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  • World Games Circuit (603920): Hard Practice

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    World Games Circuit (603920): Hard Practice

    Event: The company announced the 2019 third quarter report, and realized revenue from January to September.

    66 ppm, an increase of 9 in ten years.

    08%; net profit attributable to mother 2.

    170,000 yuan, an increase of 32 in ten years.

    26%; net profit of non-attributed mothers2.

    4.0 billion, an annual increase of 22.

    96%; cash flows from operating activities3.

    89 ppm, a 126-year increase.


    Production capacity increased quarter by quarter.

    Judging from the single quarter of Q3, revenue and net profit increased each year.

    04% and an increase of 37.

    55%, compared with Q2 single quarter revenue growth of 7.

    97%, net profit increased by 24% and Q1 single quarter revenue increased by 7.

    8% and net profit increased 41.

    56%, indicating that the company’s capacity utilization rate has been increasing quarter by quarter. We judge that the probability of raising funds in the first phase has reached a standard that exceeds 50%.

    More than 90% of the company’s revenue comes from Japan, South Korea and the United States and Europe’s 青岛夜网 automotive electronics, home appliances, communications and other giants, especially the breakthroughs in Japanese and South Korean automotive electronics giants will gradually increase the company’s future production capacity.

    Enhanced comprehensive capabilities.

    As of Q3 2019, the overall gross profit margin was 23.

    85%, an increase of 2 per year.

    For the 51 single ones, we judge that the overall gross profit margin increase in the next few quarters will accelerate with the increase in production capacity and the company’s fixed asset investment growth rate will accelerate, and eventually reach or exceed 30% in 2021.

    The company’s Q3 single quarter R & D expenses, sales expenses and management expenses increased by 31 respectively.

    66%, 37.

    6%, 60.

    95%, the average growth rate is far higher than the growth rate of revenue, which means that the company is focusing on the development of new customers and the improvement of internal management capabilities while increasing the research and development of new products. We judge that the company’s comprehensive competitiveness will be further enhanced.

    Profit forecast and investment recommendations We believe that the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 will be 3 respectively.

    2 billion, 4.

    500 million and 6.

    320,000 yuan, corresponding to 0 EPS in 2019-2021.

    78, 1.

    10 and 1.

    54 yuan, corresponding PE is 21 respectively.

    2, 15 and 10.

    7 times, based on the company’s possible breakthrough in the Japanese and South Korean automotive electronics giants, we still give a “Buy” rating.

    Risk warning: PCB price drop risk; copper clad plate price rise risk

  • Xiamen Tungsten Industry (600549) Incident Review: Ternary Trend of Battery Material Capacity Expansion Increasing

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    Xiamen Tungsten Industry (600549) Incident Review: Ternary Trend of Battery Material Capacity Expansion Increasing

    Event: Recently, the company issued an announcement to quickly occupy the market of medium and high nickel materials for automotive power in order to meet the demand of new and energy vehicles for medium and high nickel materials.

    The company’s subsidiary Xiamen Xiamen Tungsten New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. plans to invest 18.

    USD 4.8 billion to build a 2-inch automotive lithium-ion material.

    The product types are mainly medium and high nickel ternary materials, replacing pure electric and plug-in electric vehicles.

    Comment: The revenue of short-term materials business has grown rapidly, and the top companies in the industry have achieved sales revenue of 195 in 2018.

    5.7 billion, an increase of 37 in ten years.


    Among them, battery materials business income reached 71.

    62 ppm, an increase of 75 in ten years.


    The growth of the battery materials business was significantly higher than other businesses. The overall performance of the new energy materials business in the first three quarters was good, but the rapid decline in the price of cobalt in the fourth quarter led to a reduction in product prices, leading to profit substitution.

    According to GGII data, the size of China’s lithium battery ternary material market reached USD 26.3 billion in 2018, an increase of more than 52.

    9%; the amount of 13.

    68 growth rate, 57% per year.

    The company’s battery material production and sales last year was 2.

    Around 5, it ranks among the top in the industry.

    Company customers include Ningde Times, BYD and Panasonic.

    Based on the main business to expand the new energy business and increase the speed of the increase in the layout of the company. The company entered the lithium ion variable materials industry earlier. It has a transformed technological advantage, business scale advantage, market and customer advantage. Announced.

    Which lithium cobaltate 1.

    Four, 1,000 tons of lithium iron 四川耍耍网 phosphate and lithium manganate, ternary material 1.

    5 nominal.

    The first phase of the 6000-ton project at the Sanming Base has been completed and put into operation; the equipment selection for the second phase has begun and it is planned to start production in August 2019; the Ningde base has an annual output of a power lithium-ion material production line project for a car at the end of 2018.Commissioning; The first phase of 6000 tons of lithium ion ternary initial material project for Haicang base 1 has been completed and put into operation, and the second phase equipment is being installed and commissioned.

    In March 2019, the new energy vehicle subsidy policy was officially implemented. The new policy continued to optimize technical indicators, put forward key support for high-quality products with a high level of technology, and steadily increase the intelligence requirements for power battery energy density doors.

    With the gradual acceleration of the marketization of the new energy automobile industry, whether it is a change in the structure of downstream new energy automobile products or the power battery, the direction of the production capacity of transition materials has shown the trend of “consumer upgrade” in the entire industry.

    Ternary primary materials have high specific energy technical advantages. On the basis of ensuring safety, their market share will gradually increase.

    In the first quarter of 2019, the installed capacity of ternary material batteries accounted for more than 70%, especially the throughput of medium and high nickel ternary materials.

    The investment and construction of the company’s annual production of an initial ternary medium and high nickel material production line confirms our judgment on the future technology trend of the power battery industry.

    Profit forecast and investment recommendations We estimate the company’s net profit attributable to mothers to be 5 in 2019/2020/2021.



    94 ppm, corresponding EPS is 0.



    49 yuan.

    The corresponding PE for 2018/2019/2020 is 40/35/31 times.

    Give “overweight” rating.

    Risk reminder: supplementary tax rebate results in an increase in the industry’s gross profit margin; downstream product technology upgrade progress is less than expected.

  • Dongfang Shenghong (000301): Performance Meets Expectations, Injects Refinery Projects, Opens Growth Space

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    Dongfang Shenghong (000301): Performance Meets Expectations, Injects Refinery Projects, Opens Growth Space

    Investment points: The company will achieve EPS0 in 2018.

    21 yuan, performance in line with expectations.

    The company was formerly known as Guowang Hi-Tech. It was listed on the backdoor in 2018. According to the company’s announcement, the company’s operating income in 2018 was 184.

    4 trillion, an increase of 13 over the same period last year.

    13%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

    470,000 yuan, a decrease of 40 over the same period last year.


    The initial decline in performance was due to the company’s provision for impairment of 杭州夜网论坛 goodwill during the reporting period5.

    Attributable to US $ 9.9 billion, the goodwill was formed as a result of the company’s reverse acquisition of asset restructuring.

    The Air Force Company issued a 2018 performance forecast on January 24, 2019, and it is expected to gradually realize net profit attributable to mothers.

    5 billion?

    500 million, this performance announcement is in line with our expectations.

    Relying on high-end positioning 18Q4 industry trough performance is relatively stable.

    In the fourth quarter of 2018, the company’s polyester processing industry, where the company’s current main business is located, saw a change in industry prosperity. In the same industry, the company’s business situation and other circumstances, the company in the fourth quarter of 18 can still maintain profit and achieve net 南宁桑拿 profit return to mother1.

    9.6 billion, mainly due to the company’s positioning of high-end among the filament varieties, DTY products accounted for 57% of operating income in 2018.

    45%, FDY accounts for 14.

    2%, affected by the cycle of the polyester industry is relatively weak, and the profitability of the low point of prosperity will be more stable than other varieties. The conversion projects with a conversion of 20 in 19 have been put into operation successively, and profits have been improved by continuously optimizing the product structure.

    Inject refining and chemical projects to open up room for growth.

    On March 8, 2019, Jiangsu Shenghong Petrochemical Industry Development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, cashed in 100% equity of Shenghong Refining and Chemicals with a transaction price of 10.

    1.1 billion.

    Shenghong Refinery is the main body of the implementation of the “Shenghong 1600t / year Refining and Chemical Integration Project”. This project is listed as a major project in Jiangsu Province. Construction started on December 14, 2018. It is currently in the initial stage of construction and is expected toCompleted and put into production in 2021.

    The total scale of the project is 1600 / year refining, 280 tons / year p-xylene and 110 / year / ethylene, and the total investment is 774.

    7 trillion, of which construction investment is 696.

    According to the “Feasibility Study Report”, the expected average annual operating income of production under $ 60 is $ 79.1 billion, and the average annual net profit is $ 7.1 billion.

    After the petrochemical project is put into production, its PX products will open up the upstream and downstream of the polyester industry chain, enhance competition in the polyester field, and at the same time, the profitability of petroleum and petrochemical projects will be objective, which will bring growth to the company.

    Investment suggestion: As the Group’s PTA assets have not yet been injected, the profit from the merger of PTA business will not be considered for the time being. At the same time, the refining and chemical project will be completed and put into operation in 2021, and this part of performance will not be considered for the time being.

    Regarding the existing polyester business, the industry’s demand situation in 19 years is temporarily unclear. With reference to the company’s annual report operation and performance, reduce 2019?
    2020 performance forecast is 0.

    39 yuan and 0.

    54 yuan, (0 before adjustment.

    42 yuan and 0.

    56 yuan), the new forecast for 2021 is 0.

    56 yuan, corresponding PE is 16X / 11X / 11X, taking into account the subsequent additional projects put into production, has growth, maintaining the “overweight” level.

    The main risks are: the sharp drop in oil prices; the deterioration of the supply-demand relationship in the polyester industry; the company’s refining and chemical project construction and production progress is less than expected.

  • Luoyang Molybdenum Industry (603993): Continue to tap the endogenous potential of cobalt business prospects are optimistic

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    Luoyang Molybdenum Industry (603993): Continue to tap the endogenous potential of cobalt business prospects are optimistic

    Recent Situation of the Company On February 13, we invited the company’s management to have in-depth exchanges with investors on market concerns such as the impact of the outbreak and production planning.

    Comment on technological transformation to tap endogenous potential and continue to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

    1) Columbia (gold) sector: At present, the company is promoting the Tenke ore processing capacity improvement project, which is expected to be completed by the end of the third quarter of 2020. By then, the daily ore processing capacity will be increased by nearly 30%.positive influence.

    In the long term, through the method of acid leaching tailings recovery and sulfide mining, there is room for further improvement in Tenke copper production.

    In addition, by constructing cobalt drying systems, reducing outsourcing contracts, and investing in quicklime plants, Tenke has steadily advanced its cost reduction and increase projects; 2) Brazil segment: The company deployed a number of headquarters engineers to Brazil in 2019, hoping to improve the recovery belowThe short-term may have a certain impact on the output of ≤, but the long-term ≤ plate will increase the growth space; 3) the Australian plate: the Northparkes mine is decentralizing the mining of a new ore body, and at the same time, the impact of the decline in grade.

    The company is relatively optimistic about cobalt prices.

    The company believes that Glencore’s output may drop by 1-2 tons this year, and the DRC’s control over hand-held ore has also been strengthened.

    On the demand side, the company believes that this year’s demand for cobalt from consumer electronics and new energy vehicles may be very large, the industry inventory may be faster than expected, and the long-term reasonable price of cobalt is around $ 20 / lb.

    Because the market is worried about the impact of the epidemic on domestic smelters, the recent MB cobalt prices and domestic cobalt salt prices have continued to rise. The company believes that if production and logistics continue to be affected by the epidemic, there is no room for greater growth in cobalt prices in the short term.

    The short-term impact of the epidemic is manageable.

    1) Domestically, the company ‘s Luoyang Molybdenum and Tungsten Headquarters did not stop during the Spring Festival. At present, the logistics of raw materials and finished products are not affected significantly. If the epidemic situation can be controlled in a short period of time, the actual impact on the company will be limited.

    2) Overseas, the operations of the mines in Colombia (Gold), Brazil and Australia are basically unaffected; but if the epidemic continues for a long time, causing Indonesian personnel and equipment flow to be blocked, it may affect the company ‘s equity participation in the China-Vietnam nickel-cobalt wet smelting projectAffect the construction progress.

    It is estimated that the company is expected to complete the acquisition of IXM in 2019, which will contribute to the company’s revenue, but considering that the profitability of trading companies has increased, and the company has not disclosed detailed segment information, we maintain the company’s profit forecast for 2019, 2020 and 2021 to 18 billion yuan.28 trillion and 33 trillion.

    The current company A / H meets the corresponding 39/25 times 2020 P / E ratio.

    We maintain our outperformed industry rating on A / H shares, but 合肥夜网 considering the expected demand and the improvement of the industry structure, we raise the company’s A / H share target price by 17% / 32% to 5.

    83 yuan / 5.

    26 Hong Kong dollars, corresponding to 45/35 times 2020 P / E ratio, there is 16% / 39% upside compared with the current one.

    The effect of technological transformation and cost reduction of risk companies was less than expected, and metal prices fell significantly.

  • Exercise 3 hours a week to create a temperamental beauty

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    Exercise 3 hours a week to create a temperamental beauty

    Core tip: Women need to be “changeable” to attract the attention of men. They must not only be gentle and elegant like a small family and jade, but also be as heroic and aggressive as a savage girlfriend or be meek and cute as a pet.

    Yoga makes you like Xiaojiabiyu, boxing exercises make you highlight your personality, as long as you exercise, you are the cutest woman.

      Women are naturally beautiful, and they want to be the target of most attention wherever they go.

    So what “capital” do you want to be the target of attention?

    The answer is the inner temperament and the outer appearance. The temperament is cultivated from a young age, but the appearance can be changed.

    Today, Xiaobian recommends a beautiful fitness plan for female friends. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

      A beauty who wants to achieve “internal and external training” through fitness has a condition to exercise at least three times a week.

    Persistent exercise is the theme of having beauty forever.

      1. Jogging: One hour per week is devoted to running. Running can not only make you sweat, detox, improve the function of the cardiovascular and circulatory system, but also burn extra aunts to help you build a better body shape.

    Remember, you must not stay for an hour, because research shows that the body’s aunts begin to burn a lot after at least 30 minutes during running.

      Jogging can detoxify beauty 2. Outdoor yoga: On the outdoor grass or bamboo forest or river, spread a piece of comfortable and clear yoga clothes listening to the beautiful music, and gently swing your body with the music, sometimes like a cat,Sometimes like a bird, stretching his body in all directions.

    Invisibly, you will gradually feel that you have been away from the hustle and bustle of the city, forget the worries of life, and perform a fresh and refined soul washing.

      Outdoor Yoga Washes the Mind 3, Fighting Exercise: Fighting Exercise makes you set aside that annoying ladylike image, regain your self-confidence, release your passion, scream loudly, and sweat well, to find your own “Heroism.

    Although this exercise looks rough and wild, it can let you release stress well, and at the same time can consume a lot of your aunt to achieve fitness effects.

      Fighting can be fatal. Women need to be “changeable” to attract more men ‘s attention. They must not only be gentle and elegant like a small family and jade, but also be as aggressive as a savage girlfriend or be meek and cute as a pet.

    Yoga makes you like Xiaojiabiyu, boxing exercises make you highlight your personality, as long as you exercise, you are the cutest woman.

    Finally, keep in mind that the above three sports are guaranteed at least 1 hour for each exercise.

  • How to know if your ovaries are young

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    How to know if your ovaries are young

    Some people use these legitimacy as a sign of youth, and the arrival of menopause means aging, because some women want to replace menopause.

    So, is menopause a sign of ovarian aging?

    What could be a sign of legitimate youth?

    ● What are the signs of the true age of these ovaries? Doctors introduce that women’s unique body shape and growth ability are inseparable from ovarian function, and the egg directly determines the quality of ovarian function.

    Generally, the follicles in the ovaries of women of childbearing age are dormant for a long time, but a few of them will “wake up” from sleep and increase in volume during menstrual cycles.Ovulation promoting growth, development, maturation and excretion.

    The number of sinusoidal follicles is what doctors call “ovarian reserve function”, which is a sign that medical science has always been at actual age.

    ● Understand ovarian reserve function, vaginal B-ultrasound is the best method. So, how can we know the ovarian reserve function?

    Vaginal ultrasound is the best way to accurately understand ovarian reserve function.

    Unlike the abdominal B-ultrasound, the urine should be completely emptied before the vaginal ultrasound examination, and it does not require hard urine. The examination time is 3-5 minutes.

    The volume of the vaginal ultrasound probe is very small, and most patients do not feel special during the examination.

    Of course, because the doctor must force the probe against the vaginal wall to obtain high-quality ultrasound images, a small number of patients may feel a little painful swelling, and then the experienced doctor will let the patient take a deep breath to relieve the discomfort.

    Due to the limitation of the probe’s technical parameters, the abdominal B-ultrasound cannot accurately determine the number of sinusoidal follicles.

    ● The most suitable time to check is on the 3-5th day of menstrual cramps. For women with normal menstrual cycles, it is generally recommended to check on the 3-5 days of menstrual cramps; and patients with abnormal menstrual cycles can be detected at any time without having to force menstrual crampsIn particular, progesterone should not be used for examinations to induce menstruation.

    Patients who want to check the ultrasound are recommended to find a specialist in reproductive medicine to check and analyze the results.

  • The weather turns cold and eat sesame to prevent dryness and lungs?

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    The weather turns cold and eat sesame to prevent dryness and lungs?

    The cold dew has passed and the weather has changed from cool to cold.

    According to the four seasons health theory of Chinese medicine “Spring Yang Xia Yang, Autumn Winter Y Yang”, people should nourish yin, prevent dryness, and nourish lungs and stomach.

    As a result, folks have the custom of “Hanlu eats sesame”.

    In Beijing, sesame-related foods have become Hanlu’s previous hits, such as hanlu sesame crisp, sesame mung bean cake, sesame sesame cake and so on.

      Sesame, in the medical monographs such as “Shen Nong’s Compendium of Materia Medica” and “Compendium of Materia Medica”, have high evaluations: strengthening the spleen and stomach, facilitating urination, and the five internal organs, helping digestion, accumulating stagnation, lowering blood pressure, smoothing and neutralizing,Relieves wheezing and cough, can cure neurasthenia, anti-aging.

    Sesame is widely concentrated on people’s diet: sesame, half of early rice, added to the purple river car, ground into fines, implanted with honey pills, taken sooner or later, can treat impotence, soft waist and legs.

      Black sesame, Chinese wolfberry, Polygonum multiflorum, Hanging chrysanthemum, decoction with water, can treat kidney deficiency and dizziness, early white hair.

      Stir-fried black sesame powder, and use the trotter soup to brew it, which can cure less postpartum milk.

      Stir-fried black sesame seeds, add the same amount of walnut meat, grind at the end, take two tablespoons each morning and evening, and deliver with honey water to treat dizziness and dry stool.

      Sesame is divided into white sesame and black sesame.

    It is better to eat white sesame, and medicinal to black sesame.

    White sesame is often referred to as “sesame”, and the “black” word of “black sesame” cannot be omitted or redundant.

    The proverb says: “Chew black sesame and live to a hundred years without white hair”, which means “black sesame has grown”.

    Black sesame is also called flax, black fat flax, flax kernel.

    In the prescriptions written by traditional Chinese medicine, the common “flax seed” is actually black sesame seeds.

    In Chinese medicine, black sesame can be almost formed, and it also has skin-care and skin-care effects. If you eat black sesame, dry and rough skin can become fine, smooth and tender, thus delaying aging.

      There is also a saying: “Sesame mung bean cake, don’t eat long buns.”

    This also revealed that both sesame and mung beans have a detoxifying function.

    The sesame oil extracted from sesame seeds is not only a seasoning for hot and cold dishes, but also widely used in food therapy to detoxify: take sesame oil, take vomiting, and treat inadvertent poisoning.

      Put the scallion into the sesame oil, rub the finger on the child’s face and back to detoxify the cold muscles and treat the fever of the child.

      Rub your head with sesame oil to treat plum blossom bald moles.

      It seems that both sesame and sesame oil are closely related to people’s diet and health, and the custom of “cold dew eating sesame” has even more emphasized the role of sesame in “four seasons health”.

      After the cold dew, the cold air grows, everything gradually declines, and the human body changes with it: colds, colds, chronic bronchitis, exacerbation of bronchial asthma, chronic gastritis, and gastric ulcers are prone; high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases occur frequently.

    Therefore, the diet and health after the cold dew should follow the principle of nourishing yin and moisturize, eat less spicy food, eat more sesame, glutinous rice, previous rice, honey, dairy products and other soft foods, and increase chicken, duck, beef,Pork liver, fish and shrimp, jujube, yam, etc. to enhance physical fitness.

      Below, we recommend a medicated diet ratio using black sesame as raw material-black sesame steak: raw materials: black sesame, 50 grams each of flour, 200 grams of beef tenderloin, 1 egg, refined salt, chili oil, and vegetable oil.

      Method: Cut beef tenderloin into 12 cm long, 8 cm wide, 0.

    6 cm thick pieces, each separated by 0.

    Scoop 6 cm into a bowl, add salt, pickle and taste.

    Beat the eggs into an egg paste.

    Dip both sides of the beef slices into dry flour, put them in a bowl, hang the egg paste, sprinkle black sesame seeds and compact.

    Add vegetable oil to the pot. When it is hot to 60%, add beef slices one by one. After 2 minutes, turn the beef slices over and fry for a while. When the steak is golden brown, remove it and drain the oil.

    Cut each steak into 8 small pieces, arrange them neatly on the plate, serve on the dining table, and serve with a plate of chili oil.

      Food and nutrition effect: nourishing qi and nourishing blood, moistening intestines and nourishing hair, strengthening muscles and bones.

  • Wrong pace, baby walks unconsciously

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    Wrong pace, baby walks unconsciously

    Guide: Baby learns to walk, but it is a life-long event.

    From the beginning of learning to crawling to paralyzing, to learning to walk, parents are participants and helpers.

    Therefore, parents of this article are not to be missed!

      A baby needs a process from crawling to walking. Wrestling will occur countless times while the child learns to walk. When the child can really take a few steps, the parent is happier than the child.

    However, there will be errors in the walking posture of the child, and if not corrected in time, it may affect the walking posture of the child in the future.

      The first: he walks like a western cowboy with his legs spread apart, as if trained by equestrian.

    Before 2 years old, if his legs are like a bracket, you don’t have to worry too much.

    However, if you do this all the time, it may indicate a calcium deficiency and vitamin intake and you need treatment.

    In some cases, the child’s legs can also be cast to help correct the child’s legs.

    It is only necessary to be performed by a doctor in the case of a confirmed diagnosis.

      The second type: he walks with his thighs in the shape of an x-shaped leg. He is generally unwilling to walk (he ca n’t walk a long distance, and he cuddles to hug if he walks a little way). Many of the children who are not moving are common.

    Some people are unfriendlyly called “big butt syndrome”.

    Sometimes this posture is a national muscle-bearing exercise.

    Generally, as long as you do a little exercise, even a little gymnastics training around the age of 8, you can point this indecent walking posture.

      Third: He always stumbles.
    It’s been a month and a half since he left, but why does he always stumble?

    Until 1 and a half years old, this was completely normal.

    After taking the first step, it still takes about 3?
    In 6 months, the child can control his footsteps well.

    Without the stumbling process, it is impossible to completely control your own pace.

    However, children in this period often fall down!

    His muscles are not very strong yet.

    Even if the balance is maintained, his inner ear needs to be consumed to record all the parameters.

    However, when he was about 2 years old, if he walked on the path in the park, he still stumbled. Unless he intended to do so, he would take him to the doctor.

    If the doctor doesn’t notice neurological problems, he may suggest that you go to an orthopedic doctor to rule out problems with the skeleton structure.

      The first: he walks like a crab, with his legs facing inward, like a big clip!

    This kind of walking posture is common among children who have just learned to walk.

    In the first few years, as the child walked, he looked forward, with his feet inward.

    About 3 years old, when his thigh and calf muscles are stronger, this walking posture will disappear.

    If his feet are always facing inward, and you feel that this walking posture is really indecent, you can pay attention to let him sit cross-legged instead of having his legs crossed while he is sitting on the ground and playing.

    Or buy him hard-top shoes. In less than a year, you can correct his walking posture.

      Fifth: He walks like a duck. This is a physiological problem, because he still has flat feet.

    The child needs to hone the muscles of the soles of his feet during the walking process to get an arc.

    95% of children will have a natural curvature before the age of 5.

    Stepping on a three- or two-wheeled baby stroller, the arc of the sole of the child’s foot will restart.

    If your child feels nervous about walking, you can also let him play with a pencil, a handkerchief or a large button when he is about 2 years old; during the game, hold the child ‘s hand and let him step on the barrel; orEncourage him to walk on toes.

    It is normal for a baby to have flat feet. Conversely, if the baby is arched, it is likely to indicate a neurological disorder.

  • Quickly slim down and recognize 9 sports weight loss misunderstandings

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    Quickly slim down and recognize 9 sports weight loss misunderstandings

    Exercise is the most effective way to lose weight, and it is also the most trusted way to lose weight.

    However, in the process of exercise and weight loss, there are some misunderstandings in the exercise of weight loss.

    Misunderstanding plus wrong exercise, gradually reducing the effect is not ideal.

    The following 9 common error areas should be avoided as much as possible.

      First, I have done a hundred sit-ups and side-bends every day for several weeks in a row. Why can’t I eliminate my waist aunt?

      Sit-ups sitting on the enhanced abdominal muscles and reducing the local slightness are impossible.

    A certain amount of weight loss can be achieved through exercise, but it has little effect on certain areas.

    Because the human body is born with some unfortunate parts.

    Males are on the ribs and abdomen, and women are on the thighs, buttocks and buttocks.

    These parts are too fat to lose weight slowly.

      Second, if I insist on lifting weights to exercise and lose weight, it will be as muscular as a bodybuilder.

      No – unless you have a gene similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Even then you have to be as nervous as a bodybuilder, and high-intensity physical exercise will be muscular.

    The average person who exercises three times a week for half an hour will not achieve this form.

      Third, I don’t want to lose weight. I only want to be fit and lose weight in all parts of the body.

      Weight cannot be redistributed.

    If you want to maintain a beautiful body shape, you must reduce your aunt.

    It is simply impossible to “coagulate” aunt into muscle or redistribute it.

      Fourth, I don’t want to exercise my muscles, because once I stop exercising my muscles, I become awkward.

      Don’t worry that muscles don’t turn into cockroaches, and cockroaches don’t turn into muscles.

    Many athletes get fat after retiring because they don’t exercise as much as they do when they are in service. They consume less energy and eat as good as they used to.

      Five, every time I step on the exercise bike, I always press hard on the pedal until I sweat, and I will stop when I breathe.

    I am very proud because I consuming enough energy to avoid unfortunate accumulation.

      Exercise time is more important than intensity in energy consumption.

    An ordinary person can’t run at full speed, or step on the pedal with high intensity.

    A smooth jog consumes more energy than a fierce sprint energy.

    So as long as you insist on some easy exercise, walking, dancing, etc. can prevent obesity.

      Sixth, if you don’t feel pain during exercise, you can’t burn it, no gain.

      If you are training for the Olympics, this may be true.

    But for the average person, pain is a warning, not a sign of achievement.

    Everyone should pay attention to the signal of the body. If you are injured in sports, stop it.

    There is a difference between pain and discomfort, and true pain means injury.

    The way to treat injuries is to rest to prevent the pain from increasing and affecting your health.

      Seven, I want to lose weight quickly and lose weight. I wear a sweatshirt when I walk, I hope I can sweat more.

      Increasing sweating can only speed up dehydration, and the weight seems to be lighter, but it will return to its original level within 24 or 36 hours. This is just a short physical dehydration process.

    And under certain conditions, this dehydration process is extremely dangerous.

    Because excessive sweating can cause heat stroke, and even shock coma.

    Therefore, it is best to wear light and loose clothes during fitness exercises.  Eight, the best exercise in the morning.

      Exercise should not have time limits.

    People agree with morning exercises because after a whole night’s sleep, the organs of the body have not yet fully entered the state, and morning exercises can quickly “recover” people.

      Nine, if exercise is good for the body, you can speed up weight loss, it should be more good.

      Although it is a good thing, if you do too much, the result is not necessarily good.

    There will be a certain critical point in exercise. If you exercise 3 times a week, you will gain something; and if you exercise 6 times a week, your gain will definitely not double.

    Excessive exercise only increases the risk of injury.

  • Sweet traps in the bakery secret

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    Sweet traps in the bakery secret

    Many old people like the unique fluffy taste of soft bread.

    What secrets can be hidden behind such fluffy?

      Capture 1: Fluffy bread improvers Many bakeries have this kind of fluffy bun sold.

    A head usually has a small bowl size and the price is only 1-1.

    Between 5 yuan.

    But if you squeeze this bread hard, you will find that the dough is actually less than 1/3 of the bread volume!

    Miao Jiaqi, a senior engineer in bread making with 50 years of experience, pointed out that this is all the “credit” of bread improvers.

      “Traditional bread making methods do not require the use of bread improvers. Generally sweet bread is only high-gluten flour, eggs, sugar, paste, yeast.

    Miao Jiaqi said that the bread improver can make the bread softer and more elastic, and effectively delay the drying time of the bread. More importantly, the volume is larger than the traditional method and the selling is better.

      ”The same big dough, the traditional way of making bread will expand.

    5 to 2 times, and the bread with the modifier is expanded by 2 to 3 times. If the modifier is added in a large amount, the expansion ratio may be.

    In this way, at least the use of flour is less, and the way to reduce costs, of course, some people like to use.

    “The use of bread improvers is actually some open secret, because it can cover up the defects of raw materials, but also mask the skill of the master.

    Fan Zhihong, an associate professor at the College of Food Science, China Agricultural University, told reporters that bread improvers are a general term for a range of additives, including emulsifiers, tougheners, and mildew inhibitors.

      The use of modifiers within the scope of national regulations is not hazardous.

    However, recent quality inspections have found that some businesses add banned potassium bromate to the bread improver. Although it can cause whitening, strong gluten and increase elasticity, it may cause cancer.

      How do you tell if an excessive amount of modifier is added to the bread?

    Miao Jiaqi said, don’t try to be too soft, so it is best not to buy such bread.

    It is normal for the bread to be less than 2 times the size of the dough. If it is exceeded, it should be vigilant.

      Capture 2: Whole wheat bread is dyed with whole-grain bread to supplement dietary fiber. B-vitamins are more abundant, protein is more abundant, and there is also the effect of slimming and slimming. The health trend is getting more and more popular, and the whole wheat bread is more popular.Welcome.

      The price of whole wheat bread is often about twice as expensive as ordinary white bread.

    The average brand in the supermarket, the same weight of white bread is less than 4 dollars, and the whole wheat bread is more than 6 pieces.

    The price difference in the bakery is about 6 yuan for a bag of plain bread, and about 10 yuan for whole wheat.

    Aunt Liu has diabetes, and the doctor told her to eat more whole grains, so even if it is expensive, Liu Aunt only buys whole wheat every time.

      “Not only the whole wheat bread is expensive, but the whole wheat flour is also more expensive than ordinary flour,”
    Miao Jiaqi said. “But whole wheat bread is not made with whole wheat flour, even whole wheat flour with some wheat flour.

    Foreign whole wheat breads have a uniform standard, and most of them use commercially available pre-mixed powder of uniform specifications.

    But there is no standard yet, so 40% of the whole wheat flour is called whole wheat bread, and only 5% of whole wheat flour is called whole wheat bread.

    “But if the whole wheat flour is too little, it will not show the “whole wheat” look.

    Therefore, there is a black or brown pigment such as caramel color added to the bread in the bakery to get away with it.

      Fan Zhihong said that caramel is a commonly used pigment and has little harm to the human body.

    However, this dyed “pseudo-wine bread” has low nutritional value and no corresponding health effects, especially the progressive blood sugar rate is much higher than the real whole wheat bread.

    If a person with diabetes eats for a long time, it will cause great harm to health.

      How can I choose the real whole wheat bread?

    Miao Jiaqi said, first of all, whole wheat bread is relatively rough.

    Pay attention to the observation when buying, whether the organization is too delicate, whether there is a lot of natural bran in the bread.

    In essence, whole wheat bread should be naturally brown and not so uniform in brown.

    If the bread is too dark, it may be fake if it is close to black.
    Once again, the whole wheat bread is more flexible and the taste is not so fluffy.
    Finally, it can be completely discerned with a rough taste.

      Trap 3: Crispy pineapple bag, croissant bag, all with margarine sweet and soft, crispy pineapple bag is a favorite of many people.

    This is all thanks to the large amount of paste in the bread.

    In fact, not only pineapple bags, Danish croissants and other similar crispy and fragrant breads require a lot of paste, almost all of which require butter.

    According to Miao Jiaqi’s disclosure, margarine is basically used now.

    Not only are those cheap bakeries, but so are many well-known chain stores.

    “Pure natural oils are generally imported, which requires more than 10,000 tons, and artificial flour is only about 6,000.

    “Artificial oils contain a large amount of trans fatty acids, which are more harmful than saturated fats such as lard and butter.”

    Fan Zhihong said that a large number of studies have pointed out that trans-obesity will increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and it is more likely to make people fat.

      Natural and artificial oils have different aromas, and the former is softer.

    However, if a small amount of artificial flour is added to the dough, it cannot be eaten at all.

    Therefore, you can only distinguish whether or not you have trans fatty acids from the label.

    Do not buy the words “ghee, shortening, vegetable shortening, plant mash, artificial paste, margarine, non-dairy creamer, creamer”.

      Capture four: fruit bread multi-use essence, pigment-toned orange bread color golden, sweet orange fragrance makes it very popular.

    Miss Li thinks that fruit bread is both natural and nutritious, so it is healthier.

    In the bakery, the reporter saw that the fruity bread was very popular.

    Yellow banana flavor, pink strawberry flavor, green cantaloupe flavor. everything.

      “The fruit bread made with fruit juice is almost zero,” Miao Jiaqi said.

    The “fruit flavor” of many fruit breads is made up of flavors, sugars and sour agents, and then dressed up with pigments, it is a “fruit look”.

    Will the bread with flesh be better?

    “According to national standards, the pulp content of pulp bread should account for 50% – 60%, but not in many places.

    “The addition of fruit is less, the natural aroma and taste are not enough, so the essence and pigment will also be added to the pulp bread to achieve the desired effect.

      Fan Zhihong said that in fact people can use common sense to distinguish.

    “After baking at a high temperature, can the color of the juice be so bright and beautiful?

    “So, don’t buy bread that is too bright and full of color.”

    The natural fruit scent is fresh and natural, and the taste is relatively light. If the scent is particularly rich, it will definitely add flavor.

      Capture 5: The ham bag is filled with inferior ham and ham. In the bakery, the savory bread represented by various ham and meat loose bags holds up half of the bread.

    Mr. Zhou, who calls himself a “carnivorous family”, told reporters that his daily breakfast is a ham bag or a fluffy bag, because “love to eat salty, and meat has noodles, feel better nutrition.”

      But the ham bag is also stupid.

    Miao Jiaqi said that the price difference between different hams is very large.

    In order to reduce costs, many small shops will choose cheap ham to make bread.

    “Good shop with pure meat ham, the cheaper ham is starch plus some meat to melt the essence and pigment.” This kind of cheap ham is mostly produced by unknown manufacturers, quality and safety are difficult to guarantee.

      Trap 6: In addition to flour and flour in sweet bread, the most used raw material for making bread is white sugar.

    Of course, “smart” stores will also come up with ideas.

    Miao Jiaqi said that in order to reduce costs, many bakeries use sweeteners to partially replace white sugar.

      ”In general, 20% sugar should be added to sweet bread, many people only use 10% sugar, and the rest are replaced with a small amount of sweetener.”

    Miao Jiaqi told reporters that “white sugar is the nourishment of yeast, and at the same time it can increase the color of bread.

    The sugar is added less, the yeast is not fermented enough, the color is insufficient, and only bread improvers and pigments can be added instead.

      The most widely used sweeteners today are saccharin and a sweetener that is less expensive than it.
    Their sweetness is several times higher than white sugar, and the price is much cheaper.
    There is also the safety of sweeteners, Fan Zhihong said, there are too many studies that excessive saccharin can cause cancer, but it is still inconclusive.

    However, it cannot be denied that long-term consumption of this synthetic chemical is not good for human health.

      The taste of sweeteners is different from that of white sugar.

    Miao Jiaqi said that the sweetness of the sweetener stayed in the mouth for a period of time, and the aftertaste was bitter.

      Trap 7: What is the most profitable bakery in the bakery?

    That’s right, it’s an expensive cream cake.

    The reporter saw in the bakery, the ordinary 6-inch birthday cake, the price ranged from 60 yuan to more than 100 yuan.

    However, the material used to make the cream cake is very cheap.

    Miao Jiaqi said that the most expensive raw material in the birthday cake is cream, but only 16 yuan and 1 kilogram.

    And this one can do five or six such birthday cakes.

      Doesn’t it mean that “10 pounds of milk can produce 1 pound of cream”?

    How is the cost of a cream cake so low?

    It turns out that most of the bakery nowadays is not made of natural milk cream, but the vegetable butter is replaced by “fat cream”.

      Fan Zhihong said that this kind of “fat cream” is the most deceptive. Many bakeries with this kind of cream still use the signboard to say that they are “pure plants and exclude cholesterol.”

    “Actually, the trans fatty acids in this margarine are harmful to the human body than the benchmark oxide!