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  • Tonghua Dongbao (600867): Insulin glargine is approved soon, the company is expected to usher in a turning point in performance

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    Tonghua Dongbao (600867): Insulin glargine is approved soon, the company is expected to usher in a turning point in performance
    Event: The company’s semi-annual report for the year 19 reported that the net profit attributable to the parent decreased year by year.深圳桑拿网85%. Tonghua Dongbao released its 19-year semi-annual report and achieved operating income14.3.5 billion, down 1 year.96%; net profit attributable to mother 5.32 ppm, a decrease of 0 per year.85%; net profit deducted from non-return to mother 5.26 ppm, an increase of ten years.00%; expected average ROE is 10.81%, overall performance in line with market expectations. The expense ratio remained good during the period, and the insulin business improved significantly from the previous quarter. In terms of quarters, the company’s 19Q2 single-quarter operating income and attributable net profit growth rates were -3.18% and -1.67%, slightly lower than the growth rate of 19Q1 performance, which is mainly related to the higher performance base in the same period last year, and the significant decrease in recognized revenue from real estate business.In terms of products, according to the semi-annual report, the company’s revenue for the 19H1 insulin series accounted for 81.29%, that is, operating income11.6.6 billion, an annual increase of 7.49%, a growth rate of revenue in the second half of 18 (-15.21%). In terms of other businesses, the company’s medical device and proprietary Chinese medicine business is expected to remain relatively stable, while actual business revenue is expected to be significantly higher than the same period last year. During the 19H1 period, the company’s expense ratio was well controlled, of which sales expenses were 23.79%, increasing by 0 every year.96 points; R & D expenses 2.46%, a decrease of 0 every year.69pct; financial expenses 0.81%, increasing by 0 every year.75pct; the management expense ratio is basically the same as last year. The insulin business is deeply rooted in the grassroots market and is expected to usher in an inflection point in the second half of the year. Since 18Q3, the company has proactively adjusted the sales strategy and channel inventory of its incremental series products, resulting in short-term fluctuations in performance growth. However, according to the company’s announcement, the company’s channel destocking has been basically completed, and the insulin series products have resumed steady growth. With a high performance base in the same period last year, the sales growth rate of 19H1 still reached 7.49%, a significant improvement from the previous quarter. With the gradual advancement of the national graded diagnosis and treatment and the launch of a new list of basic medicines, the company has accelerated the development of township hospitals and community service centers, and the grassroots market coverage and doctors have continued to increase. At the same time, the company continued to deepen its cooperation with commercial companies to ensure terminal coverage of insulin and needle test strips. Considering that the company’s performance base in the second half of the year decreased, and at the same time a series of product sales increased steadily, we expect that the company is expected to usher in a performance inflection point in the second half of the year. Focusing on the development of multiple products for diabetes treatment, insulin glargine is expected to be approved for marketing within the year. Focusing on the field of diabetes treatment, the company actively develops research and development of various products. According to the company’s semi-annual report, in terms of budget analogs, the company’s insulin glargine completed the production site inspection and sampling in May-June 19, and is currently in the review stage of the Chinese People’s Procuratorate. It is expected to be approved for listing in 19; Production was declared in March of this year, and it was replenished in 4 months. It is expected to be approved for listing in 20 years. Insulin aspart 50 premix was completed in March 19, and patients were enrolled. Insulin aspart 30 premix was planned to be completed in 19 years.Group; insulin detemir and insulin lispro are in the clinical preparation stage. The company also cooperates with French Adocia company to jointly promote the development of the fourth-generation insulin. The ultra-fast-acting insulin analogue (THDB0206) is planned to complete preclinical research at the end of 19th and report to the clinic in 20H1. In terms of GLP-1 analogues, liraglutide completed the first phase III clinical enrollment of patients in June 19, and pre-clinical studies of dulaglutide are being conducted.Regarding oral hypoglycemic agents, products such as reglitinide, troglitin, and sitagliptin have been approved for marketing 20 years later.The successive listing of products such as glargine and insulin is expected to become a new growth point for the company’s performance. Investment suggestion: Buy-A investment rating, 6-month target price of 16.45 yuan.We expect the company’s revenue growth to be 8 in 2019-2021.8%, 16.4%, 14.8%, net profit growth rate was 15 respectively.0%, 22.3%, 19.3%, outstanding growth; given Buy-A investment rating, 6-month target price is 16.45 yuan, equivalent to 35 times dynamic price-earnings ratio in 2019. Risk warning: product development and approval progress is less than expected, insulin sales and marketing are less than expected

  • Xinhua Insurance (601336): New orders grow faster than expected

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    Xinhua Insurance (601336): New orders grow faster than expected

    The total premiums grew steadily, and the comprehensive income increased. The company’s net profit attributable to the parent was 3.4 billion in 19Q1, YoY + 29.

    1%, slightly lower than expected, mainly due to a slight decline in annualized return on investment of 0%.

    1pct to 4.

    2%, weaker than the performance of listed peers.

    However, the other comprehensive income was 42 million US dollars (the same period last year was 800 million US dollars), and the comprehensive investment yield increased significantly.


    The total premiums were 432 trillion, a year-on-year increase of +9.


    The company’s business promotion in 2019 will not be changed, and the value growth rate will be improved. It is estimated that the EPS in 2019-21 will be 3 respectively.

    77 yuan, 4.

    70 yuan and 5.

    34 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

    The growth of new orders exceeded expectations, saving and guaranteeing Qifali Long Life Insurance’s first year delivery was 72 trillion, YoY + 18.

    2%, 99% of new long-term insurance orders.

    9%, the proportion increased slightly by 0.

    1pct, continuous cross-border compression, significant optimization of premium structure.

    We estimate the size of the additional insurance11.

    4 ppm, + 61% year-on-year, strong growth momentum.

    The first-year delivery of an insurance and bancassurance long-term insurance reached US $ 5.5 billion and US $ 1.6 billion, respectively, + 16% and + 25%, respectively, to protect business and reduce risks while slackening. With the advancement of structural optimization, we expectQuarterly NBV can achieve 18% -20% growth.

    The surrender rate dropped sharply2.

    5pct to 0.

    6%, stemming from the gradual digestion of high current price products in the bancassurance channel, the reduction of surrender expenses and the continuous improvement of business quality.

    The accrual of reserves is encouraged to accelerate development. The increase in additional insurance has brought about an increase in compensation. In 19Q1, the company withdrew insurance liability reserves of 125 million, a year-on-year increase of + 239%. The absolute value is more than half of the first half.Assume that cautious adjustments and the rise in supplementary insurance claims are jointly promoted.

    The growth rate of additional insurance has exceeded that of main insurance, and the 19Q1 compensation expenditure accounted for an increase of 17pct to 49% of the current premium income.

    The revision of the critical illness incidence rate table is expanding in the industry, and actuarial assumptions adjusted in advance have also consolidated the foundation for performance growth.

    The investment trend is positive, and the return deviation is expected to achieve positive effects. The company’s 2018 annual report discloses that its shares and funds account for 11%, and it is expected to obtain excess returns when the equity market 合肥夜网 conditions warm.

    The long-term interest rate increased rapidly, and the first three weeks of April expanded by 20bps, 6bps, and 4bps, respectively, to ease the pressure on reallocation of fixed income assets and reduce the risk of spread damage.

    The negative bias of return on investment in 2018 had a static impact on the beginning EV of -3.

    8% is expected to achieve positive effects this year, and EV is back to a stable growth channel.

    We are optimistic about the development prospects of health insurance and maintain the “buy” rating. The new chairman’s re-election has not been completed. We believe that the probability of “health insurance + additional insurance” strategy will not change. If we are to increase the agent team building and annuity based on existing businessThe expansion of insurance channels is expected to achieve rapid growth in value.

    The EVPS is expected to be 65 in 2019-21.

    27 yuan, 76.

    44 yuan and 89.

    25 yuan (previous average 65.

    27 yuan, 76.

    19 yuan and 88.

    41 yuan), corresponding P / EV is 0.

    91x, 0.77x and 0.


    The company has completed the transformation and is vigorously promoting the development of health insurance. We maintain the company in 20191.


    2xP / EV, target price range 71.


    32 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

    Risk reminder: The advancement of the insurance business is weaker than expected, and the downward interest rate brings potential risk of spread damage. The fluctuation of the equity market leads to the uncertainty of investment income growth.

  • CNOOC (601808) Company Annual Report Comment: Oil Service Industry Slowly Revives Company Performance Continues to Improve

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    CNOOC (601808) Company Annual Report Comment: Oil Service Industry Slowly Revives Company Performance Continues to Improve

    COSL announced its 2018 annual report.

    In 2018, CNOOC Ltd. achieved operating income of 219.

    46 trillion, +25 for ten years.

    3%; realize net profit attributable to parent company of approximately 70.8 million yuan, +65 per year.


    The company plans to pay 0 for every 10 shares.

    70 yuan, a total of 3 cash dividends.

    3.4 billion, accounting for 472% of net profit attributable to mothers.

    The average international crude oil price continued to increase in 2018, and the oil service industry recovered slowly.

    According to the data, the average price of Brent crude oil in 2018 was 71.

    $ 69 / barrel, an increase of 30 in ten years.

    98%, the global oil service market has expanded, and the company’s revenue has grown for many years.

    However, the oil service market as a whole is still in a slow recovery period. There is no significant increase in operating prices. Costs have increased with the increase in operating volume. Therefore, the company’s gross profit margin in 2018 was 10.

    9%, ten years ago 3.

    4 units.

    In 2018, the company’s financial expenses decreased every year, and income tax expenses increased.

    Financial expenses of the company in 2018 6.

    1.6 billion every year -55.

    6%, mainly due to the depreciation of the RMB, the company’s foreign assets realized exchange gains3.

    5.9 billion yuan (incurred exchange loss losses in 20173.

    8.8 billion).

    The company’s 2018 cash expenses6.

    18 ‰, an increase of 3 per year.

    USD 5.6 billion was mainly due to the increase in operation volume and the increase in overseas income and expenses.

    The drilling plate operation increased, and the average daily income decreased slightly.

    In 2018, the company’s drilling service revenue was 77.

    6.6 billion (previously +22.


    In 2018, the company’s drilling platform operating days were 11,138 days, an increase of 2141 days per year (+23.


    Among them, the jack-up drilling platform is increased by 1068 days (+14.

    8%), semi-submersible drilling platforms increase by 1073 days per year (+59.


    The increase in operating days was mainly due to the recovery of the market and the increase in operating demand, and the number of standby days decreased several times.

    However, the average daily income has not improved significantly, and it has improved slightly. The average daily income of the company’s segmented platform in 2018 was 9.

    $ 30,000, at least -5.


    Shipbuilding operations increased.In 2018, the ship service business achieved operating income of 27.

    07 billion (+10.


    In 2018, the company’s own fleet operated 30,249 days, an increase of 1825 days (+6.


      Own work fleet calendar days are used to replace 90.

    2% (+3.


    The operation volume of the geophysical survey section increased.

    In 2018, the company’s geophysical prospecting and engineering survey service business realized operating income.

    5.2 billion (-2.

    3%), two-dimensional acquisition reached 41,244 km (+942.

    6%), 3D acquisition reached 28,935 square kilometers (+19.

    5%), the overseas market share has steadily increased.

    We expect upstream capital expenditures to continue to pick up in 2019, and the oil service market is expected to continue to recover.

    Three barrels of oil (PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC) plans to expand the exploration and development capital in 2019 by 3578-3678 billion, an increase of 19.

    12% -22.

    45%; of which, CNOOC plans to spend 70-80 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of 12 years.

    72% -28.


    CNOOC is the company’s largest customer (76% of revenue in 2018), and we believe that the growth of CNOOC’s capital expenditure will help the company’s performance continue to improve.

    However, the company believes that the oil service company’s resources are still relatively surplus, and the overall profitability of the industry is not expected to increase rapidly.

    Profit forecast and investment rating.

    We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.

    08, 0.

    11, 0.

    15 yuan, BPS is 7 in 2019.

    29 yuan.

    Refer to comparable companies’ 西安耍耍网 assessment levels and give them January 2019.


    6 times PB, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 10.


    66 yuan, maintaining the “long-term market” investment rating.

    risk warning.

    Crude oil prices fluctuated sharply; upstream exploration and development investment fell short of expectations.

  • Tong Russia Gate added a new certificate?

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    Previously denied confiscation of translation notes

    “Tong Russia Gate” added a new certificate?
    Previously denied confiscation of translation notes

    U.S. President Donald denied on the 14th that he had confiscated the translated notes after a meeting with the Russian president, and Democrats may summon translators to testify in Congress.

      On the same day, the media reported that William Barr, a pre-appointed attorney general, intends to tell Congress at a nomination hearing scheduled for the 15th antiques that he will act impartially in support of the Russia-Russia investigation.

      [Deny story]Corrected the 14th denial that he had worked for Russia and confiscated the translation notes.

      The United States “New York Times” reported 杭州桑拿网 on the 11th that, approximately May 2017, FBI Director James Comey was dismissed. The FBI initiated anti-espionage investigations and criminal investigations a few days later, which could replace working for Russia and harm US interests.

      The United States “Washington Post” reported on the 12th that in 2017 each year, a small-scale meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin is held in Hamburg, Germany, and then US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was present; after the meeting, the translation and confiscation records of the conversation were confiscatedAnd the translation is not allowed to leak the content of the conversation.

      Media reporters verified the above report at the White House on the 14th and received a reply: I have never worked for Russia, and you are ashamed to ask this question because it is nonsense.

      [Energy in Congress]Regarding the confiscation of notes, he kept saying that he knew nothing, and that it was not uncommon for leaders to meet alone.

      Democrats don’t look that way.

    House Speaker Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ellie Ott Engel told CNN: If the report is true, it is disturbing.

    We have to track it down.

      Engel said the Foreign Affairs Committee and the House Intelligence Committee are discussing whether to summon the translator to testify in Congress.

    According to Engel, he is reluctant to do so, but we may have no choice.

      In a step-by-step report on the FBI’s investigation, Gerald Nadler, the Democrat chair of the House Judiciary Committee, previously said that this committee will gradually take steps to defeat the president ‘s actions and the FBI ‘s actions against the presidentResponse.

      In addition, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, a Democrat, will continue to investigate and contact Russia.

      [Statement of the hearing]The Senate Judiciary Committee of the Congress is scheduled to start the antique hearing on the morning of the 15th. Barr will become the protagonist and is expected to continue for two days.

      Barr is expected to be appointed attorney general last December, replacing Jeff Sessions, who resigned in November.

    He said at the time that Barr was my first choice from the beginning.

      Robert Miller, the special prosecutor of the Ministry of Justice, is conducting a Russia investigation, including whether the reorganization team colluded with Russia and had jurisdiction during the 2016 presidential election.

      On the 14th, the regular media quoted Barr’s written testimony report, except that he was required to do his work impartially, and he did not give any guarantees or commitments unless he explicitly or implicitly made any kind of guarantees and commitments.

      Barr said: As Attorney General, I will be loyal to the law, the Constitution, and the American people.

      [Commitment to transparency]Barr intends to tell Congress that Miller has completed the investigation into Russia and that Congress and the public have the right to know the results of the investigation. He will be transparent according to law.

      Unlike his previous personal contact experience, Comey told Congress in 2017 that he was asked to show loyalty before the replacement dismissed him.

      Komi acknowledged that the investigation into Russia was aimed at his political persecution.

      Barr sent a draft to the Ministry of Justice last year, which is estimated to be investigating whether there is judicial justice.

    He explained in his testimony that he only raised objections from a legal perspective and was not opposed to the Russia investigation.

    Barr said he had known Miller for decades and was a friend.

      Barr, 68, is a Republican who served as Attorney General during the administration of the late former President George Herbert Walker Bush, Bush.

      The Associated Press reports that Barr’s appointment will be approved if nothing else, due to the Republican dominance of the Senate, and because some Democratic members are eager to replace Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

    (Hui Xiaoshuang) (Xinhua News Agency special feature) Original title: “Tong Russia Gate” added a new certificate?

    Previously denied confiscation of translation notes

  • Persist in swimming and swim for a healthy body every day

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    Persist in swimming and swim for a healthy body every day

    To get good exercise results, you need to exercise in a planned way, and you can do it at a pace you can accept.

    Swimming consumes a lot of energy, it is best to give it every other day to give the body a time to recover.

      The principle of swimming to lose weight: Swimming is a systemic exercise that not only can lose weight, but also improve your cardiopulmonary function, and can exercise almost all muscles. If you persist, you will always be able to “reborn”.

    At the same time, in the water, people’s bones have been fully relaxed, and they can have the opportunity to “stretch their waist”, which is very good for maintaining an upright figure.

      1, swimming consumes a lot of energy. This is because the length of the water when swimming is much longer than the tension of the air when moving on land. Walking in the water is laborious. Swimming again will definitely consume more energy.

    At the same time, the resonance of water is 28 times greater than that of air, and the temperature of water generally exceeds air temperature, which is also conducive to the dissipation of heat and radiation.

    For 8 minutes in water, the conversion consumed by humans is equal to the conversion consumed in air for 2 hours.

    Therefore, the energy consumed during swimming is much larger than that of onshore items such as running, and those extra aunts will quietly “dissolve in water” when wearing, so the effect of weight loss is more obvious.

      2, can avoid lower limb and waist sports injuries during weight loss exercise on land, because obese people are heavy, so that the body (especially the lower limbs and waist) must bear a large gravity load, resulting in reduced exercise capacity, easy fatigue,The interest in weight loss exercises is greatly reduced and can damage the joints and bones of the lower limbs.

    The swimming program is carried out in the water. A considerable part of the weight of obese people is borne by the buoyancy of water. Therefore, the lower limbs and waist will be much easier, and the risk of joint and bone injuries will be greatly reduced.

      3. You can enjoy natural massage services. When swimming, the buoyancy, distortion and pressure of water are an excellent massage for the human body, and have a cosmetic effect on the skin or skin.

    The tension of a person moving in water is 12 times greater than that on land. When the hands and feet move in the water, they can penetrate strong tension, so the muscles along the sides, hips, legs, and legs and legs can get good swimming.Exercise.

      When swimming, people’s metabolism is very fast. It can consume 1,100 calories in 30 minutes, and this metabolic rate can remain a little after you leave the water, so swimming is an ideal way to lose weight.

    For those who are relatively thin, swimming can increase weight instead, which is the result of the increase in muscle volume and weight due to the exercise effect of swimming on muscles.

      It can be said that swimming can make fat people swim thinner, and make thin people fat, so that everyone can have a smooth line.

  • Excessive pressure before the test is prone to gastrointestinal problems Drinking yogurt can help improve

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    Excessive pressure before the test is prone to gastrointestinal problems Drinking yogurt can help improve

    Xiao Wu, a senior in high school, suddenly had diarrhea a few days ago and was able to go to the toilet several times a day. This time, Xiao Wu’s mother was so bad that she had to take the college entrance examination in a few days, but it didn’t affect the exam.

    Xiao Wu’s mother took him to the hospital for an examination. It turned out not to be diarrhea caused by a bacterial infection. The doctor diagnosed it as “irritable bowel syndrome” (also called “irritable bowel syndrome”).

    The irritable bowel syndrome is generally said that when people are stressed, they will easily get angry. Do not mess with it at this time. If you provoke it, you will be prone to constipation, diarrhea, bloating, stomach pain and other symptoms. These symptoms are it.Anger.

      ”Irritable bowel syndrome caused by stress is still very common among college students, most of them are before the college entrance examination.
    Symptoms appeared at 2 weeks.

    Xue Yuzhu, deputy chief physician of the Nutrition Department of Zhengzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and nutrition consultant of Zhengzhou Yuankang Vocational Training School, told reporters that students with these symptoms should first take their children to the hospital to identify and test the stool to see if it is because of eatingIf diarrhea caused by unclean food or bacterial infection is ruled out, it may be due to the disorder of the interaction function caused by the high pressure of the college entrance examination. At this time, as long as mental guidance and dietary adjustments are made, there is usually no major problem.

      Xue Yuzhu said that when the pressure is too high, people’s digestive function will weaken, and some people may not have appetite. It is recommended to eat more spleen yam, lotus seeds, etc., drink some yogurt, or drink bifidobacteria, lactic acid bacteria, oligosaccharidesFructose, etc. regulates the gastrointestinal flora and restores body functions. If necessary, you can also take antidiarrheal drugs.

      Protein food is anti-fatigue. Even if the child does not have dysfunction problem, many parents will consult their children’s diet problems when they are about to enter the college entrance examination every year. Parents always want to give their children more nutrition at this time, so they welcome the children home every day.All are big fish and meat.

      ”Nervous over-learning. The brain is in a state of hypoxia, and protein foods have an anti-fatigue effect, but don’t over-supplement, because some children’s digestive function will also be affected before the college entrance examination. Excessive supplementation is not conducive to digestion and absorption.

    Xue Yuzhu said, you can eat meat food about two or two a day. Fish is the best brain food. If you eat fish, it is best to steam it and don’t fry it. If conditions permit, you can drink Yuan Yu Tang appropriately.If it is meat, it is classified with large meat. The trace content of beef is low and the protein is rich. Chicken, especially black chicken soup is hot, and you can choose pigeon meat or stew soup.

      Eggs and soy products can improve memory One egg per day. Eggs contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and proteins with high biological value. DHA and lecithin and yolk are beneficial to the development of the nervous system and the body., Improve memory, and promote liver cell regeneration.

    Beans are rich in protein, among which soy protein is the best plant-quality protein. So, soy is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins.

    Because of so many advantages, soy and its products have won the reputation of “vegetable meat”.

    Regularly eating legumes can not only improve the nutrient supply of the diet, but also avoid the effects of eating too much meat.

      Colorful foods can promote appetite and enhance immunity. Candidates eat colorful foods to promote appetite and enhance immunity.

    Such as: red food tomatoes, strawberries; purple food eggplants, onions, grapes; yellow food carrots, tangerines, oranges, etc .; green food greens, celery, broccoli; black foods black sesame, black fungus, etc .; white foods bamboo shoots, winter melon, etc.

    Vegetables and fruits must be fresh.

    It is best not to eat watermelon at night, because watermelon has a diuretic effect and affects sleep.

      In addition, to enhance immunity, you can eat more mushrooms, moderately high protein, and contain iron, zinc, calcium and other trace elements and vitamins, which is very beneficial to enhance your physical fitness.

    Mushrooms also contain essential amino acids in the human body, and the ratio is appropriate, which can prevent the effects of preventing impersonation and enhancing immunity.

    There are many types of mushroom foods, such as mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, and fungus.

  • Unmarried people, just use love to keep warm

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    Unmarried people, just use love to keep warm

    ● He just wants to get the temperature from love.

    She once had a rush to choose to break up because she mentioned future marriage.

    ● Finally, there was another woman who also believed in “just in love but not in marriage”, and was cited by him as a confidant to get along with each other.

    ● By accident, he visited her on the day of her birthday and found her “flower head”.

    He was so enraged that she was “enlightened” . “Spring is here, and I don’t feel warm, because I lost love again in the winter that just passed.

    “Bin’s writing is good, as if writing a love affair.

      Bin was dressed in business attire, with meticulous hair, using the latest mobile phone, and drinking only one kind of coffee.

    It looks like the kind of young white-collar worker who has a good educational background and career, and is confident and modest.

    What he tells is indeed a love affair, but it is also more like a confession of an urban male bachelor.

      As soon as I came up, a rare situation happened. Bin holding coffee and looking at me suddenly asked: “How many times have you been in love?”

    “I was stunned by God, but he already said it on his own.

      I have three girlfriends.

      I think I am a very sensitive person. Others say that I am cool, that is a superficial phenomenon.

    Love from the opposite sex easily moves me.

    In the first year of college, I didn’t know how it started, so I fell in love.

    The end of the love is also naive, and it’s over for a slap.

      It is strange that losing love is far stronger than losing her.

    Is it really like some people say that love is addictive?

    I have never felt so lonely, and I feel uncomfortable when I see other couples.

    In addition, I used to take this girlfriend to my house for dinner. My dead mother had treated her as a daughter-in-law, so every time I went home, I had to listen to her refusing me to fall in love.

    My relationship with my parents was not good. Depressed, I stopped going home on the weekends, but stayed in school to dance and meet girls.

    This is how Su Su met.

      Su Su is not from our school.

    I was struck by her timid, yet unable to hide her admiration.

    That’s the feeling of love, the feeling I want.

    The second time I met, I bought a rose for her.

    She was very docile and cared about people. That winter, she gave me a pair of warm woolen slippers, which was really envious of a chair in the dormitory buddies.

    I felt that the empty heart was full.

    Of course, I don’t care about the result anymore, or I don’t want the result.

    My parents always question my relationship with marriage as a goal, which makes me feel annoying.

    It makes me feel happy to care for Su Su, but I never take her to my house.

      I have been graduating to work during this relationship.

    That year, Su Su was also conceiving her own path after graduation, inadvertently calling it our future.

    Seeing the sweetness between her looks, my heart felt like a cold wind blowing by.

    I refuse to visit her house.

    I said, “You are as young as me. How do you think like my parents?

    Must I fall in love in order to get married?

    “She had some thoughts, but still called it softly:” Don’t you want to be with me forever?Oh, I have n’t graduated yet, so maybe you think it ‘s too early to say that, would you wait until I have a stable job?

    “The tacky wedding scene suddenly appeared in my head, and my personality broke up.

      The next night, I asked Susu to come out and meet at the bus stop where we often meet.

    The evening wind was a bit chill.

    I said to her: “Look at the couple holding hands here, how many will be together at this time next year?

    Holding hands may be just for heating.

    “I know that Su Su, although docile, has great pride.

    She said, “Well, I love someone who had planned to break up long ago.

    “Then I wanted to smile at me, and my reluctant smile turned into tears.

      Speaking of this, Binga said: “In fact, I was also a fragile person. At the time, I had a sore nose, but I immediately felt a relief.

    “After working, with financial means, I finally moved out of my parents ‘home, rented a house near the company, and became my parents’ puppet.

    I am very busy at work, and when I am busy, I am looking for my love.

    I often chat online in the middle of the night, and I feel sad at the bar alone on weekend nights.

      One night at the bar, I met Sunflower Seeds.

    At first, I didn’t dare to provoke this beautiful girl with a quiet appearance, but after chatting for a few days, I found that she was actually quite romantic.

    She says her work needs inspiration, and inspiration is hidden in those uncertain atmospheres.

    When I heard that she was like me, my parents were in the urban area, but I moved out to live alone, I felt like we were the same kind of people.

    But this time, I learned from Su Su’s lesson and didn’t want to make the warm love into a scene of crying and crying.

    So, in a later date where I wanted to establish a relationship, I told the seeds directly when I broke up with Su Su.

      After listening to me, Gua Zi blinked his big eyes and smiled purely: “You’re right.

    Love without worldly ends can remain beautiful.

    “I had an accident in my heart, covering her hands with her, and she did not refuse.

      I became a lover with melon seeds.

    From the beginning, there was a tacit agreement between us.

    Since our work place is far away, I usually only arrange dates with Guazi on weekends, and Guazi has no objection. She can say: “Love with freedom is perfect.

    “Every time I meet, the sweet-scented seeds make me feel very happy.

    But she refused when I absolutely moved the two together to share the rent, of course because of the “appointment” I said earlier.

    I think about it, and I feel a bit ashamed.

    You know, Guazi always abides by the rules of the game between us. We can do it on the weekends, but she never mentions such things as marriage.

    Even, she never came to me on weekdays.

      From the ranking, my parents always suspect that I do n’t buy a house or get married, and I think the seeds are more cute.

    One day, an old classmate of mine met my new beautiful girlfriend and asked me to show it.

    I called about Gua Zi to come out after work, and she wondered, “Today?

    Today is not the weekend.

    “She didn’t want to break the tacit understanding between us.

    I was a little dismissive of her stereotypes, but she made up her mind and said, “It’s better to hang out for dinner at the same time. It’s better to hang out at the weekend.

    Besides, I didn’t dress well today, I’m afraid to lose your face.

    “I laughed and imagined Guazi’s playful expression, so I compromised.

      On the weekend, several of our old classmates went together to play tennis.

    Gua Zi was really dressed in a pretty sport, holding my hand and smiling stubbornly at everyone.Gua Zi does not play tennis, so I played with her and watched it with concentration.

    Friends say that I am too happy.

    Since then, I have never asked to see her again on weekdays.

    Until her birthday.

      Bin suddenly sighed.

    He said that since Su Su’s affairs, he has been guarding his girlfriend from being too troublesome and turning love into a kind of bondage; at this point, Gua Zi reassured him at that time.

    It can be seen that he feels pretty good about girls.

      Her birthday is in winter.

    Since I fell in love with Gua Zi, I have been very nourished between my career and love.

    I decided to give her a romantic surprise that day.

    Early in the morning, I ordered fresh roses, 99 red and 99 pink, in two rows from the door to the aisle in my residence.

    Sunflower seeds are creative.

    I called Guazi and asked her to come over from work.

    Guazi said, “Today?

    Today is not the weekend.
    “Is she testing if I remember her birthday?”

    I felt so funny, and told her happily that I would celebrate for her at home. She agreed, and said that after work late today, I would like to be patient with her?

    My mouth filled my mouth and promised to wait for her at home.

    In fact, in the afternoon, I was expected to rush to the office where her company is located and wait for her in the downstairs lobby, but I didn’t tell her that I had arrived and let this little girl accidentally go.

      During the boring waiting period, I saw a man who delivered a courier came to the front desk with a bunch of flowers and called for seeds.

    I couldn’t help but stand up and take a closer look. It was a bunch of red roses.

    I re-sit heavily on some.

    After sending the courier to fill up the list went upstairs and came downstairs again, I couldn’t help but ask him the origin of the bunch of flowers.

    My gaze followed him outside the glass door, and I found that some roses were moving towards it.

    It was a young man who was very anxious. When he rushed into the lobby, he was stopped by the security guard and asked who to look for.

    He said he was looking for melon seeds and he was waiting for her to go downstairs.

      If I watch this happen to someone else, I will be laughed and sigh for coincidence in life.

    However, I couldn’t laugh, I was so angry, I went away.

    Outside the door, I called upstairs to congratulate her on her happy birthday and received so many roses of unknown origin.

    Then hop on the taxi and go home angrily.

      At night, the dusty melon seeds ring my doorbell.

    When she saw the flowers in the house, she rushed into my arms and asked me to listen to her explanation.

    I asked coldly, “What about your flowers?

    She said, they have been divided into pieces for each colleague-this is a polite and effective way of rejecting.

    Because the flower senders were just friends she made, and interested in her, not her lover.

    Seeing that I still didn’t believe her, she let go of her arms, stepped back, looked at me, and smiled slightly mockingly.

    She said that I couldn’t think of me sincerely. I used love to warm up and give love to freedom, but in the end they didn’t all fall into the old routine of possessiveness — not at all polite.

    After saying that, the door was still closed.

      Afterwards, she sent me a message, to the effect that the two of us are special and it is rare to be together. If she would like to continue, she would come back and ask me for forgiveness.

    I refused.She also sent a message saying, okay, I’m enough to give you face, so get together and goodbye, goodbye.

      Bin really is a educated person, and his expression just flashed, and he immediately said that he would not really remember the hate, and it was a quick thing to find a new girlfriend by himself, but there was always something inexplicable in my heartThe deviation between people’s understanding of love is really too great.

    I wonder if he remembered Su Su.

  • When buying gifts, consider the child’s maturity

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    When buying gifts, consider the child’s maturity

    It’s the end of the year, and in the New Year and Spring Festival, parents always prepare some gifts for their children.

    Before you pick the right gift, take a closer look at this article. Maybe the points in the article can help and remind you: Bradbra?

    Scott’s daughter lists New Year’s Eve gifts on New Year’s Eve: a cell phone, an iPod, a PlayStaion2, and a new laptop if possible.

      The injuries Scott encountered are typical of contemporary parents: what kind of gift is appropriate for a child?

      ”It’s really not a question of money,” said Scott, who lives in Seattle. “For me, I just don’t want my daughter to want anything because a friend has something.

    Child psychologists say parents should include internal factors such as their children’s maturity before spending a lot of money on these things.

      Experts recommend that parents ask themselves a few questions before considering buying gifts for their children: can we afford them?

    What are the risks?

    For example, should children use their mobile phones primarily for chatting or to communicate with their parents?

    Does the child actually need these things?

    Or just because friends are attracted to advertising?

      Child psychologist Lawrence?


    “Children often don’t need these things,” Shapiro said. “It’s just that advertising makes them feel they need it.

    A big question is whether the children are mature enough. For example, parents need to judge whether their children have the self-control to control the mobile phone talk time within the planned time, and whether they have the ability to resist the temptation to not pass personal information throughGet to know.

      In addition, parents must determine whether their children will be addicted to video games or listen to music through headphones for a long time.

      There are also physical problems, long-term use of computer keyboards can cause finger injuries, and some researchers are also worried about the harmful effects of mobile phone’s electronic radiation radiation health.

    And often, listening to loud concerts causes hearing loss.

      Scott weighed the pros and cons and finally decided that he would not buy a cell phone for his daughter; I hope that my daughter can buy iPod by helping others bring their children’s money; PlayStation2 will be her daughter’s New Year gift, but it should be used with her father.

  • There are 7 taboos to eat in the autumn tonic

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    There are 7 taboos to eat in the autumn tonic

    Core tips: Autumn is the season for jujube maturity. Jujube is rich in nutrients, sweet and refreshing, detoxifies and detoxifies, and can also be used as medicine.

    Eating several jujube teas or drinking a cup of jujube tea every morning has a good effect on blood.

    However, although jujube is delicious and nutritious, there are 7 issues to pay attention to when eating.


    Rotten and spoiled jujubes are not allowed to eat. After jujube rotting, micro-organisms multiply, and the pectinase in jujube continues to decompose pectin to produce pectinic acid and methanol.

      Eating rotting jujubes can cause dizziness in the light and damage the eyes, and can be life-threatening in the worst.


    It is not appropriate to consume vitamins and vitamin K in jujube at the same time as vitamins to break down, so that the therapeutic effect is reduced.


    It is not suitable to eat radish with cucumber or radish, ascorbic acid is contained. Cucumber contains vitamin decomposing enzymes. Two components can destroy vitamins in other foods.


    It is believed that the consumption of copper, iron and other elements in animal liver at the same time as animal liver, copper and iron ions can easily oxidize the vitamins contained in other foods and lose their efficacy.


    It is contraindicated to take antipyretic drugs while taking antipyretic drugs while eating foods with high sugar content, it is easy to form insoluble complexes and reduce the initial absorption rate.

    Jujube is a food with high sugar content, so it is forbidden to eat.


    When taking bitter stomach-strengthening medicine and drunk wind-strengthening stomach medicine, supplement bitterness and drunk stomach-strengthening medicine rely on the bitterness of the medicine to stimulate the taste organs, and increase the excitability of food to the center of the reflex to help digestion and increase appetite.

    If jujube is used when taking the above medicine, it will obviously affect the efficacy of the medicine.


    Caries pain, full lower abdomen, constipation should not be eaten, avoid eating with onions, fish.

      Chinese medicine believes that spring onions are foods that help heat and fire, and jujube also belongs to sexual Ganxin heat. At the same time, it is easy to make fire angry.

  • Elderly people pay attention to drugs that cannot be taken together

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    Elderly people pay attention to drugs that cannot be taken together

    The body organs of the elderly are in a period of gradual increase and deterioration, so some diseases are normal, but the elderly must pay attention to the choice of drugs, pay attention to the mix, but also pay attention to not mix and match, we must pay attention to methods.

      1, the central nervous system drugs in the treatment of insomnia in the elderly should pay attention to, the elderly central nervous system is more susceptible to dysfunction than other systems, the application of sedative hypnotics are more likely to have adverse reactions, adverse reactions are more likely to occur when combined drugs.

    If you take a barbiturate, you will have abnormal excitement and are more likely to have central inhibition.

    The combination of two or more sedative hypnotics can cause excessive sedation, ataxia, and confusion, especially in the morning and at night.

    If you also take cimetidine, chloramphenicol, isonicotinic acid, dicoumarin, etc., it will increase the central adverse reactions.

    Therefore, the elderly are not encouraged to take regular sedative and hypnotic drugs.

    If you must use short-acting or appropriate dose adjustment and extend the interval between medications, long-term use of benzodiazepines can produce physiological replacement, withdrawal symptoms will occur after stopping the drug.

    Therefore, we should pay attention to reasonable use and avoid abuse.

      2, cardiovascular system drugs in the treatment of cardiovascular disease in the elderly should pay attention to, the elderly are more sensitive to cardiac glycosides, a small dose may be toxic.

    Therefore, the incidence of digoxin poisoning in the elderly is higher than that of young people.

    The dose of digoxin should be halved when digoxin is combined with quinidine.

    Cardiac toxicity can be increased by low potassium in combination with cardiac glycoside drugs.

    When these two types of drugs are combined, attention should be paid to timely potassium supplementation to prevent arrhythmia.

    Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly generally give 1/2 or 1/4 of the conventional adult dose, and should be reduced in renal failure.

    The dosage should be adjusted according to the clinical manifestations and blood concentration during the medication.

    Older people are sensitive to oral anticoagulants and, if combined with antiplatelet agents, increase the risk of bleeding.

      3, hypoglycemic agents in the treatment of diabetes should pay attention to b-blockers, thiazide diuretics, glucocorticoids can eliminate the role of hypoglycemic agents, and salicylates, indomethacin, sulfonamides,Aminophylline can increase the hypoglycemic effect of thiourea drugs.

    In elderly patients with diabetes, beta blockers should be used with caution because they can mask hypoglycemia and make hypoglycemia difficult to detect.

    When taking antihypertensive drugs in elderly diabetic patients, thiazide diuretics should be avoided to avoid hyperglycemia.

      4, diuretic drug potassium diuretic and other drugs with potassium-extracting effects such as glucocorticoids, amphotericin B combined with potassium aggravation, senile renal dysfunction, easy to cause hypokalemia, and potassium supplementationEasy to lead to hyperkalemia.

    Hearing and vestibular dysfunction caused by furosemide and etalic acid may be aggravated by the combination with aminoglycoside antibiotics, so compatibility is prohibited.

    Aspirin, glycerin urinary osin and other anti-inflammatory drugs can reduce the diuretic effect of urea.

    Thiazide diuretics reduce calcium excretion from the kidneys, while calcium supplementation may cause elevated blood calcium.

      5, antibiotics in the elderly with antibiotics to treat infectious diseases should pay attention to the emergence of double infection, especially in the elderly with weak constitution is more likely to appear.

    The elderly have less water, liver and kidney dysfunction, and are prone to high blood levels and toxic reactions, which aggravate the damage of liver and kidney function.

      Therefore, the elderly medicine must be mastered with the principle of being small and precise. When selecting drugs, it is necessary to consider the past diseases and the functions of various organs. When comprehensive treatment of various chronic diseases, the variety of drugs should be simple, generally no more than five.

    When more than 5 kinds of drugs are used, it is necessary to consider whether it is necessary to use the drug. Any drug that does not correct the effect and is poorly tolerated may be considered for discontinuation.

    If the condition is critical and multiple drugs are needed, the following five drug principles should be followed after the condition is stable.

      In addition, to prove non-drug therapy, do not rush to use some drugs that can be used without medication.

    Such as early diabetes, diet therapy can be used; mild hypertension can be treated by limiting sodium, exercise, weight loss, etc.; elderly constipation can eat more crude fiber food; insomnia, more dream patients, can control the evening mental labor and smoke, teaWait, and receive good results; senile depression, can be treated by counseling, psychological guidance, etc.; arthritis patients can be treated by physical therapy, the effect is usually better than medication.