not mean that we should discard these products, but use them reasonably.


    Moderate cleaning: The harder you clean, the better.

    Spray 0.

    5% peroxyacetic acid and 84 disinfectant were used alternately every three days.

    If the home is always clean, once a week is enough.


    Pay attention to protection: Wear a mask and rubber gloves when using, which can greatly reduce the harm of chemical substances.

      For your health and expenses, in addition to the reasonable use of germicidal cleaning products, it does not prevent you from trying some mild cleaning methods. While eliminating harmful bacteria, you can keep beneficial bacteria as much as possible to make us healthier.

      In fact, as long as you use 70% alcohol, alternative household bleach or 5 liters of water and a cup of chlorine to clean the countertops and other surfaces, you can resist the germs three times a week.

    It’s simple, convenient, and safe.

    (Note: There are 400 times more bacteria on the surface of decomposition, dining table, replacement and computer keyboard, mouse and telephone than on the toilet cover!

      Clean and boil the tableware: add water and cook for 15-20 minutes after boiling the water.

    But be sure to remember that the water must flow over the cooking utensils when cooking.

    This method is both safe and secure.

    If it is used by a patient with viral hepatitis, cook it for 20 to 30 minutes.

      Soak: Use 0.

    Soak in 5% peroxyacetic acid for 30 minutes, or soak with 5% bleach for 30 to 60 minutes.

    It can also be soaked in a cleaning agent containing 200 mg / L of effective chlorine for 5 to 10 minutes, and then rinsed with water.

    Sterilized items should be completely submerged when soaking.

      Rice soup: Rice soup and rice water not only have strong detergency, but also do not contain chemical substances, and will not remove beneficial bacteria.  In addition, there are still many suitable options and methods for cleaning and sterilizing in the home: Sunlight: There is a saying in the West: “Sunlight is the best antiseptic.

    “Daylight contains ultraviolet and infrared rays, and it can be disinfected for 3 to 6 hours.

      Alcohol: Alcohol can denature and coagulate bacterial proteins.

    Therefore, you can often use 75% alcohol to disinfect the skin, or soak for 30 minutes to disinfect utensils.

      Steamer: It is suitable for disinfecting clothes and utensils. It should be calculated after the water boils and the steam evaporates. The disinfection and disinfection can be achieved in 15-20 minutes.

      Garlic: Use two pieces of raw garlic. After peeling, add half a catty of vinegar for 3 days.

      Plants and essential oils: Many essential oils (such as lavender and thyme) are even more effective than phenol, and they do not cause resistance like some commonly used disinfection chemicals, which are healthy and effective. They are good for cleaning cutting boards.

      White vinegar and lemon juice: They are both acidic and can neutralize alkaline substances such as hard water. They can also dissolve stickies and remove rust and dust on the surface of wood. It is safe, simple and has good decontamination ability.

      Air cleaning and self-made “disinfectant”: heating white fumigating the house or fumigating with moxa sticks is a good way to disinfect the air.

      Ventilation: The most effective and safest method is to open the window for a longer period of time. Ventilation, because any kind of bacteria is difficult to survive under good ventilation.

      Body cleansing There is no need to use germicides for body cleansing. Water and general soaps and lotions can completely solve the purpose of these bacteria.

    Lotions are more convenient than soap and can reduce cross infection.

      Whether it is soap or lotion, the most important thing to use them properly is to leave them on the body for at least 15 seconds and wash them carefully, so that they have enough time to make a fatal blow to harmful bacteria.

    In addition to soaps and lotions, there are many safe and simple methods that can also help you clean your skin: Replace jade: The physical structure of jade is very strange, it can absorb a special amount of sunlight and thus become a small UV “storage”Device “, which can be used for the sterilization and sterilization effect without worrying about radiation.

      Washing mud bath: The soil is rich in various vitamins and minerals, which can strengthen your immune system, and sterilize naturally.

    And long-term adherence, and the effect of beauty skin care.

    Of course, you have to find uncontaminated dirt.

      The various skin care products that maintain the skin itself do not have a bactericidal effect. Excessive use may destroy the skin’s own activity, which may cause capillary pores and become a paradise for bacterial growth.

    So sometimes you can also try to choose a natural method, such as the more popular cucumber slices apply to the face.

  • Urgent mental state: Yoga recuperation physiology

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    Urgent mental state: Yoga recuperation physiology

    Questions about the physical fitness of yoga: Yoga is a good way to keep fit. Is there any professional recommendation for adjusting your mental state? How do you practice it in your daily life?

      Question-and-answer star: Jessie Jessie graduated from Gandhi College Beijing Branch in May 2003 and studied under KPATTABHIJOIS. She is very successful in her professional field.

      Yoga is a philosophical system that helps people realize their full potential by raising awareness, and a sports system under its guidance.

      Yoga is an ancient and easy-to-master method to improve people’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual abilities. It is a form of exercise that achieves the unity of the body, mind, and spirit.

    Yoga is a physical dynamic exercise and a spiritual exercise.

      During the holiday season, many people have abnormal diets, sleepiness, and other problems that are factors that induce a bad state. It is best to take a certain amount of time every day to practice yoga. It is also a good way to exercise.Yes, it can promote perspiration, but pay attention to rehydration in time after the exercise, especially in the dry autumn.

  • Massage the foot, look for the point

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    Massage the foot, look for the “point”

    In fact, proper foot massage can also enhance human immunity, health care, and treatment-related diseases.
    In this column, we specially invited the pedicure expert Li Jihong, deputy chief physician, who was awarded the title of “specialized doctor” by the Ministry of Health. For the four common diseases in autumn, I will teach you a few foot massages at home to enjoy the “Baodian”, let you enjoyThe rest of the disease is healthy.
      宝典一:便秘、干咳  便秘主要与大肠蠕动不够有关,按摩时,主要刺激脚上的大肠反射区,它在左、右脚心靠脚跟处,分别呈门框和直角形分布,按摩脚内踝往上约The anus area at the four fingers has the same effect.
    Need to be reminded that constipation is a real disease, but it is diarrhea, so the more you massage, the better.
      关键点:大肠,肛门  治疗咳嗽,首要是刺激肺、支气管反射区,上身淋巴腺有消炎作用,肾上腺分泌的糖皮质激素,可止咳、消炎、抗过敏,对燥肾起调节作用,这些都是The key reflection area during massage.
      Key points: lung, bronchus, upper body lymph gland, adrenal gland, kidney Baodian II: insomnia, neurasthenia Both feet have an insomnia point.
    The heart of the gods, the heart and the small intestine, the celiac nerve can also affect nervous tension, so the heart, small intestine, abdominal reflex zone should also be stimulated.
      Key points: pelvic cavity, heart, small intestine, abdominal cavity Bao Dian 3: fatigue, back pain, kidney ureteral bladder, promote lactic acid excretion, and lactic acid is the main cause of fatigue.
    Abnormalities in the cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, and thoracic vertebrae directly lead to back pain in people.
    The parathyroid glands regulate calcium metabolism and promote muscle nerves.
      关键点:肾输尿管、颈椎、腰椎、胸椎、甲状旁腺  备忘秘诀  按摩前最好用热水泡脚,凉了再添热水,坚持半小时,如果其中能加上针对某种疾病的中药The effect will be better.
    Insomnia patients, soaking feet can promote blood down, help fall asleep, it is recommended to drink as long as possible.
      The amount of massage varies from person to person and from disease to disease, and it is inevitable that there is pain.
    If you feel too painful, you can put it lightly, but it is essential to stimulate the key points of the disease.
      Drink plenty of water after massage to help excretion of metabolites.
      Taboo time: Do not massage within an hour after a meal.
      Discomfort group: patients with acute myocardial infarction and acute heart failure have disabled foot massage.
    In addition, pregnant women should be used with caution, and the stimulation of the elderly should be light.